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  1. Hi Chris. Attached is a memo dealing with the Harper fragment. Heiberger's initial appear three times, but he was not a photo tech. Attached in a 1963 listing of lab file agents that may help. John Hunt
  2. The only way SBS will get anywhere is if Pepper gets experts to learn the evidence, identify the massive problems with the evidence used to convict SBS and get that info before a judge with the authority to order an evidence hearing. I offered to share my as yet unpublished work on the case. We spoke for about an hour and he seemed impressed. Never heard back though. Too bad. John Hunt
  3. Thanks to everyone. Great help. John Hunt
  4. Does anyone have an image of the Boswell letter at Post-Mortem page 574?? Thanks. John Hunt
  5. Post-Mortem page 574 hopefully someone can scan it.
  6. Does anyone have a copy of the letter Boswell sent to Ramsey Clark that lead to the creation of the Clark Panel?? Thanks. John Hunt
  7. They were the left of the lamppost as seen from Muchmore's position.That's why it does not appear in the MM frame. See attached Bronson slide. John Hunt
  8. The indicated word is length. It says 'lacertaion of forehead about 1" length' then 'bullet(s?) felt right above' then 'the laceration' Length it is. Thanks very much.
  9. Hello, Pat. That words are "cleaned" and "admitted". Thanks.
  10. John, I get "laceration of forehead about 1" across bullet(s?) felt right above the (?)" Could be. Thanks.
  11. I know Elizabeth Evans' wound was just to the right of the mid-line of her forehead. Does anyone have a guess as to what the indicated word ?? Thanks. John Hunt
  12. That would be great, John. I'm assuming I mentioned somewhere on this thread that when I bought a copy of the report from the Archives they sent me what would have to be a third or fourth generation copy, with the photos barely intelligible, and that the copy on the Ferrell site isn't much better. BTW, I think the widespread availability of your image collection, once accomplished, will represent one of the biggest boosts to research in recent years, second only to the development of the MFF website. Maybe Rex can talk the MFF's backers into buying it from you, and adding it to the MFF webs
  13. Pat, I photographed a quality copy of the report at NARA on 07/31/04. I could send the images to Rex on a CD when I find the time. John Hunt
  14. Normally I don't comment on your "analyses", but this is just so simple I could not help myself. That the fact that you couldn't figure it out on your own confirms the opinions of rational thinking people who consider your "body of work" a sloppily pile of crap that embarrasses and sourly stigmatizes legitimate researchers. Anyway, here's how it goes: Same line of sight = "shoulder to shoulder" view points of the two photographers!!! I.e., they were standing next to one another. When was the last time a person to your left or right shoulder appeared in the filed of vision of your lens????
  15. Crappy images lead to crappy analysis. Attached is a crop from a scan I made of a 35 mm color slide from the SS files at NARA. Kellerman's left ear is blocked by the window recess, which is mostly in shadow, but not all, and his right ear is plainly visible. John Hunt
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