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  1. Here is another big, national media article covering the Dallas talk. Salamander-- Check Mob -- Check CIA-- Nope Remember it was Rose who pushed the Mob angle in a front loaded QUESTION. RFK said CIA in the ANSWER. But look how that is "woven in" Some people are parading their lack of surprise. The point is not whether we are surprised. The point is this is "USSR airbrush moment" in so far as teaching about the media. It is also the perfect negative template. This censorship is a huge story if one can-- for one second-- escape the "I already know that" and see the assassination POLITICALLY, i.e. realistically, in terms of how it effects history. Huge. http://washington.cbslocal.com/2013/01/12/rfk-jr-evidence-very-convincing-lone-gunman-did-not-kill-jfk/ http://washington.cbslocal.com/2013/01/12/rfk-jr-evidence-very-convincing-lone-gunman-did-not-kill-jfk/
  2. And also those who would type NWO in a topic headline, thereby making all viewers think that this was an Alex Jonsey sight. I guess that is the goal of some organisms.
  3. Story with legs? Where? In the beltway between Dallas and Fort Worth. The example I posted was a national media example. It didn't bury the lead it tri-latterally cross-fired it, perhaps with badges. I have not had time to look a the other national links, but the example of the Dallas Morning News Blog choosing Northern Peninsula Man over Ray McGovern, Daniel Ellsberg, Marcus Raskin, John Perkins and a famous professor from Princeton is kind of indicative, no?
  4. Jim DiEugenio writes: "What is a disgrace is that the interview itself is not on the web in its entirety." If this is accurate-- that a simple search for the interview cannot locate it-- and this situation is still the case.... What a coincidence! Is there anything else in the history of human consciousness and Un that is not on the internet? It would be interesting to note just when this interview does manage to make it through World Wide Web-Delay. It might be good to copy and save Google listings and Yahoo listings with times, dates, and locations of listing, searches used etc. times of searches and dates etc. Googlers also might want to use what words they used for their search and the number of different types of key search words.
  5. Paul, look at this article from the Dallas Morning News' original "strict reporting" article on the talk "Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said his father was concerned enough about the accuracy of the Warren Report that he had Justice Department investigators look into allegations the assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, had received aid from the Mafia, the CIA or other organizations." Note the word sequence and pairing of the CIA with "or other organizations." Now lets look at the actual on stage interview fragment, or all that we have available right now, this time wedged into an Opinion Blog titled " What to make of RFK Jr’s conspiracy view of the JFK assassination Just what was new was hard to figure. Kennedy told so many stories that melted together, about his father, his uncle, his family, his upbringing. You had the feeling that moderator Charlie Rose was itching to gently touch that Dallas touchstone of Nov. 22, 1963, and he finally got there nearly halfway into the 95-minute interview with Kennedy and his sister Rory. Bottom line, Kennedy said, his father thought the Warren Report was a “shoddy piece of craftsmanship”(a line that got immediate applause by the opera house crowd) and he himself doesn’t buy the lone gunman theory. (Updated) RFK Jr.s assassination narrative began with an anecdote about his dad seeing New Orleans DA Jim Garrison’s photo on a newsstand and asking an aide if there was anything to Garrison’s theories about the CIA, Cuba and Mafia in his brother’s killing. RFK Jr. said his dad was told that Garrison was on to something, but “the specifics of Garrison’s investigation went on the wrong track, but he thought there was a link …” Kennedy said his dad put investigators on it. When they examined Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald’s phone records, and they saw what was essentially “an inventory of the Mafia leaders that they had been investigating for the past two years” at the Justice Department. KENNEDY: I think my father was fairly convinced at the end of that that there had been involvement by somebody … ROSE: Organized crime, Cubans … KENNEDY: Or rogue CIA" Some have already made some key observation on this "Opinion Blog's" mastication of the record. This could make one of the best examles ever for teaching critical reading to the young and middle aged, should the original tarmac... I mean transcript [from which this corporate flight of fancy took off] ever be made available on our Extremely dEMOCRATIC Internet. For starters, note how Catholicism is mentioned twice when discussing who held positive views of JFK and the Unspeakable. No mention of Fathers Ray McGovern, Daniel Ellsberg, --Marcus Raskin top aid to Cardinal McGeorge Bundy, in the Kennedy Papacy-- John Perkins, author of the well-known-by- someone under 50 Friar John Perkins, author of Confessions To A Jesuit Hitman-Accountant- or that eminence Grecian from that redoubt of Catholic Orthodoxy, Princeton University in the Papal Lands known to the excommunicated as New Jersey. Let us all now pray thanks to The Dallas Morning New for protecting us from those outlandish Jesuit Conspiracy Theorists who can really mess up a seasonable November picnic, given half a knoll. Will Father Billy James Hargis be present at the Potemkin-Floor Museum this November?
