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  1. " SAC was targeting Soviet nuclear missiles for destruction. In the Fall of 1962 after the Cuban Missile Crisis Kennedy made a pass at changing this and cutting missile production. I think Douglas has some details on this. The next year McNamara changed targeting to cities and ended any possibility of carrying out what was termed a "coercive" nuclear strike. When I say JCS in this reply I mean as a body - I have the impression that not all individual members of the JCS held extreme views during the entire JFK presidency, but I think it was dominated by those that did" Here you me
  2. http://www.commondreams.org/view/2013/06/04-7 Guru Noam at it again. Look at the stunning synopsis of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Tactical nuke aimed at the "left?" With a left like this no wonder we are so far right. This lying about JFK TO THE FAKE US LEFT will only get worse as we get closer to Mack Does Potempkin Village Day. It must be adressed head on and in a way that shows how much it helps the right. As I have tried badly to explain, what the so called "left" believes about JFK matters to the entire spectrum, even if they dont matter on anything else, which they dont because the
  3. Everyone MUST read Turner and Christians book on the Assassination of RFK. And check out the publication history of this book.... When a friend of the authors called Epstein about the book's fate, he replied he did not want to speak about it. But what appears to have occurred is that when Random House was sold to Si Newhouse-Roy Cohn's family friend-Bob Loomis's star ascended, and Epstein's began to fade. As readers of Probe know, Loomis was once married to the secretary for James Angleton. He has been a mentor and shepherd for the likes of Sy Hersh, James Phelan, and Gerald Posner. In ot
  4. Mr. Colby, it seems, sees a President in every other 1963 Brazilian governor.
  5. I was very alarmed last year when Thompson was celebrated for his Umbrella Man bit. To me what stood out was that Thompson did not manage to sneak in one iota of pro-conspiracy argument into the clip. He knew that this piece would get way, way more coverage, given those involved. And then the NYT picked it up and used it to, without stating it, scoff at all pro-conspiracy viewpoints. Thompson is not a dummy. He knows that his work on this movie would get Huge Corporate Media coverage. He can ride into Education Forum with his posse all he wants and proclaim that he still believes in Con
  6. Jim there are ,without question, some outstanding and unique (in the sense that they are published by an academic press who normally will not go into some of the dangerous waters [for academics] that this book features.) I would be praising it to the hilt all over FB. However there is some serious Trojan Horse in there that is like WTF, if you pardon the expression of a middle aged organism who has been in a room with adolescents and in an America with worse for far too long. Keep reading, I think you will see what I mean. I might change my mind, I am still mulling this one over. The ques
  7. It was the best of books, it was the worst of books. That is my review so far. Jim DiEugenio mentioned this book on last nights Black Op Radio. It is, in some ways, a major breakthrough by an academic writer. But there are huge costs involved. For now let me just say that the books major weakness is its failure to include the thorough, grounded historical account of the CIA manipulation of journalists-- a history which is now abundant and available, though perhaps not employable, for today's may- as- well-be-government journalists--as part of the book's broad,sociological investigation
  8. Thanks for exemplifying the cure for vagueness. Heal thyself lately?
  9. Did you ever notice how Michael Parenti stopped getting those groovy Pacifica bookings sometime around 1996?
  10. Richard, Hedges is 1) published 2) on the left. THEREFORE he will not write anything revealing about JFK. Today's hothouse, foundation funded, left is simply not allowed to write about the National Security State acting independently of elected officials. Off limits. Much great about Hedges but the line has been dug too deeply, and everyone toes it. Dug so deep nobody even needs to mention it. You can tell by the condescending scoff. They are allowed to write about social history. They are not allowed to write about the INTERACTION between broadcast words and social movements. That
  11. Yes this peppering strategy is necessary. I plan on repeatedly posting on her FB threads as I have already been doing with the JFKfacts article, as imperfect as that is. The reason the public peppering is so much more important than the letter writing to big-wigs strategy, is that without the sunshine exposing the problem to more people, there is no LEVERAGE on teh big wigs, because we have not imposed a political cost. Both are fine, but IMO there has been too much petitioning and letter writing without enough of the leverage of wide-angle posting.
  12. World War II required an overarching system of opinion management. This is described in the book Nervous LIberals by Brett Gary. That system involved a controlled left, that could be used to scramble issues that would otherwise align in logic dangerous to the state. It also involved getting some instruments in the spectrum-symphony to go sotto voce when they should have blaired. This total systems approach to media management-- in which a managed "left" could end up pulling in the same direction as the right-- was perfected during WWII, and preserved by the Cold War. The partiel liber
  13. Hmmmm. This is very apples and oranges. But that is just what needs comparing at this overripe stage of human progress. The fact is that racism, nativism, and class conflict have always been segmented in analysis, but mixed up in US historical reality, to a degree unlike any other country. When JFK began writing the 1964 Civil Rights Act, it was clear that this obfuscation was threatened. Now one wing of the Democrats-- with still protean and ambiguous backing-- was going to attempt, for the first time since Bacon's Rebellion in 1676, to fight racism where it was most practical for the rul
  14. Weird how I did not know this until today. http://jfkfacts.org/assassination/on-this-date/silence-like-a-cancer-grows/?fb_action_ids=233431483463178&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=288381481237582
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