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  1. Thanks B.A.C. - I don't recall Doug Campbell reaching out to me. If there's not transcript or written words that can be sourced it's not research, just entertainment. I will be talking about it soon with Len Osanic at Black Op Radio. I'm not hard to find. I'm not done on this topic yet either. More to come. Billkelly3@gmail.com
  2. Hi Ron, While Mather was given immunity to testify he was never called - and didn't. No secret HSCA testimony - was never called. HSCA investigator Jack Moriarity did catch up with Mather and questioned him - but not under oath, and did talk to Mather's boss at Collins BK
  3. CAPA – DALLAS PRESS RELEASE Citizens Against Political Assassinations (CAPA-HQ.org) is sponsoring a one day symposium at the Old Red Court House at Dealey Plaza on Thursday, November 15, 2018, featuring “The Last Living Witnesses” to the assassination of President Kennedy. “This will be an important and significant event,” CAPA Chairman Cyril Wecht said, “especially important as time progresses and witnesses pass away.” Larry Schnapf, CAPA attorney says, "A saeculum is a length of time first used by the Etruscans, that meant the period of time from the moment that something happ
  4. Paul - you can email me at billkelly3@gmail.com
  5. Steve, I am interested in the French connection, but have not looked into it closely, yet. I'm glad you are. Gary Shaw is still alive but the others in that transcript are dead. And Brian, Yes, go for it - see if you can get Tom Green to talk about Carl Jenkins and Gene Wheaton, but I doubt it. The only reasons, as Festerwald says in the transcript Steve posted, - its surprising they are still alive, and that's only because they haven't talked. Sometimes, usually late in life, they want their grandkids to know the truth and let it out. You can also hear my interview on this subje
  6. That's Cool Michael, thank you for posting. Here's a link to Pathfinder 1-2-3 This is the version that I am continually updating. I have corresponded with Ehling and he sent me 3 dvds of his interviews with Wheaton and links to the supporting documents he provided. I look forward to hearing what Larry Hancock has to say about the Cubans trained by Jenkins at JMWAVE at the Lancer November in Dallas conference. My updated version on Pathfinder - the CIA Plan to Kill Castro that was Redirected to JFK at Dealey Plaza. https://jfkcountercoup.blogspot.com/2018
  7. Does anyone have a copy of Kathleen Sullivan's book Kennedy Ripples with a photo of Father Machann on the cover? Can you scan and post the cover photo? BK
  8. Steve Thomas, can you email me about this - billkelly3@gmail.com Thanks.
  9. Does anyone have a copy of Flawed Patriot - by Bayard Stockton that contains a photo of William K. Harvey's Bobbs-Merrill company photo ID? If so can you scan it and post it here or email it to me? Billkelly3@gmail.com Thanks, BK
  10. Thank you Bart - has anyone read Bureau File 105-82555? Aka Dallas FBI office file 100-10461 BK
  11. CAPA Citizens Against Political Assassinations Washington, DC Dear Friends and Associates: As a researcher and/or student of the JFK assassination, you may be aware that The JFK Act of 1992 requires the release of all government records on the assassination of President Kennedy by October 2017. The president of the United States at that time will be responsible for its enforcement. Our recently formed nonprofit organization, Citizens Against Political Assassinations (CAPA) will continue the fight we started decades ago to get the law passed and ensure this Act is enforced as well
  12. Thomas, I have posted the transcript of your interview with Steel at my blog: JFKcountercoup: Interview with ONI Investigator Robert Steel I will make a cassette copy as well as a digital one as soon as I am able, and will return the original to you so you can listen and see if there are any additions you want to make. Thank you for taking the trouble to do this and your patience, as many other things are happening on various fronts, but this is important to me. Bill Kelly
  13. There's more to it than that. Besides Rod Serling and Ruth Paine, Corretta Scott King also attended school there. Ruth Paine's brother still lives in Yellow Springs, Oswald was seen about campus and a high school diploma is not a requirement to attend college there, as Antioch, founded in 1800s by Horrace Mann, is a very liberal if not radical school that did away with grades and had co-ed dorms years before they became popular. I attended classes at Antioch 1969-1972 when I was a student at nearby University of Dayton, including a history of Vietnam class taught by a former CIA Siagon stati
  14. Good question Tom, New analysis of these records will include that question BK
  15. I discuss the new document list of withheld records at Http://JFKCountercoup.blogspot.com
  16. Walker, like Banister's Bozos in New Orleans, or the Mafia alone, were incapable of masterminding anything, especially the psych war twist to blame what happened at Dealey Plaza on Oswald and Castro Commies, an element of the Valkyrie plan that was adapted by the CIA to kill Castro. Lone Nutters and Conspiracy Theorists have one thing in common - they are Eric Hoffer True Believers who are absolutely certain they know who killed JFK. I don't know who killed JFK but have identified the MO - Modus Operandi - that of a covert intelligence operation and military style motorcade ambush, one that
  17. Walker was the mastermind of his own demise. RFK was framed with Oswald. And David, yes to Stories of the Jersey Shorse - See: Http://waitingontheangels.blogspot.com for a detailed look at - The Long Cool Summer of '65 Revisited - complete with an unresolved political murder, bikers, Conway Twitty, Bob Dylan and an assorted band of characters, some of whom would become famous. BK
  18. If I were Bill Simpich I wouldn't respond to your rabid conclusion of his important work either. I think that this marks the year Paul Trejo's opinions are put to rest by simple silence. BK
  19. I don't know Tom - I got other things going but will go over the transcript with you before posting it. And will make a cassette copy for you and will try to digitalize it so everyone can hear it. Not on a time line but think it's important and will get to it. What other research and work are you doing? BK
  20. Dan Hardway's take on Shenon is important - as Shenon - a former NYT's reporter tries to make the case that Oswald was encouraged to kill JFK by Cuban Communist diplomats at a Mexico City "Twist Party." But as I point out in my JFKCountercoup.blogspot.com review of Shenon's book - "A Cruel and Terrible Twist," I tracked down and interviewed two other Americans who were reportedly at the party - a former actor and a NYC bar owner, now a Catholic priest, and they were not in Mexico when Oswald was reportedly there. The party happened after Oswald left - if he was there at all. That Castro was
  21. My tribute to Bill Turner Http://JFKCountercoup.blogspot.com
  22. Thanks Chuck and Gene - I will be updating this again soon - BK
  23. Bump - has anyone come up with anything new on Project Four Leaves?
  24. I'll make a copy and will repost it. I will also see about making a digital copy and posing it on line so everybody can hear it. I also want to make note that you did the interview at my request - I supplied some of the questions and you did a good job, conducted it in a professional manner and I transcribed it and am using it to obtain more ONI records via FOIA requests and appeals. Baylor stopped accepting JFK material so it will now go to Assassination Archives and Research Center in DC, Jim Lesars outfit. BK
  25. But the focus wasn't on LBJ - it was strictly limited to Oswald - only recently has the focus been directed at LBJ - and he rejected the Cuban Commie Conspiracy that was built in to the plan to nail Oswald as the Patsy. LBJ was as incapable of masterminding the Dealey Plaza operation as the mafia because of the psych war disinformation twist to blame the conspiracy on commies.
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