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  1. Jim I have a suggestion. Use the Atlantic Article as a lead, link to it, but then use it as a lead in to all that is misleading and include a link to Destiny Betrayed, 2nd edition. Then spread it everywhere. Or write an article for Consortium. I would do it myself, but I am too busy and, historically, this has lead to a typo. Often when one puts the glossy bourgeois media front and center, it can attract attention, because now you are questioning the entire agenda of the gloss-central. Hence the "aboutness" of the article becomes elite media and its relationship with North Virginia, and it now could enjoy a wider audience. All of the disinfo stories that we will see this year can be used for Judo. To not respond is surrender.
  2. I second these choices. The key is that the WHY of the assassination has be front and center, at least as much as the assassination itself. The real context is the Long Arc of the Democratic Party. The assassinations are the stolen bread crumbs on that path, stolen by crows named Chomsky and his twin O'Reilly. The Paperclip-Witch that the path leads to is today's Democratic Party, which functions as cowcatcher to the Republican locomotive. The knuckleball that must be dealt with carefully is the wide variety of Federal Reserve banter. The issue of the Federal Reserve has long been used by the right to create a kind of false dichotomy between those who say the words Federal Reserve lots, and on the other hand, those who focus on JFK fiscal Keynesianism. That either/or is 1-800-false dichotomy and goes back to Great Paines I mean Planes and Great Depression. It is best handled by pointing to the Keynsian/ Progressive Hamiltonian aspects of JFK, and saying, "look there may well be something to the Federal Reserve stuff, but if so, it relates directly to changing patterns of trade than most Alex Jones types would have us believe, and, in the end we have to ALSO look at fiscal policy, and not ONLY say Federal Reserve lots." Douglass and DiEugenio are best at combining the how and the why. * Before some one rebukes me for "brining up the false left right dichotomy" let me define my terms. By Right I mean greater corporate control and greater power for undemocratic media and military practices. By left I mean less corporate control and greater sunlight in media and military practices. In this sense there is absolutely no doubt that the result of ALL of the political assassinations have moved the US Corporate Right.
  3. I would like to see the quotes. The nature of your comments make me very skeptical. We are getting your interpretation about a quote that you say Douglass made about 9/11 and we don't even get a quote out of context. We get no quote at all, followed by a deliberate turn down Poison the Well Lane. It's a well worn lane and has put kids though college, and paid lots of the past 50 years futility bills, which have been steep.
  4. Ian Epoxyderms are for Lovers was not my favorite James Bond. ------Um how about some people who want to spread knowledge... instead of just warehouse it as planned on the internet.. why don't THEY go there. Post sideways, that's where it matters.
  5. did you notice how, in response to a much longer comment by Rose, the son of RFK answered with a two word response, "rogue CIA" I would add Rogue too were I a Kennedy in Dallas. To me the concept of adding Rogue in front of an org whose modus open-endi is compartmentalization has always seemed problematic, to say the least, especially given the complete lack of real oversight. Nevertheless, the very short addition of CIA by the offspring of the murdered stood out, for me at least.
  6. David Lifton writes:"and some in the JFK research community now think that the major media in this country are going to do some kind of turnaround based on that. I find that whole position excessively optimistic, and in fact rather ridiculous." I don't think that most people think the media will now become more open re the assassinations. I think that nevertheless it is a very significant development in terms of its POTENTIAL to open up new eyes, IF WE USE IT AS A TOOL. We have to do the using. This is very different from entertaining ridiculous notions that this corrupt corporate media will become more open. Thanks for the Florida info. I was unaware of this. The 1965 speech is very interesting also.
  7. RFK 's plans for the immediate future 1964-68 have to be justice-posed with his plans for 68 and beyond. He had to work within the confines of Johnson and the Democratic Party. Today we recognize that this was not possible for a party bent on becoming a second Republican Party which cooperates in using wedge issues to divide the non-rich. But this was earlier. RFK's position as a Democrat in 1964, was.. complex to say the least.
  8. Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #2,274 as of 9am this morning. for JFK and the Unspeakable. Now why am I posting this. To show that this surfboard method of using wide angle articles tied to an amazon link with big name recognition blurbs... works. This number would actually be much higher were it not textbook buying season. I posted the RFK kids -unspeakable book link on 50 different groups . My extrapolation is based on 6 years of staring at Amazon numbers at least 4 times each day. It is making me an emotionally rich person. If 3 other people spread book links by quickly cutting a pasting repeatedly we could have Unspeakable outselling O 'Swill by tomorrow. This past Wednesday Unspeakable was 25,000s , but again that was high because of textbook season . Normally it has been hovering around 7,000 except on weekends when I make surfboards.
  9. Thanks for this extremely important interview. This should be posted along with the 5 big name blurbs about Unspeakable into wider audiences. Did anyone notice Douglass, changed tone about Obama. He basically implied that Obama does not control the CIA and military. That is a logical conclusion for all the presidents after 11-22-63, its just that perhaps one or two earlier presidents had a wrinkled awareness of that reality. What I can't get is why some JFK researchers still seem to have illusions about Obama. How can the president be ANYTHING BUT window-dressing 49 years after an unacknowledged coup? To fail to realize this is to belittle the significance of the coup, and fail to tie it into the wider political narrative. This failure keeps more people from becoming interested in the assassinations as they should be.
