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  1. My apologies for being absent from the forum for several days. My last two posts were not intended to be lobbed into the thread - then abandoned. Indeed, I had intended to post something following John Simkin's latest, fascinating post. But real life got in the way of my good intentions. Anyhow, I notice that my absence hasn't prevented John Dolva and Len Colby from carrying on a discussion that reflects their usual high standard of literacy and intellectual integrity. Len, as I am only a bear of medium size brain, I think I'll just focus on just one of your paragraphs. First, I will be
  2. John, I've shortened some of your post for brevity and bolded the bits I query in particular. 1/ What do you mean by this?: "The White Armies had failed, and Hitler, and his backers, real enemy were the Bolschevics." 2/ I've never heard of "mobile gas vans" before. Please forgive my ignorance. Can you explain what they were, who used them, how they were used - and could I trouble you for a reference? 3/ It has been widely trumpeted in our times that various US business interests traded with the Nazis. However, as I'm sure you know, that activity became illegal once the USA became directly
  3. In Appendix 3 of Churchill's War 2, David Irving returns to the topic of Sikorski's death, the subject of his 1967 book Accident. His account of the 1969 're-opening' of the case by Harold Wilson - and the 'conclusion' of that episode - as described in archival material subsequently released, is a classic case study of how so-called 'Intelligence Agencies' manage Prime Ministers - a real life prototype for the 'Yes Minister' series.
  4. Public healthcare kills! Mr Murdoch advises that a socialized health system can seriously damage your health.
  5. When I say 'globalism', what I mean is a conscious drive to create global instituitions - and global governance over-arching other levels of governance. It's a different concept from 'globalization', which I'd define as the technologically-driven internationalization of economic activity. Socialists were in at the beginning of the race to create global institutions that represented the common interest of humanity. The First International came long before any global institutions existed to reflect the interests of capital. Unfortunately, from my perspective, the socialist hare has been very
  6. Mark... you mean it's really just one big doctor-ing conspiracy? It figures. Dr Watson... Dr No... Dr Goebbels... Dr Al-Zawahri... Dr David Death... Now Nelson too! Anyone noticed how Ron Paul used to make a living? Scary! But yes, as you pointed out, the Australian media has tumbled to the great medical conspiracy and is now reporting this dire threat to our way of life with its customary fearless gusto. "Those who cure you will kill you!". Too right! PS. What about nurses?
  7. I think you have it right, Mark. Last night's media amounted to a carpeting for Nelson. Incidentally, has anyone else noticed that the Right Execrable Brendan Nelson is a doctor? Very suss, IMO. What does it mean? Shouldn't we vet our 'Defence' Ministers more carefully? Does he have links with international terror? (easy to answer that one!) Nice Steve Bell cartoon in the Guardian:
  8. You must be very forgiving, Evan - and that's an excellent virtue in most cases, IMO. Now imagine the 9-11 murderers had snuffed out at least one of your own family members. Would you still be so sanguine about all the discrepancies, anomalies, willful destruction of evidence, astonishingly poor memories and inconclusive inquiries? Or would you just shrug, mutter "whatever!" or "they did their best!" or "pity about their memories!" like the decent, trusting forgiving man you obviously are?
  9. Thanks John Very interesting. Where did you come across photos of Gary Webb's corpse?
  10. I agree with you that the official rich list is probably not to be trusted. I believe at least one family fortune is so vast it has consciously been kept out of the limelight for a long time. I think the institutional framework of the current world order needs more attention. It is neither a world of nation-states, nor is it a truly global political economy. It's somewhere in between. This chaotic international disorder, so brilliantly characterised by Phillip Allott in Eunomia, serves the interest of the unaccountable mega-rich very well. On the one hand, global capital flows means that a
  11. Castro may have 'poor health', but he does enjoy the benefits of a world class public health system (unusual in Northern America). It's true that hurricanes have become more frequent in Cuba thanks to gas-guzzling gringos, but Cuba's emergency response system is also state-of-the-art (not the toy system that ordinary US citizens are expected to survive). Finally, although Fidel gave up Cuban cigars a few decades later than JFK, his health remains much better than the latter's. So fanatical Castro-haters may be disappointed if they think he's just about to meet his maker. He might outlive a
  12. I'm not sure what you're really saying, Stephen. I'll do a crude paraphrase. Please correct me if and where I have it wrong. (1) there's a huge disparity of wealth, with a small minority who are 'super-rich'... (2) the super-rich is like a caste; inherited wealth is really the only gateway to membership. (3) the super-rich are cynical and use ploys such as nationalism and religion to divide and rule the masses (99.9%+?) I agree with (1). It is really just a statement of fact, based on well-known and widely available statistics. (2) seems a lot more problematic to me. It does not make su
  13. I assume you mean Socrates, since as far as I know Sophocles was more of a playwright than he was a logician. But maybe you didn't know. It's probably all Greek to Tim, Daniel.
  14. Speaker of the House John McCormack. It would have been ironic if McCormack were to become the beneficiary of the Dallas coup. In the 1930s he headed the McCormack-Dickstein Committee that investigated the fascist Wall Street plot to overthrow Roosevelt. Of course no one was brought to justice for that plot, any more than anyone was brought to justice for Dallas. Thanks Ron. Whether McCormack would have fit the script as a 'suitable' POTUS depends on one's take about who was really behind the JFK assassination. Does anyone know if McCormack ever expressed doubts about the Warren Commiss
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