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  1. This is so important. And Gil has done such good work on this issue that the other side hates him for it. One of my many complaints about the first generation critics is that they accepted things that were really dubious. For example, that Oswald was in Mexico City and did what the WC said he did. We know now that that was not remotely accurate. Same with the rifle. Once you break this whole issue down into its evidentiary parts, all kinds of issues manifest themselves. This serial number aspect is one of them. I don't think there is any real question today that the FBI lied about this. I also don't think there is any question that, at the very least, David Belin and LIebeler knew they were lying.
  2. BTW, I sent Kazin an email with my article attached. That was Sunday evening. No reply. And that is no surprise.
  3. The Washington Examiner just used Shaw's book to trash JFK and confuse the public about how he was killed. Mark Shaw used to be part of the MSM and it looks like he wants back in. https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-reviews/mark-shaw-denial-of-justice
  4. RB: But his soul's not there where it was supposed to be atFor the last fifty years they've been searchin' for that... This is where someone like Kazin comes in.
  5. Yes, he is in the footsteps of hacks like Dallek and Sabato. I emailed Kazin my article and said, for everyone who reads this you now have custard pie all over your face.
  6. I actually wrote Kazin a note and emailed it to him. Today I wrote the editor of the NY Review blasting her for printing such a piece of junk that was not a review at all. It was just an excuse to trash JFK. The general idea is that if you erase what the true record was, then his assassination does not mean much. In other words it is part of a political agenda. And man have they tried to erase it. How many knew that Kennedy tried to pass Medicare in 1962? That he spoke about universal healthcare. Well somehow Kazin did not know those things, or if he did he ignored it for his agenda. And maybe. to stay in good graces with the NY TImes and W Post. https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-reviews/michael-kazin-and-the-ny-review-vs-jfk
  7. Tanenbaum has said this in public at least twice. In his upcoming book, he will go over what would have happened at a pre trial evidentiary hearing. When i said you probably have done a lot of those, he said, "About a thousand."
  8. That is not the weirdest part. The weirdest part is the SR 71 mailing. You know, it took 24 hours for the money order to fly a thousand miles, be picked up at the Chicago post office and dropped off at Klein's, and then sorted out at Klein's and taken to the bank and deposited. Belin did not ask one question about this. If that guy would have been woken up in his sleep by a burglar at 3 AM he would have screamed Oswald did it!
  9. As everyone who studies this case knows, the Warren Commission was a mockery of a judicial proceeding. What made it worse it that it was run by a fleet of lawyers. So they knew what they did was a travesty of a judicial proceeding. The other side knows this, which is why they don't talk about it. Even if you consider the WC as simply a fact finding inquiry, as say the Watergate or Iran Contra congressional committees were, you still have problems. First, those committees had minority and majority counsels. They allowed the witnesses or defendants to have lawyers present. But third, the WC was not a fact finding inquiry. It was a fact avoidance inquiry. They deliberately deep sixed much exculpatory evidence. What makes this worse is the Brady Rule had been passed that year, which said the DA had to give exculpatory evidence to the defense. In the article below, Johnny Cairns begins an exploration of what a real trial of Oswald, with everything on the table, would have produced https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/a-presumption-of-innocence-lee-harvey-oswald-part-1
  10. I don't. know when it will be on in the USA. I had some guy from Germany who emailed me and said he wanted to buy it for this network there. But I told him he should do that at Cannes. I imagine it will sell to foreign distributors there. I don't know how many American distributors will be there. I just saw the two hour version and it looks good. They are working on the four hour version now. I imagine they will show the two .hour version at Cannes.
  11. Nice one Richard. I really like that speech. If the Kennedys had lived, they would not have let the GOP stamp out the word liberal.
  12. Nice one Benjamin. I have heard this one before, but your version was most effective. How the heck does JBC twist all the way around like that with a bullet blasted through him?
  13. So Mark, you are trying to set a time stamp through Hargis of when MCLain passed through. Is that correct?
  14. It looks like no one on the WH would tell Trump he was full of it. From my understanding, not even Bossie bought into this. Which is saying something. It got down to Rudy G and Powell as the only ones. And Trump went with them. And the personal price is the lawsuits they will now face. From what I can see, Dominion has a good case on the merits.
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