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  1. Bonjour, Je suis professeur dans à l'école internationale de Toulouse (connue sous le nom anglophone d'IST - International School of Toulouse) et nos élèves ont des niveaux très différents en français. Certains d'entre eux ont passé quelques années (deux ou trois maximum) dans une école (le plus souvent primaire) française et ils ont donc un très bon niveau oral (autant dire qu'ils parlent comme de parfaits petits Français... Certains ont même l'accent du sud!) mais malheureusement leur écrit n'est pas du tout du niveau de la première langue. Bien souvent, ils écrivent comme ils parlent, c'est-à-dire dans un registre familier (avec du vocabulaire d'école primaire!), parfois phonétiquement et en plus ils ont beaucoup de mal avec les homophones. D'autres collègues ont-ils rencontré ce genre de problème? Quels livres utilisez-vous ou utiliseriez-vous avec ce genre d'élèves? Adeline Braud
  2. The French Department of the IST (International School of Toulouse) would also like to participate through literature. Indeed, our students study 2 books ("Vol de Nuit" and "Le Petit Prince") written by the famous French writer and pilot : Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and we thought that they could produce their own websites about: - Saint-Ex & Latécoère - L'Aéropostale - La disparition mystérieuse de Saint-Ex (the mysterious vanishing of Saint-Ex) --> this can be linked with our Humanities Department (since one of the few hypotheses was that Saint-Ex has been shot by the Germans) And maybe other topics! If you are a teacher of MFL and are interested in joining in, giving us some ideas or useful links, translating some work in other languages, or whatever else, then do contact us. So far, our students are working from this website
  3. Thank you for adding this cd-rom. I had forgotten to mention it. My students like it too but found that it was too long to "tame the fox"...
  4. I study "Le Petit Prince" with some IB students ( Language B ) and so far, I have found these links to add to my lessons about the symbols in the book. If you have some more ressources about this topic, could you please let me know? Opinions d'élèves et autodictées Fiches Gallimard Fiches pour accompagner la lecture Sites sur le Petit Prince (en anglais et en français) Le secret du Renard en au moins 83 langues Lire "Le Petit Prince" (séquence) Mini-Quizz sur l'auteur : Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Site officiel de Saint-Exupéry Traduction du livre en anglais ("The Little Prince") chapitre par chapitre
  5. So have I ! Here are some interesting links for Secondary French, taken from my French Department website : Exercises Songs with blanks (in progress) Films : scripts and vocabulary tests Fun stuff : interactive games and stories, slang and tongue-twisters The International School Of Toulouse French Website contains links to tutorials in different languages to use Hot Potatoes software’s last version and many good links to on-line dictionaries, interactive stories and games, tongue twisters, slang French and to on-line exercises to practise verbs / tenses, grammar, spelling, vocabulary and assess your knowledge of French. You can find information about French culture - television, radio, cinema, press - and about living in Toulouse. To learn vocabulary through French pop music, listen to the audio files and fill in the blanks of a few songs. There are also vocabulary exercises about some good French movies and Christmas French activities. A whole section is dedicated to examinations: there are the syllabi of the IGCSE French as a First Language and of the IGCSE French as a Foreign Language, with some lists of vocabulary required by the Cambridge International Examinations Board and some past papers for the Speaking Test. And there are also the syllabi of the International Baccalaureate French Language A1, A2 or B ( and links to useful websites for IB French B ). Finally, our students have created their own exercises which closely match to our books “Encore Tricolore - Nouvelle Edition” and to Nathan’s “Textes / Grammaire et Expressions / Méthodes”.
  6. Hello, my name's Adeline Braud and I'm French. I did a degree in English, Spanish and French in France and then went to UK to get a PGCE. I taught French and a little bit of Spanish for 3 years in Brooke Weston City Technology College and learnt a lot about computers there. Since 1999, I've been teaching French in the International School of Toulouse, in France and created the Secondary French Department Website. I was introduced to this site by Richard Jones-Nerzic.
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