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  1. All you have to do to get the truth is to compare what Dorothy Kilgallen said on November 29, 1963, with what J. Edgar Hoover said on that very same day. The truth is really simple, as long as the truth-tellers are not constantly targeted.
  2. Joe DiMaggio: Marilyn's real-life Hero By Mat Wilson Joe DiMaggio met Marilyn Monroe in 1952, he was thirty-seven, she was twenty-five. He was the original, Broadway Joe the dominant force in the New York Yankees dynasty and the most famous star in Baseball history. Marilyn Monroe would become the most famous star in Hollywood history, but when she met Joe, he was the star. Joe DiMaggio married Marilyn Monroe On January 14, 1954, and it was the dawn of the most touching love story in American history. Unfortunately, the zeal to
  3. Have any of the people who take Ferrie's involvement in the assassination for granted, including Professor Mellen and Jim Garrison, ever tried to explain why Ferrie was suddenly so concerned that Oswald had his library card? If Ferrie had foreknowledge of a plot involving Oswald, he wouldn't have been scrambling to regain the card after the assassination. T.C. If he had remembered to cover up his tracks, you would be correct. And if Jim Garrison had appropriately followed up, if that had been his interest, he would have started to investigate the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963
  4. George Bush was a heavy cocaine user and when he was arrested for possession, the records vanished. These records evidently vanished as well, why don't the Garrison experts on this message board explain them: On November 25, 1963, Garrison arrested David Ferrie, questioned him, and handed him over to the FBI. Wednesday 30 June 1971: Jim Garrison is arrested, he is charged with violating the Organized Crime Control Act of 1970. Garrison and two police officers are accused of accepting bribes from gamblers in New Orleans involving illegal pinball machines. What happened to this police corrup
  5. This is priceless John, give Dawn and Owen the opportunity to turn this thread into a vehicle for perpetual, meaningless speculation. The fact is, Garrison's intent has to be surmised because he was a "Cuba Operation' criminal who worked through Guy Banister, Carlos Marcello and other delightful fellas who didn't leave any records for all the brilliant researchers on this message board. I think you are handing them the opportunity to revive the character of a criminal, and if that's what you want to do, just ban me because and allow this board to continue to misrepresent the truth -that's wh
  6. I would be wary of any books that you promote, when you get on that track, you never get off -like when you were using Mellen's book to suggest that Garrison was a hero. I understand the fact that Oliver Stone has done a great deal to advance the suggestion that Jim Garrison was a genuine hero, but his words and actions prove otherwise, and that is what counts.
  7. Lynne... What is your point? I went back through the thread trying to figure out why I had initially replied - only to find that you had edited your posts. What is the point of this thread again? Perhaps the title of the thread should be revised? The point is simple, it is difficult to understand anything about the Kennedy assassination without talking about Hoover and especially this document. I think it's very basic and necessary context, that is all.
  8. Garrison was just a cover up artist who protected Mafia interests and concealed the truth to protect illegalities and David Ferrie was also a sleazy, Carlos Marcello, Mafia asset. I don't even understand why anybody would bother to write a book about these criminals...I don't think you will find the truth about them in any document -criminals don't document their criminal activity. On January 21, 1969, after nearly two years of concocting and playing out his bizarre charges in the national media, Jim Garrison finally tried the accused, Clay Shaw, in a court of law in New Orleans. Even though
  9. This is the Nixon thread Mark, your reluctance to contribute is too modest.
  10. Patriots are beginning to call anybody who challenges the "patriotism" of Hoover and Garrison a crackpot ! LOL LOL LOL LOL Criticizing their heroes, Hoover and Garrison, always brings them out of the woodwork.
  11. Like I said, and this is the last time I am going to say it, Garrison was as bad as J. Edgar Hoover was, and YOU CANNOT CHANGE HISTORY !
  12. I didn't know you were Mark, hey, maybe that makes sense. Give us your circumstantial case Mark, or are you just trying to be like Garrison?
  13. You are strange, and I wouldn't plant words in my mouth.
  14. Why don't you explain this then? GARRISON: Until as recently as November of 1966, I had complete faith in the Warren Report. As a matter of fact, I viewed its most vocal critics with the same skepticism that much of the press now views me --- which is why I can't condemn the mass media too harshly for their cynical approach, except in the handful of cases where newsmen seem to be in active collusion with Washington to torpedo our investigation. Of course, my faith in the Report was grounded in ignorance, since I had never read it; as Mark Lane says, "The only way you can believe the Report is
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