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  1. Are computers best situated in classrooms or labs? There are many arguments for each side debating the pros and cons. If they are situated in labs then the lesson can be more structured, each student can have access to a computer and there does tend to be more ICT resources available to support the teacher. Unfortunately the learning can be disrupted because the students need to travel to the lab and can become unfocused. With computers in the classroom there is room for spontaneous learning with technology, and the computers can be used regularly discouraging fear of technology. Having com
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    I believe that ICT is very important. Gone are the days when teachers could say "Technology is important because technology is the future". The future is here and technology is used in almost every situation possible in today's society. Don't get me wrong: reading, writing and maths are still fundamental to having a good start to your career but if there is no implementation of ICT's within the classroom then those skills will be sorely lacking. Even 'simple' jobs Eg. Checkout operator require some knowledge of technology. If students aren't familiarised with technology then they will struggle
  3. I'm living in Queensland, Australia. Queensland recently started their Smart Classrooms Project (see education.qld.gov.au/smartclassrooms/strategy/index.html). One aspect of this project was a Computers for Teachers Trial. The government gave 1500 teachers a laptop each. To combat the lack of basic understanding there was a two-day conference/tutorial. At this the teachers were given their laptops and it was explained how to use them. The teachers were also supplied with a 24-hour free hotline number to call if they had any questions or queries. All of this did not cost the teachers or the sc
  4. I'm only new here at the forum but I thought I'd say a few things. I have to say that I believe blogs and forums to be highly educational. Even if they are used just so that students can practice their netiquette skills. Also, what needs to be taken into consideration is the sense of acheivement students can feel when they've posted something on a forum, or created a blog. I'm only nineteen, and while I knew that blogs and forums existed I only recently discovered the value of both. Forums give you the chance to share your point of view with other people about a topic. This can be used eff
  5. I am a student at the University of Southern Queensland in Australia, studying Primary and Middle Schooling Education. I wish to join this forum to share ideas and understandings with professionals within the Education Community. I have a particular interest with ICT's as that is my Major.
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