  10. This article because it is both national and involves big name recognition must be used to recommend good books to new audiences. There is no other choice at this stage of censorship. See my sample of how to do this on my recent thread about how to use wide angle big recognition articles like this as "Surfboards." Everyone must mediate, or you are risking spiritual death.
  11. http://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/1031952-14-passage-of-power---book-as-a-whole-and-final-thoughts-december-17 Hi. PLEASE JOIN THIS BOOK CLUB. THERE ARE FOUR THOUSAND MEMBERS BUT THAT IS NOT THE BEST THING. THE BEST THING IS THAT THEY LIKE TO TYPE A LOT AND TELL OTHERS WHAT TO DO. CAN YOU IMAGINE IT? This is actually, I think, to have a ripple effect in letting more know about highly censored books.
  12. THIS IS A SURFBOARD: a story that has big name recognition, might not be new to us ,but is new to the young and sytematicaly, top-down jaded, and utterly MSM, can be used as a surfboard to plant a recommendation that would otherwise NOT GET A SECOND GLANCE FROM NEW, MSM AUDIENCE. Do YOU just want to dismiss them as dummies, like the internet wants you to? Or do you recognize that politics is not what happens inside one skull but a social act B E T W E E N skulls? If the former you have just answered the question: "Why do so few people seem to not recognize the importance of the political assassinations for right now?" The best silo their convictions instead of BROADcast them, full spectrum. Please use this surfboard by putting it on an MSM site where new people will be able to learn about the Douglass book. Otherwise all they will ever know about in their lives is the existence of the O'Reilly book. Surfaces have been sanded much better than when you were young. It's up to YOU to provide cognitive dissonance for the smooth surfaced youth that this stage of Capitalism has produced. Please SHARE what is bellow the line or adjust it and share as you see fit. Remember the surfboard is the article, the surfer is the book. Don't spread pistols, use the pistols to spread artillery (METAPHOR FOLKS , A METAPHOR FOR THE COMMUNICATIONS BATTLE...) ------------------------------------------------------------- RFK children speak about JFK assassination http://www.usatoday....warren/1828405/ The best book on the assassination, endorsed by former CIA PDB to President H.W. Bush Ray McGovern, Daniel Ellsberg of Pentagon Papers fame, former top aid to JFK's National Security Advisor Marcus Raskin, and Richard Falk, Milbank Professor of International Law Emeritus, Princeton University is JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters by James W. Douglass. “Arguably the most important book yet written about a U.S. president … Should be required reading for all high school and college students, and anyone who is a registered voter!”—JOHN PERKINS, author of Confessions of an Economic Hitmanhttp://www.amazon.co...s/dp/1439193886
  13. Robert, the body politic demands that you go on Black Op Radio now. Otherwise--in the words of a late Yates parchedment recently uncovered by Sir Seymour in The New Yorker-- "The best will remain narrowcasting on the internet forums. The worst will spiral, gyred without footnotes-- preventing convictions" (the paper was crumpled)
  14. ------I wish more would spread stuff to new readers. If they don't whatever happens in Dallas will be entirely defined by the billionaire's lenses. I am really discouraged SO FAR about the 50th because so far people just seem to see it as an action in Dallas, rather than a coordinated attempt to reach a new generation. The best lack all conviction. The worst don't even need passionate intensity. Their sewage will automatically be reviewed by the NYT and scripted by National Geographic which may as well do ice trucking specials like the McHistory Channel.
  15. Had RFK not been in Mongoose, would the CIA have just stopped all their Cuba operations? No. So what should the Kennedy's have done? Just gone along and not allowed any Administration ears in these Cuba ops, knowing that they would go on anyway. That fact--grounded in the earlier history of CIA Cuba ops before JFK entered the White House and also in the continued CIA Cuba ops that were not authorized by JFK-- must be recognized before we evaluate Halperin's words. It's kind of similar with the bugging of King. Would Hoover have done it anyway? YES and RFK knew it. Yet somehow, on this wiretapping case, we so often get a picture of Hoover under RFK , the way he was on paper, and nowhere else in reality, at any time, and under any other Attorney General. Isn't it great how these journalists are so vigilant... when it comes to listening to CIA sources on the Kennedys?
  16. Obama is a net-effect rightist. OF COURSE he does not sound like one. That is not his role. HIs role is leave the bully pulpit completely vacant after the most unpopular Republican since hoover, allow Republican rhetoric to be the only thing audible, keep the Bush treasury department and radically increase secrecy, the intelligence bureaucracies complete autonomy for doing anything-- if indeed such an increase was possible after w. he found a way-- and somehow through silence 411 allow the radically rightist """Bush""" tax cuts to be renewed through the most feeble opposition conceivable short of a historical lobotomy. To be W. during W. took a puppet show political system, which is why W. always wore that smirk. as in "I can't believe they are falling for this xxxx 38 years after a CIA coup" To be w. AFTER 2008? That was a challenge! Anyone who thinks the Democrats have opposed anything Wall Street wanted relating to war and economics is sleeping, and fails to understand the significance of the assassinations. As for Oswald he was playing a role also. His trouble was he could not see the edges of the drama. By the way, who would you call a "leftist on TV"?
