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  1. Jack, Some of these guys are bottom feeders, they haven't had a good day in a long, LONG time. Evidently lurking and post to this forum is the only pasttime they have. You suppose the Craigster is going to have a 'dry goods' portfolio lodged at a University someday? None of them, NONE of them will touch the quantity nor the quality of your work, they can't, they don't know HOW -- Amen to that, Mr. White--you're a champ. we should all be thanking you for your body of work.
  2. hi, my name is craig. i'm an esl teacher in manhattan right now-- having come into esl as a volunteer in austin, texas. i've lived in taiwan for 2 years where i also taught esl. i was a wannabee musician in l.a. during the 80s, and then ran away to study theatre... but that's a long story... i really am seeking help teaching fun, engaging classes for a four hour period, four days a week, for 12 week stints to beginners-- i am frightfully losing patience because i can't enthuse my students enough (mainly young japanese) into try conversing with one another... can y
  3. ( Larry, Curly and Moe, were simply too stupid to figure out how to take a photo with the prop tranist...brainy Phd"s and photo experts that they are) would have been a MUCH better tool for the job. Instead we got another episode of the Three Stooges do the Zapruder film.... Dear Mr. Lamson: You are projecting your feelings onto others who you should be respectful to. Please stop the name-calling and the unnecessary sarcasm. You're obviously very bright but you're wasting your talents by harassing our good friends Mr. White and Dr. Fetzer. There's simply no need here for
  4. dear d. thompson: i highly respect you for your work (all be it, that your 'appearance' on the recent lho program shed no new light on the assassinations) you are like mr. lane, mr. gregory, etc., an icon, a pioneer. and we who are all respect you dearly. i'm not so smart, but doesn't it perhaps just make common sense that if all the eye-witnesses claim the presidential limo stopped, or at least slowed down to a near stop, BUT the z-film shows the opposite, and that if the blood-splatter from the head-wound to the president doesn't obey the laws of gravity, BUT just--poof--d
  5. You're right it was upstairs and probably a very different animal--thanks for the info--as to the books where this is discussed, which ones do you think are the closest to truth in retelling the Cellar episode?
  6. "Many of my co-workers went there for the folk music, particularly if the act for the night was someone they knew. And of course EVERYBODY knew Jack Ruby, even Pat Kirkwood. But as far as is known, he had to be a good boy. The Cellar and the 2222 Club were necessarily clean. So cut the speculations. The Cellar was a nice place, according to my friends. Jack" Sorry, Mr. White, I was there in 1970-1, and the place was like any rock club, with an Allman Bros. type band wailing. I've read so much bs about that night and the place, that I don't really know what all happened (to tell the tr
  7. It has been said that the Secret Service while in Ft. Worth broke protocol and had a drinking binge into the wee hours at a club in downtown Cowtown called the Cellar. I'm trying to gather some information, be it anecdotal, about that night. Who was there? Who was working the Cellar that night? Who were the regular employees at that time? Was there live music, if so, who played? What kind of music did they play--it was supposedly a rock n' roll club, right? Any other performers, if so who, what did they perform? What did it look like inside, and outside? All in all, this was a very st
  8. dear mr. white: i may sound like a schoolgirl, but i can't thank you enough for the incredible work you've done on the jfk case. the people of the usa are deeply indebted to you for your brilliant diligence. you are a personal hero of mine, and i wish you all the best, and wish i could chase away all the spooks and kooks who assault your credibility. you are a sherlock holmes, a batman, a master in technique and logic. thank you for your work and thank you for your personhood. sincerely, craig clark, cliffside park nj
  9. That is amazing. Clearly his book is a must read. Thank you for the link John. As a minor point, he flicks away the Bug with a very terse, yet gentlemanly, aside in response to the first question. I quite enjoyed that. Back to the major point, he looks at The Crime in a way I never considered--that essentially President Kennedy saved us from the worst case scenario of nuclear war, and for that we should be grateful. Whereas I consider the MIC's success in liquidating Kennedy to be the worst case scenario realized. Darkness extinguishing the light. Perhaps Douglass is right. And it's
  10. Hello, my first post. I've really enjoyed the information here and Teacher Simkin has performed a great service, as most of you perhaps. If, as I suspect, the assassination was primarily acted out by Military Intelligence (utilizing other like-minded Intelligence folk, and a slew of other sources: Mafia, Cubano, Corsican, White Russian, Texas Oil, Permindex,etc., until the whole apparatus becomes what one researcher coined [i quote from memory, excuse errors]: 'the conspiracy itself is the cover-up'); I take that to mean that so many threads were employed and so many trails were spun-off, th
  11. Are you serious? Care to elaborate on this theory? Was JFK part of the 'Secret Government"? It that a code word for the ZOG? Sorry please define ZOG, I know SOG (Seat of Government, Hooverese I think)...I just meant that when we brought Nazi war criminals into the Intelligence realms of the U.S. the force of good was compromised if not irrevocably polluted. And every President since FDR has been a tool of the Secret Government, some more, some less.
  12. I'm an ESL teacher, very interested in the history that has been perverted by powers unseen.
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