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  1. Since it's been a while since I posted in this thread, there's a been a few changes in my sites I should flag up. My main Science and Interactive Whiteboard resource site has moved from my personal site to www.think-bank.com/iwb There are science Flash resources such as Quizzes, and also Smart Notebook and ActivStudio Flipchart files for free download. the Big Brown Envelope continues to run, and I need to add some more resources to it soon: www.bigbrownenvelope.co.uk Also I have set up a forum specifically aimed at Interactive Whiteboards, as a place for me to post any good websites I f
  2. I've been busy archiving a lot of my Science Interactive Whiteboard flipcharts onto my website I have flipcharts for Smart and Promethean boards. http://www.think-bank.com/iwb/science.html There are also some flash resources for general use on boards of all makes http://www.think-bank.com/iwb/flash/index.html#science I've also been developing a bank of Science quizzes in Flash to use in IWB's. Mainly year 7 for now, but more to follow http://www.think-bank.com/quiz/science/index.html I hope its OK to plug them here and I hope you find the resources useful Danny
  3. Thought I replied to this earlier... but must have glitched somewhere as its vanished... There was an interesting ecosystem simulator being demonstrated at the ASE last week by Michael OBrien at NewByte.. will be out later in the year. Looks quite powerful - allows you to model the ecosystem in a pond, and design and introduce your own species and look at the effect on the populations... or just change the environmental variables... The simulation software produced by focus educational has been used in several of the schools I did the NOF training in... They can't get the higher levels for
  4. I'm Danny Nicholson, a freelance ICT/Science consultant. Originally from Essex, but now based in Kent. Former science teacher and webmaster at the Cornwallis School, Maidstone. I've spent the last 4 years delivering NOF training for mPowerNet. I write for various organisations - including the recent "Eureka" science scheme for Heinemann. Involved in various web sites - including www.dannynicholson.co.uk, www.bigbrownenvelope.co.uk, www.sciencestuff.co.uk and www.onlinestaffroom.com I am a member of ATW
  5. Tom Lehrers classic "The Elements Song" - is now available online with animations... Great resource to start a lesson with - turn the sound up! http://www.privatehand.com/flash/elements.html
  6. My main site has been running for a few years now. It has downloadable worksheets, loads of resources for science, and flash materials... The address is www.dannynicholson.co.uk I run a couple of other sites that are of interest. One is the Big Brown Envelope, which is an online bank of resources and ideas to help with ICT in schools... address is www.bigbrownenvelope.co.uk Also check out www.sciencestuff.co.uk - which is still a little embryonic, but has some additional Science resources on there. Danny Nicholson Science/ICT Consultant www.think-bank.com
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