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  1. LEARNING HISTORY THORUGH ENGLISH USING ICT I’d like to situate my contribution to this project within the reference of the immersion programme being carried out at Parque de Lisboa Secondary School, more specifically on the side of English language teaching / learning, supporting the History contents with language activities.This type of experience in immersion programmes is quite new in the Comunidad de Madrid and I’m aware that there’s much to be done in the field of research as well as in the designing of activities and materials. Children who started the immersion programme in
  2. I met Richard Jones-Nerzic at the E-Help meeting in March, 2006. It was the first meeting I attended as new E-Help member representing my institution, CAP de Alcorcón. I was impressed by his professionalism as well as his knowledge of ICT and its applications to History teaching. I am sure he is the best representative for IST in the project as well as the best coordinator we could have, efficient and supportive. The meetings I’ve attended as well as the activities involved in the project have gone on smoothly thanks to his professional coordination. Working with him has been a great experien
  3. You can count on me to do the translation as well! Just send me the file. You can count on me to do the translation as well! Just send me the file.
  4. Thank you to both of you, Richard and Les. Thanks for getting into all the trouble for the arrangements. Everything turned out perfect! Good meetings and good social life! Though looking at the pictures it seems we didn't do any work at all!
  5. Thanks Nico for a wonderful organisation. Everything worked out perfectly. I won't mention the weather! It's nice to be back in springtime, 19ºC !! Please, thank Elisabeth for everything. It was great spending sometime with your family on Sunday. Charo
  6. Sorry it took me so long to send the presentation. In the attached file you can read it. presentation_march_06.doc
  7. Rosario Requejo Villasevil: BA graduate at Complutense University, Madrid (1985). After that, I worked as Spanish Language Assistant in England for a year. Since then I've worked as a secondary school teacher near Madrid. I was also employed by Los Angeles School District, LA California from September 1991 to June 1993 where I first became involved in bilingual education and took different courses on the subject. After coming back to Spain I've participated in different European projects and was appointed Head of Studies (1990-91 and 1995-2005). In September 2005, I was appointed Advisor
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