  17. It all depends where you sit, Nathaniel. A large percentage of Republicans think ACORN--which doesn't even exist anymore--stole the most recent election for Obama. ------ I don't think it depends on where you sit. Obama was objectively the most right wing president in history, but the Corporate media invented the tea party to scream at him as if he were a socialist. Corporate networked people are making media decisions that constantly move the theatre rightward. They have been doing it for 49 years in a row. There are always tiny pockets of rightwing lunatics. But that does not explain why there is no left at all, ever allowed on TV and tiny pockets of right wing lunatics are allowed to define the entire national spectrum with insane definitions of left . But boy does it help Wall Street.
  18. There was virtually nothing in the Estevez film about how the RFK assassination was a turning point in the history of the Democratic party. It is a plain fact that the big money in the party were moving right before during and after this RFK assassination. But the RFK assassination SHOWS that turn like nothing else. That signpost on the Democrats road has not been captured by anyone. This is IMO, is because, unlike with JFK, where the policy differences where still inside the national intelligence bureaucracy, the RFK assassination came at a time when you had a democratic primary campaign actually making connections with grass roots social movements outside the beltway. Imagine if FDR had actually been planning his 32 campaign with the planners of the Bonus March. A lot more bullets would have flown. This connection between inside and outside beltway is what makes the 1968 RFK campaign the most revealing of all about where the Democrats have gone since then. That is why the RFK assassination must be marginalized and is, seemingly everywhere. The implications are aimed right at the heart of Rahm Emanual and Obama's 100% Corporate Democratic Party.
  19. Unless you help restore the true narrative! Hello. Do you know what projects are being undertaken to explain the significance of the assassination to new younger generations. So much is done to moat the wider historical significance from them, and turn it into triviality. If the 50th is without this component, it will be a disaster IMO. If it is merely seen as a visual battle in Dallas it will be a crushing defeat. I can already see that they are planning to frame it in terms of "Alex Jones Types" v. "The Left" etc. While I personally could care less about these labels, it DOES MATTER because it will prevent millions from seeing the history accurately and the implications for today accurately. Do you know of any people specifically interested in this angle? To too many of us it seems absurd to NEED to explain the significance. It is absurd, but it is also necessary. This is because most of post WWII history has been entirely exterminated from public consciousness in current, fascist America. There is no sense whatsoever, of the EVOLUTION of the national security state. If there is not an educational plan, and if the 50th just becomes an all the eggs in one basket One Day Media Event, it will fail dramatically, IMO, because we will be allowing the corporate eye to frame and win. The 50th must involve a massive educational effort to educate NEW People who DO NOT ALREADY UNDERSTAND ITS SIGNIFICANCE. This effort must place the assassination in an arc of post war history that ends in right now and explains it. Because the MSM is so profoundly compromised in the story of the assassination and coverup, any true counterattack must involve making the EYE itself (the MSM) the issue. This can only be done with a mass based internet plan with hubs serving as bases of operation. Just to provoke discussion about what I mean here, i will say the following, possibly annoying thing on account of Im good at it: I cannot understand anyone who can possibly take these current corporate elections , and Obama , the most efficient Republican president in the land right now, seriously. I mean, how can you on the one hand have a coup d'etat be denied from the public as actionable intelligence, and at the same time act like elections 49 years later will change anything at all. This disconnect amazes me. It is a disservice to uncovering the political truth of the assassinations, because being serious about the assassinations importance while at the same time taking the fake elections literally represents a political double life which hides the importance of the political killings in the rightward turn of the democrats, which has facilitated our current one party, good cop bad cop corporate selections. The Democratic party has moved right for 49 years in a row. Say it, or you are not helping anything.
  20. ----------- This is what I mean by going on offense. Right now we are just letting PBS get away with using CIA hacks. If we don't raise the cost nothing will happen. PBS and examples of media complicity are also a way that the assassination can be used wide-angle to show new audiences its continued relevance. Nothing shows media complicity better than the JFK assassination and that is why the new edition of Destiny Betrayed is so good.
  21. The conflict within the Democratic party-- during the JFK admin. -- was expressed in terms of JFK's battle with the National Security Bureaucracy. Since these included the most dangerous moments in world history, and included many that still are only now beginning to be recognized such as just how close the US was to a nuclear first strike in the summer of 1961,it should not surprise us that left-liberals -- largely subsidized for their understandable but not forgivable timidity in the wake of McCarthyism-- should have failed to see inside the chrysalis. Later this conflict would be much more visible in the 1968 RFK campaign. To the extent that they ever mention it, today's Foundation Funded Fake leftists use the Clean with Gene ploy so politely offered by dry cleaning foundations and their friends in North Virginia.
  22. I tried going to this article from a nyc public school computer. I am a US history teacher. So it is blocked by the corporate school system. I sure am free to read Bill, Noam and Amy though. Official propaganda and Official McLeftists. Same rightward ends.
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