  6. The significance of this interview cannot be overstated in terms of how much attention it deserves. Yet it is already being institutionally forgotten, as corporations work their way on collective memory, 49 years after an unacknowledged Coup D'etat. "Gee that's funny. This NBC /US NEWS TEXT does not seem to mention RFK' Jr.s direct rebuttal to Charlie Rose, when be brought up the CIA after Rose pushed the Mafia bullxxxx. What a shock. UM THIS WAS ONLY THE FIRST TIME IN WIDE OPEN FORUM THAT THE KENNEDY FAMILY HAS STATED THEIR BELIEF IN CONSPIRACY, AND NBC CENSORS THE LIL BIT ABOUT THE CIA. Did ya miss it? Too busy viewing the body of Bin Laden in Zero Dark Thirty?" http://usnews.nbcnew...one-gunman?lite
  7. "Gee that's funny. This NBC /US NEWS TEXT does not seem to mention RFK' Jr.s direct rebuttal to Charlie Rose, when be brought up the CIA after Rose pushed the Mafia bullxxxx. What a shock. UM THIS WAS ONLY THE FIRST TIME IN WIDE OPEN FORUM THAT THE KENNEDY FAMILY HAS STATED THEIR BELIEF IN CONSPIRACY, AND NBC CENSORS THE LIL BIT ABOUT THE CIA. Did ya miss it? Too busy viewing the body of Bin Laden in Zero Dark Thirty?" http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/01/12/16474762-rfk-jr-very-convincing-evidence-that-jfk-wasnt-killed-by-lone-gunman?lite
  8. Great idea a triple or even quadruple time line might be very effective as a snag, used to introduce articles and book titles. People might want to think about who could handle this in terms of graphics. I already have someone in mind to ask. As far as the fourth line I was thinking of Kennedy's policy initiatives, both economic, social and in terms of foreign policy.
  9. The fake dichotomy between "institutional" v. alleged "great man theory of history," used by Chomsky and other writers published by the fake-left is a decoy to dress up 3rd grade deliberate oversimplification. i.e. the decisions of someone romanticized by middle class whites by their targeted corporate "alternative" media as "Mc3rd world Guerilla leader" have the same magnitude- in-the moment" as elected pols, when it still mattered to some extent, or at least way more than now. The CIA was 16 in 1963, and right now it is 65. Those are two very different animals and propagandists job #1 is to cover up the fight between presidents and the CIA that had been going on since 1947. Once that history is connected to the assassination, it could well present our corporate rulers with a richly deserved legitimation crisis, provided enough people share the historical framework. When sitting on a see saw it doesn't ONLY matter how much you weigh but WHERE on the fulcrum you sit. Che was not in the White House during the CMC. He did not have the ability to make decisions that would have either 1) prevented WWIII or 2) Guaranteed it. Same with Vietnam etc. Now the so-called Marxists [God save Marx from 'em} will perhaps say.." yeah but he was killed and Vietnam happened anyway" Yes, that's one of the points. The individual that was resisting the massive land war in Asia was shot in the head and the INSTITUTIONAL WILL OF CAPITALISM PREVAILED. But the entire purpose of left gatekeeping is to deprive MILLIONS, not merely a magazined 10,000, from realizing " Oh the elections do not matter. The elected dude who resisted Wall Street's Sullivan and Cromwell born CIA was shot in the head, and the Ground War was on before Johnson's ink was dry on NSC 273. {Here I am talking real Vietnam history not the pap served up in left-gatekeeping magazines } yes, maybe NOW they don't , now that elected pols are mere Wall paper. But the whole purpose of left-gatekeeping is to keep the eyes that really matter away from the precise moment when the politicians were wallpaper and everyone knew it. In all relationships-- such as the relationship between elected presidents and the CIA-- there are moments of ambiguity, where "Constitutional" flow charts do not quite match the pulse of systems e.g. Military, Industrial and Complex ones. The tension between presidents and the CIA (which lasted longer, and was more institutional than the shooting of one pol might suggest) became most discernible. If you own the cameras, you can make that indiscernible, cheating that institutional struggle of its most teachable moment. So-Called- left (not really) publications do this with yellow mental police tape and magazines mostly.
