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  1. The game that was created was called ' The Tower of Babel' and included a story designed to engage the target student group. The students had to save the planet by completing specific quests, collaboratively and internationally. The project has been a huge success with over 400 teachers and students from 17 countries playing the game ' The Tower of Babel'. In the final pilot over 9,000 quests were answered and 800 files uploaded. The project has created a number of resources that are available online, these include: A re-usable game platform (on a Moodle platform) that includes multiple l
  2. Yesterday I expanded the Kindersite http://www.kindersite.org , that already has 100s of games, songs and stories targeted at 2 to 7 years (for introduction to technology) and 5 to 13 (for ESL and EFL). I have added a new directory targeted at 7 to 12 year olds, with direct links to Educational Games, You will be able to locate the new section from the Image link at the top of the Home page, Educational Games. The new content includes: English (first and second language) Innovative uses of technology Sciences Environment Mathematics Art Music History I would be very grateful for
  3. I have been recommended, from Australia, an Internet resource to use with my Nursery and Primary children, apparently it is very highly thought of there. I like many aspects of it but would like to hear other teachers opinions. The site is at Kindersite.org The site will use accumulated user data as the basis of studies by qualified academic researchers on the introduction of technology to young children. They wish to answer the questions that surround this area properly and study the outcomes of usage. I look forward to your thoughts. edited to enable hyperlink
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