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  1. The age reported in the obituary is correct. From newspapers.com I found a wedding announcement that said he graduated from Lubbock High School in June 1971.
  2. Elzie Dean Glaze is dead. Below is his obituary published in the Austin American Statesman on December 15, 2019 GLAZE, Elzie Dean Age 66, is celebrated by his family for his compassion, humor and willingness to help family, friends and the world at large. He was an accomplished journalist and author and had worked as a radio engineer in his early career. For many years he assisted organizations that helped veterans, monitored the nuclear power industry, and worked to ensure basic human rights. He had keen interests in history and weather, and much of his writing related to these
  3. The photo below shows Bonnie Ray Williams and Harold Norman at the same fifth floor window where Walther, Fischer, and Edwards saw a blond or light brown haired man holding a rifle, positioned beside a man wearing a brown suitcoat. The photo was taken by new cameraman Tom Dillard while riding in a car assigned to journalists. He took the picture because fellow cameraman Bob Jackson said "There's a rifle barrel up there." Supposedly Jackson noticed the rifle because he saw two black men leaning out of the window and looking straight up at the window above them. The photo loo
  4. Claude Barnes Capehart, a hitman for the CIA, was living in Chowchilla, California, when he saw his picture in the Fresno Bee. On July 31, 1978, the newspaper ran a story on the HSCA which included photographs of three men wanted in connection with the assassination of President Kennedy. One picture shows a dark-haired man sitting on a street curb in Dealey Plaza moments after the assassination. The middle picture is a side view of a man wearing a suitcoat. He has light or gray hair, an aquiline nose, and appears to be in his late 40s or early 50s. The third picture shows, according
  5. Below is a link to an article I wrote for the Jim Fetzer’s blog and the Oswald Innocence Campaign. The topic concerns the Lone Star School Book Depository which set up an alternate ambush site near the Trade Mart in case Kennedy did not take the route that led through Dealey Plaza, where the other schoolbook depository was located. I would like to point out that Ross Carlton of the LSBD emerges here as the number one suspect in the planning and coordinating of the hit squads at both locations. http://oswaldinthedoorway.blogspot.com/2016/07/there-is-new-article-by-william-weston.html
  6. In the interview Steve mentions an important article in Probe regarding Clay Shaw. The article appeared in the Mar-Apr. 1996 issue and was written by Lisa Pease. The title of the article is “David Atlee Phillips, Clay Shaw, and Freeport Sulphur”. In the article Lisa Pease quotes a memo written by Sciambra to Jim Garrison. It said, “A memo in the GUY BANISTER file indicates that there is information which reports that DICK WHITE, a high official of Freeport Sulphur, and CLAY SHAW were flown to Cuba probably taking off from the Harvey Canal area in a Freeport Sulphur plane piloted by DAVE FERRIE
  7. I interviewed researcher Steve Gaal on August 10, 2010. Like many other researchers Steve says that the conspiracy surrounding John F. Kennedy's death included a coalition of elements within the CIA, the military, and the Mafia. However, an examination of the events in the life of Lee Harvey Oswald, and the people connected to Oswald, has led him to the conclusion that an elite group with possibly British connections were angered by Kennedy's move against the money debt authority of the Federal Reserve and joined the aforementioned anti-Kennedy factions in an already burgeoning plot to kill hi
  8. WW,

    You are one of my favorite researchers. Do you have a contact number for Jerry Rose. Rex Bradford might want to republish anthology of 3/4Dec articles.

    Also, ever contact Elzie Dean Glaze?

    All the best,

    Bill Kelly


  9. Tony Atzenhoffer was in the Civil Air Patrol in 1955 at the Moisant Airport. He knew David Ferrie and Lee Harvey Oswald. He told me that DH Byrd was in charge of the Lousiana and Texas regions of the Civil Air Patrol. He came to Moissant Airport on special occasions such as orientation meetings for new recruits. Thus Byrd knew Ferrie and was part of that New Orleans Civil Air Patrol milieu.
  10. The number WH3-8120 in the 1963 Coles was listed to Laura and Phillip Thomas on 704 Vermont. I believe that the Thomases had relinguished this number and then the number went to the Davis sisters in late 1963. They had moved to Dallas during the autumn of 1963. They left Dallas with their husbands to go to Athens in December 1963.
  11. Jack Ruby saw Leona Lane (nee Miller) when he went to the synagogue on the night of November 22. He told the Warren Commission: "I went out to the synagogue and I went through the line and I spoke to Rabbi Silverman, and I thanked him for going to visit my sister at the hospital. She was in a week prior and had just gotten out. I don't remember the date. Then he had a confirmation--this is the night prior to the confirmation. They serve little delicacies. So in spite of the fact of the mood I was in, I strolled into the place, and I think I had a little glass of punch. Nothing intoxicating, j
  12. The official time of 1:15 for the shooting of J.D. Tippit is an estimation based on a reconstruction of Oswald’s movements after the assassination. The timeline is exceptionally tight. If the shooting occurred earlier, then another culprit was involved. Presented below is evidence that the true time was 1:00 - a full fifteen minutes earlier than the official time. According to the Warren Commission, Oswald left Dealey Plaza at 12:33 and boarded a bus at 12:40. Four minutes later he got off the bus and went to the Greyhound bus station where he got a taxi cab and went to Oak Cliff. At 12:54 h
  13. Hello Tim, Wilcott did not mention TSBD by name. He said Dallas firms. I should have made it clear that TSBD was my own inference. It will be corrected in the version printed by Dealey Plaza Echo. Good catch, thanks. Bill
  14. Hello Greg, Thanks for your thoughtful comments. You raise a very interesting question about the mode of entry for the boxes into the building. I am not sure what you mean by “trolley.” The TSBD did have a pulley operated dumbwaiter, but that was for the clerical staff on the second floor to send paperwork down to the shipping department on the first floor. It was not used to move cartons of books. According to the testimony of Bonnie Ray Williams they had two-wheel hand “trucks”, a picture of which can be seen in Studebaker Exhibit H (see AARC Public Digital Library website). Joe Bergin,
  15. Tim Gratz's ill-tempered rants are a confirmation of the accuracy of my thesis. Below is a reaction from Gary Mack> Bill, I skimmed through your article and was quite disappointed. Too many problems to go into now, but a few are: TSBD moved into 411 Elm early in 1962, not 1963. NO films or photos were confiscated (unless you believe Gordon Arnold or Beverly Oliver) and all original pictures, with the exception of the Nix film, survive to this day. What are the journalism credentials of Elzie Glaze? Here's a link to the Museum's history of 411 Elm: http://tinyurl.com/7f9jl Gary
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