  10. But we need it now, to send around the universe as each 50th anniversary of that date approaches. Great way of gradually building knowledge, day by day. e.g. 50th anniversary of Magnolia Oil Party... wacky party for a leftist no... short descriptions made sweet with a link to longer article if curious. In short we need to be throwing chum overboard for the fisherman on our boat. I realize that not many people care about SPREADING knowledge rather than just letting it die with our aging brains but geez.... If we do not start SPREADING the 50th is already dead. Its great to have websites. But nobody will go to them if you are not spreading links.
  11. Hi, this might already exist but we should surely have a key dates in 1963 link for viewers to see and post around as the 50th anniversary approaches. This could contextualize and snag new readers. For example I know that the 50th anniversary of the Magnolia Oil Party is coming up in Feb. We should have a thread of key dates with brief descriptions of their significance in the broader historical narrative.
  12. ------ Because Len took the older shows down from before 2012. I used to post the best shows all over the internet. So many of the best ones are in the 400s and those are no longer postable because there is no longer access to the archives. Those ten Bug reviews you did are priceless and they could really get around this summer and suck all the oxygen out of the fake Hanks-fire. Generally i think wide posting could also do the same i.e. keep the kindling wet for the Thommm Harthmann movie too. but The ten shows on the but book are in a class by themselves because, in a weird way, they are sort of accissible for the newbie because at least they reveal the vastness of the intricacies. They should be made postable again. It would help the show.
  13. "Tommy, Hemming and Weberman had a strange relationship. Weberman made Hemming famous, in a manner, and Hemming said that a lot of what Weberman "quoted" Hemming as saying was "bullxxxx." Mark are you sure you are not describing Noam Chomsky and his hate, hate, hate, love hate relationship with his distributor, the New York Times?" You know the humble publication, that called him the "world's most important living innerlechual" Some whips are highly selective and its called Grey Lady Symbiosis. Cut to Lou Rawls singing "Symbiosis is a Hurting Thing" Yet such symbiotic relationships can be highly useful and fundable. See the barricades everywhere caused by Guru Noam's modesty?
  14. Jim you know what irks me? That I can no longer post your shows on bugs book around the internet. If I could post them, I would get BOR another 3,567,332 Views before July 2nd. I understand that BOR has to eat, but do you think something could be worked out? I would CERTAINLY be willing to make a contribution in addition to getting you and BOR tons and tons more views. This summer I am verite pro bono and also I might not even make as many typos because no school and my family is running away. And thought it might seem TO US like a face-saving gesture, if this weak lineup is THE ONLY ONE ALLOWED ON THE FIELD, it could still murder us. We need to reach numbers, and newbies, and we need to let the policies dangle.
