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  1. Hey Josh, can you give me the names of the witnesses you have talked to? Thanks, Bill Kelly


  2. Hi Peter, I don't know. Collins made many different model radios and receivers. I will check it out. emial me bkjfk3@yahoo.com

  3. Hi Joel, I don't know if I answered this before but when I finally got Adml. Bruton's phone number in DC area and called it, his daughter answered the phone and said he had died and she was cleaning out his effects. I asked if there was anything to do with Collins Radio and she said no. That was in the 1980s. Email me bkjfk3@yahoo.com

  4. Jim, will you participate in our JFK Assassination Records Internet Symposium by presenting a paper on McCloy and the records still being withheld? Also note McCloy's daughter at CBS, right? BK bkjfk3@yahoo.com


  5. Zach, email me at bkjfk3@yahoo.com and I'll send you an update on SK

  6. Hi Joel, yea, I don't think the sub commander is the guy we're looking for. It's Gordon S. Campbell, who officially died in 1962

  7. WW,

    You are one of my favorite researchers. Do you have a contact number for Jerry Rose. Rex Bradford might want to republish anthology of 3/4Dec articles.

    Also, ever contact Elzie Dean Glaze?

    All the best,

    Bill Kelly


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