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  1. I'd love to view the "other film".I read that as many as 7 researchers have observed the film we"re discussing.Let's be honest,the Zapruder film fits with the official government explanation with the exception of "back and to the left",imo.There are dozens of witnesses that claimed the limo stopped,not seen in Zapruder.The descriptions of the "other film" both estimate a 2-4 second stop or extreme slowing,before the fatal headshot, which fits more with the witnesses' comments that were there.
  2. Nice topic......I'll be damn....the more things change...you know the rest.
  3. The film that David Josephs spoke of (if it exists at all) is undoubtedly a re-creation that was filmed in Dealey Plaza for a movie.......DVP Hey Ron....When i posted this response,i thought of you.You've been here longer than me and certainly can remember the good ol' days when the content of threads had substance.Are calling out Rich and Greg's testimony's as viewing a re-creation? Rich and Greg have and had forgotten more about the JFK assassination than I'll ever know.Not looking to get into a pissing match but to your credit,i have to think you've been aware the "other film" y
  4. Mr. Von Pein....You're my favorite lone nutterist and I sincerely appreciate all of your videos,ect...now, generally,you don't contradict your position with any videos you put out there.In the JFK research community.The term "other film" does not apply to the recreation video you posted.I am saddened that this thread has went 5 more pages from your initial postage and no one else has adressed this error on your part...For clarification....the "other film" describes a movie shot from a similar location as Zapruder but tells a different story than the Zapruder Film of the murder of JFK...I know
  5. well...i will throw a few more names out there that were contributors in TMWKK...Gary Shaw,Larry Harris,Bill Turner,Doug Weldon,andJack White....Were they National Enquirer or CIA?.....Whatever you choose to call them or claim their motives were.....they're hero's of mine.
  6. TMWKK was a decent series imo....Turner was all over the place,much like Jim Marrs in Crossfire.....One can critcize TMWKK but there were important interviews,like; Phil Willis and family,Bill/Gayle Newman, Billy Hargis,Aubrey Rike,the exposure of the SS stand down at Love Field moments before the killing,interviews with the Parkland doctors,interviews concerning the autopsy in Bethesda and more...Turner threw alot of theories out there much like Marrs,but both touched on areas/witness' that,well, the Warren Commission ignored.On that point,thumbs up over here....One other question......If the
  7. Hello,folks,been a while.Important topic...I always thought the Dallas doctors had no reason to lie and were the best witness'...Malcom Kilduff's emotional statement and description of the cause of death has always resonated with me...Kilduff was clearly "in the loop" on this tragic day.
  8. Good point,David.There is little known info about what Oswald said,after and and during his apprehention and interrogation.
  9. Hi Chris.Great work.Unbelievably,none of the Secret Service agents, which statements you've provided, were deemed important enough to be called to testify before the Warren Commission.Ironically, the agents in the Queen Mary had the best view of the assassination but,only, Clint Hill was called to testify before the WC.IMO,it's a mistake to limit the shot sequence to only three shots.Although,nearly every statement or witness testimony, known to exist, points to a three shot scenerio...Here's what Kellermen had to say to the WC; Mr. SPECTER. Mr. Kellerman, you said earlier that there were at
  10. Mark, I personally think the idea that Oswald was trying to expose the plot is a bit silly. Surely all he would have had to do was phone the FBI or the DPD or yell for help as soon as he realised what was going on? But he didn't. While someone was up on the sixth floor shooting Kennedy, Oswald was sitting in the first floor lunch room reading a newspaper and eating a cheese sandwich. Presumably what you're suggesting is that Oswald knew the people involved and, therefore, new about the plot in advance? If that was the case then why did he make no attempt to stop it? Again, all he would have
  11. Len, The quote you pasted on this thread by Mark Wilson was not complete. You removed the first sentence of his post. He was responding to another poster (Scott?). I included the relevant portions, the excluded sentence was (ellipses {and punctuation errors} his) “Hi Scott.....these kind of statements are what i'm talking about....rather than participate and offer alternative ideas you deal the anti semite card straight from the bottom of the deck.”, it did not change the import of the rest of what he said i.e. - his focus no Billy Graham’s statement to Nixon that “"The [Jewish media] st
  12. Thank you Mr. Wilson. It seems you and I are fairly lonely here in considering Lee Oswald a COMPLETELY innocent man, falsely accused by LN's and CT's alike. I note that John Newman's book, Oswald and the CIA, is seldom mentioned on this forum. Newman has gone a long way towards identifying some of the individuals who framed Lee Oswald, but there is one VERY IMPORTANT mistake in his book, where he alludes to Oz being present at the assassination scene with a rifle. Apart from that, Newman does a brilliant job of tracking down the small group of CIA officers who secretly and carefully monitor
  13. Colby,You're the worst thing that ever happened to the Education Forum.The truth is, you want to run and moderate the forum....Here's an example, from a few years back, of you telling John Simkin how he should run his forum, where you got your panties in a bunch and gave us a preview of the future. http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=6130 ....and now you have the audacity to start a thread critcizing the Education Forum of some double standard..You are the double standard.I'm going to be very surprised if your plea turns into a sing along with Len Colby.Your motives are cle
  14. Well I guess that makes TWO of us so thank you. I have been very lonely up to now. But I am still not following you. If Lee Oswald was completely innocent, as I maintain (and I thought you did too) then following him will lead you exactly where it has lead AMERICANS up to now for the last forty-odd years, Which is completely NOWHERE! I agree.The whole investigation into Oswald has led nowhere.Just where it was supposed to.
  15. Hello Mr.Carroll,I also believe Oswald to be innocent.I think Oswald is the ultimate red herring inserted into the picture from the very beginning.47 years later, probably 50%,or more,of JFK assassination books,articles,documentaries,and internet discussions are still dominated about Oswald in one way or another...IMHO,Oswald was more likely to have been attempting to prevent the assassination of JFK, in the weeks leading up to it, than participating in the plot.The perfect red herring.The crime of the century,it really was easy.Just follow that Oswald.
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