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  1. Thanks Richard. I will take Georgia and any place else. Although California is best. How about it Joe Bauer?
  2. Try to follow some of these talking points. Since Newsom won the recall, we have a chance as Elder said it was a non starter for him. We need these letters, faxes, phone calls, emails since the Kennedy family is badly split. Try and argue the facts of the parole and why Gascon sat it out and the Parole Board granted it. Parole should not be a matter of misguided vengeance. Sirhan has been a model prisoner. Please get your communication out ASAP. We have a link to four ways to get it through to Newsom. https://www.kennedysandking.com/robert-f-kennedy-articles/sirhan-sirhan-parole-letter
  3. Evans and Brown got married in 1981 at Grey Gardens in New York, the home of Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee and Sally Quinn. That tells you a lot. The British and American press in bed together. Bradlee stabbed his alleged friend JFK in the back, and Evans did it again with Case Closed. Let us never forget: when George Lardner flew down to Dallas to write his pre emptive attack on Oliver Stone's film, which was in production at the time, that was approved by Bradlee.
  4. Nice one Richard. Her and her late husband showed the Anglo American alliance that Quigley wrote about still lived. All you had to do was read the guest list from their wedding. BTW, it was Evans who thought up that horrendous two part ad for the NY TImes.
  5. The Daily Beast is one of the very worst on the JFK case. And they have been for awhile. Their review of JFK Revisited from Cannes was nothing less than a hatchet job. I think this goes back to Tina Brown who used to be the editor. She hired Posner. This was clearly owed to the fact that her husband Harold Evans published Case Closed at Random House. Woolsey is kind of like a triple distilled Neocon. For these guys the War on Terror is not enough. They want to bring back the Cold War also. Therefore, the commies killed Kennedy. This book was really a nightmare to read.
  6. This was really one of the most painful books I have read in a while. And considering the rubbish churned out by Abrams and Shaw, that is saying something. The Ruskies and the Cubans killed Kennedy? And Castro was play acting with Jean Daniel? In the entire book I do not recall one reference to the ARRB. Or Joannides and AMSPELL. The only value in this pile of trash is it shows just how badly the CIA wants to bring back the Cold War. And to forget what JFK was trying for in his Peace Speech. Its a true disgrace of a book. It essentially spits on all the good work that had been done due to the ARRB. And it shows how those Russian intel defectors knew what the CIA and MI 6 wanted, and were all too eager to give them in return for cash and escape from a crumbling Russia. https://www.kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-reviews/operation-dragon
  7. Sirhan had a support system inside the prison that coached him https://theintercept.com/2021/09/08/sirhan-sirhan-parole-suge-knight/
  8. That is one way to do so. So I wonder what the latest is on that?
  9. One might also ask, what about all those taped calls at Marilyn's house? If you recall, somehow, some way her house was like the NSA office because so many people e.g. Bernie Speisel among others, were secretly taping her. If Bernie was not lying then those tapes would be worth a ton of money. But he never sold them. To me, Gus Russo is at about the level of the National Tattler on the JFK case, or anything dealing with that case. And he has been since he made that Faustian bargain with PBS in 1993, and Sy Hersh/Darth Vader in 1997. Remember what Hersh said about the JFK murder, Kennedy's brace made him a sitting duck for Oswald. The fatal shot came from behind right Sy? Please, please. I can only take so much.
  10. From Don, swan song: "All those damned secret tapes of steamy conversations between MM and JFK. I find it odd that JFK’s White House conversations were being taped without his knowledge, but his personal secretary, Evelyn Lincoln, and RFK knew: they just never informed the president. I also find it odd that the Kennedy family destroyed the tapes but hired someone to transcribe them. For what purpose? Making a transcription of a tape a fellow destroys to obliterate its contents is absolutely nonsensical; and why, in 59 years, have none of those allegedly innumerable tapes or associated transcriptions ever surfaced? According to the excerpt, the tapings began in July of 1962. No indications of when in July, early mid or late: Marilyn was gone in very early August."
  11. If you listen to Russo, there is a 28 point fingerprint of Oswald on the alleged rifle, which he did not order. He also has a witness to Oswald shooting Kennedy.
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