  15. It should be noted that my comment was not directed at Mr. Cinque. It was a warning about a process that I expect to see a lot more of in this 50th anniversary. I would say, that given how roundly Mr Cinque has been attacked some degree skin thickener could only be expected. I type this as someone who remains entirely ignorant of the details of what got Mr. Cinque in so much unpopularity. Finally let me say that "if I were the CIA" to use that old preable to stories once told in my nursery school, I would have to consider the possibility of "Ashtraying it" i.e. burying some very important truths by allowing SOME airtime but in the context of a figure who is generally renounced by the vast majority of researchers, thus creating by association, a tar-baby of the truth. The sparks of initial oxygen will die because all kindling will be frightened to the far edges of the ashtray. I must emphasize that I BY NO MEANS say that is going on in the case of Mr. Cinque or Mr. Fetzer because I am a father an alleged husband and a teacher and have not had the friggen time to follow very important stuff. SO WHY DO I CORRUPT THIS THREAD WITH THIS BLATHER, it might be reasonably asked? Simply to say this: We must NEVER allow the popularity or lack of popularity of a given presenter to cloud our view of the evidence presented. It is very likely that there are those, paid by the hour, who we will never know, who are paid to get us to do just that. And again, I emphasize that I in no way here allude to Mr. Cinque or Mr. Fetzer. It is a point that needs to be recalled on all threads. Beware the ashtray.
  16. David, I am impressed that you have promoted something that goes against your core beliefs. John can you expand on your comment? Also I am amazed that this story has not stuck around more. The issue is not how novel the content is to researchers. The issue is its comparative value to other events that receive massive media coverage, and the question of why this got none at all. This is the last living doctor in Parkland and it is an incredibly newsworthy event. That alone is a huge Snag that could be used to attract new interest, given its implications for the entire corporate media cartel.
  17. ------- A very important post that needs to be referred to lots if anyone is interested in making the 50th work instead of putting all the chips on Dallas in November. We Know the Dealer and his deck. Dallas in November will be wet powder if it is ONLY Dallas in November. We cannot rely on the lenses that murdered Jack. Suicide is not good for their portfolio. And I mean we cannot rely on their lenses in any way at all.
  18. As I predicted the 50th Anniversary would be the year that all researchers put their personalization of disputed facts aside, and began to work on shared common denominators of the most contested points in the assassination narrative, hence creating a more unified opposing narrative to the government and corporate media's beyond-defensable one. Wait. Sorry ...had my telescopes on backwards.
  19. Fascinating possibilities here. Would love to see that Dallas popcorn! Would love to see that free Cubs game from near rooftop zingers! Last base Lou stole before the Imbroglio? Perhaps there could be collaborators working min wage for The Lord?
  20. I posted this on today's (Thursday's Common Dreams article by Amy Goodman. I would urge all informed citizens to post into the ""left"" with the truth about the JFK assassination, the history of the National Security State the Corporate Media and it's foundation funded cowcatcher, the "Alternative Press" (I am generalizing, some great stuff has been published too). The left is way way way more important than you think it is, in terms of how it functions in the OVERALL FULL SPECTRUM MECHANICS of disinformation about the history of the National Security State and the best historical milepost of that State, the Assassination of JFK. Think about it. Bill O'Reilly's book has zero footnotes, yet quotes Drive-By-Noam from Clevel... er Philly re his "research" about JFK's foreign policy. That's right, folks, for about 30 years now the US ""Left"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" has been sourcing the key event in the ossification of the National Security State from the top aid to Richard Helms. Alf said "problem". THOSE ARE THE ONLY SNOWFLAKES allowed to drift full spectrum from "our friends on the ""left""""""""""""""""""""""". Alf said "problem" ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Now the Drones are the CIA's baby no less than the U-2 was their child in the 1950's. How can we tell if elected officials are calling any shots at all? Amy your show is great but it's gaping bald spot is growing more apparent every day: a complete failure