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  1. "Representation" and "Democracy" are not actually found together. Democracy means that the people vote directly, without "Representation". In the US and other countries our government is is not a Democracy, but a hybrid, i.e., a "Representative Republic". Representation actually is contrary to Democracy in some ways. Having said that, if you do have a Representative form of Democracy, then the people should be represented in an equitable fashion. Proportionalty serves that purpose. If you don't have proportionality, how do you determine an equitable method of representation? The bigger
  2. Can the State legislate morality? Most answer, "No". Of course, that is false. The only question is "Which morality?" The State legislates morality all the time. If God's Law forbids such behavior then the State is foolish (and rebellious) to enact legislation which makes wrong to be right. The State does not define right and wrong. God does in His Word. We are to discover it. The State is every bit under God's authority as are all things. There is no secular/sacred distinction as God is King over everything, including government leaders. To say that the State is outside of God's mora
  3. In the Old Testament, when the nation of Israel was clamoring for a king, "like the other nations", the prophet, Samuel told Israel that the king would "take the tenth of your seed, and of your vineyards, and give to his officers, and to his servants." The clear implication in this passage is that the king's taking this, among other things, was not good and a tenth was in view, not 40%+. I use this as part of my thinking on, "What constitutes a tyrannical government?". For the government to take the same amount as the church is considered tyrannical.
  4. Mike, A full debate would probably not be so helpful to Andy's students, although it sounds like you and I'd both enjoy it. I wish I had time to participate in it. I figured this would happen when I originally posted but somebody from my side "needed to put their oar in". The challenge is in knowing how far to put the oar in. Cordially, Scott
  5. Mike, Those like myself may indeed claim rationality as well, for their ideologies. This immediately scales up to the debate on the rationality of the existence of God and epistemology and this is not the forum for such a debate. All of it hinges on that, of course. I consider anyone who does not start their reasoning from "God exists" to be irrational. I do not believe it is possible to build a correct systematic ideology regarding anything unless you start with "God (the God of the Bible) exists". There is no foundation on which to put it epistemologically. As I said in my earlier pos
  6. Way on the "Right" It appears that I'm the only one here, so far, on the other side and I'm so far on the other side that I may be able to balance the entire rest of you put together. My political ideas come from a strong belief in the existence of the God of the Bible and the principles I see in the Bible concerning these things. If you start with the idea that there is a maker and you are made, and the maker has given you an instruction book, then the formation of a political idealogy is not a process of defining but one of discovering. I understand that God is not just the author but th
  7. My wife and I home school our three children. I work from home most of the time as a web developer for a non-profit company. Computers have been a big part of my life since 1981. I have taught myself about computers over the years after learning BASIC programming in high school. I have also done quite a bit of desktop publishing with PageMaker in years past which was very enjoyable work. Through reading Fantasy and finally the desire to write some, I became interested in history and found the site as a result of my online research.
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