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    I am interested in all kinds of music, especially early music (specifically the recorder repetoire), twentieth-century compositional techniques and jazz.
  1. Yes - he is brilliant. I used his programme "Big Bangs" with my GCSE group and they were really switched on by it.
  2. I think that a balance is needed when teaching notation. In effect, notation is a common way of communicating music to each other, so it covers more than just the conventional methods of staff notation. I admit that I do use rhythmic notation quite early on with my Year 7 pupils as I teach with percussion a great deal. I find that by using simple notation, they can use this as a tool in composition. I also think that it is so useful when developing skills such as time-keeping/pulse/rhythm etc and I constantly test my pupils on their aural perception. I tend to use made-up phrases for rhythms,
  3. I've been teaching about the instruments of the orchestra to my eager beaver Year 7's - as a bit of fun they have really enjoyed http://www.sfskids.org/templates/instorchframe.asp?pageid=3 ...lots of fun there for big kids too! lol
  4. My name is Alison Dale and I am Head of Music at Padgate High School in Cheshire. http://www.padgatehigh.warrington.sch.uk/D...ents/Music.html I have been teaching music for 8 years, although my current job also includes teaching Drama and Performing Arts in Key Stages 4 and 5. My particular areas of interest include the "humble" recorder and its repetoire, the music of Steve Reich, Musical Theatre, World Music and Jazz (quite a mix there then!)
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