to integrate the most recent scholarship of the National Security State with other politics. Increasingly, in the word of the Alternative media it seems as if there is a quid pro quo: great stuff on the sculpting of our corporate now in exchange for selling a hollow ahistorical two dimensionalism re the history of our National Security State. Ray McGovern has had some very, very interesting things to say about when the CIA was in it's teeny bopper years, 13-16. This coincided with some guy who--according to all academic scholarship published since 2000 was a president who was getting out of Vietnam, resisting CIA policies in Brazil, Israel, Indonesia, Cuba, Laos, Congo and towards the Soviet Union over the very basis of the Cold War which served as the ostensible raison d'etre of the emerging US Garrison State. Isn't it time we take a closer look at the Coup of 1963 in this its 50th anniversary? Isn't it time we look at the MEDIA IMPLICATIONS of that coup? Hows bout asking Ray on to talk about this topic? Or are we ONLY allowed to hear Noam's completely decontexturalized drive by assertions in which he quotes Richard Helms' top aid. Again. There was a time when the US left was different. There was a time when this comment could not be so easily put in the ash tray so conveniently labelled "Alex Jones". The US left now recognizes that shows such as those on MSNBC play a strategic niching role in fragmenting US political communication. Create a channel for the would-be-critics of the Corporate Democrats and the corporations can lower the volume of dissent that the full spectrum hears. Do you think that strategy might be going on ... elsewhere on the political spectrum? Mere speculation? Try history. See the history of Encounter Magazine 1950-64. See the great book by Frances Saunders called The Cultural Cold War: The CIA and the World of Arts and Letters. In England it was called Who Paid The Piper?
  21. Nothing Prosecutes like an implant Defense Lawyer. Maybe we should ask Sirhan, and why are more not doing more to get his release? Compare this to how the legal and psych teams were assembled in the RFK trial. Read Shadow Play:The Murder of Robert F. Kennedy, the Trial of Sirhan Sirhan, and the Failure of American Justice. See what Watergate prosecutor Sam Dash, a Harvard University Law professor, and Columbia and Harvard University Psychiatry professors have said about THAT book before you break out your baby and bathwater Conspiracy Theory Labeling sold from every channel like Candy reporting from the Pentagon...
  22. He once remarked perceptively that "great ideas need landing gear as well as wings. Through Jackson, Rostow moved toward the center of power in Washington. Jackson charged Rostow with the task of providing a radical alternative to Eisenhower's pre-Dien Phu propagation of a limited foreign-aid policy. The president's four key points had earlier been presented in the following poetic quartet: Aid - which we wish to curtail Investment- which we wish to encourage Convertibility -which we wish to facilitate Trade - which we wish to expand We may have forgotten a fifth card. Sometimes it is mentioned as being bluffed with in 1954, and again in 1969, but I am getting a sense that it was intimated way more times than that, and C.D. Jackson, given the place and time of his peak influence likely would have been heavily involved in just how this was done. It is a wild card that might factor into all of JFK's foreign policy decisions way more than is often typed, on account of the offensive line of Certain Cornhuskers is actually The New Yorker. ‎" We as a society suffer today from what can only be called an extraordinary case of collective nuclear amnesia. A picture of the past has taken shape that has very little to do with what our nuclear past was really like. It is now often taken for granted that even in the 1950's nuclear war was simply 'unthinkable" as an instrument of policy; that nuclear forces were never usable and saved only to "deter their use by others"; and that the threat of "massive retaliation" was at bottom use pure bluff, because the United States would never be the first to launch a nuclear strike. This picture has taken shape because it serves important political purposes of both the left and the right, but one cannot immerse oneself in the sources for this period without coming to the conclusion that something very basic has been forgotten"--Marc Trachtenberg, History and Strategy. Now, with this in mind, read all the indexed references to General Curtis LeMay in Richard Rhodes Dark Sun and James Carroll's House of War.
  23. A) Bad Bad Evil Bad C) Evil Bad D) Evil Bad Ruby knew about 75% and they got Haig&Haig &maybe Haig.
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