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I was born in 1958 and was trained to be a scientist from a young age, had my mystical awakening at age 16, and changed my studies to business at age 19 (in preposterous fashion) and am a professional accountant. At age 16, I also got my dreams for changing the energy industry. A dozen years later, another preposterous event landed me in the middle the greatest effort yet made to bring alternative energy to the American market. Then my wild ride began. I became involved with the owner of our wiped out business, soon became his partner, and we began to pursue what is commonly called free energy. We attracted the attention of the people who run the world, almost immediately, and they initially tried to buy us out. Soon afterward, our business was moved to my home town and we began having meteoric success in mounting an effort to produce free energy technology. Then we got the boom lowered on us, only after the CIA delivered the “final offer” from the people who run the world, of one billion dollars or so, to cease our efforts.

When my partner refused their offer, he was soon arrested with a million dollar bail for failing to file a form (which I should have filed, by the way). My life was ruined in the events of 1988, but I sacrificed my life and sprung my partner from jail, in the greatest miracle that I ever witnessed. He still spent two years behind bars, and prison officials repeatedly tried to get him murdered by the inmates. In 1990, I staggered from my home town, never to return, and have spent all of my “spare” time since then, including several years of full-time effort, performing the study and writing that resulted in my 2,000-page website, which is capped with an online textbook that I published in 2014. I am devoting the rest of my life’s “spare time” to mounting an effort to bring free energy to humanity, which will be the biggest event in the human journey. That is enough to have on my plate, and I am open to discussing my effort in this forum, and am looking for recruits. :)

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