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  1. ARGuing is a Comenius project funded within the European Union Lifelong Learning programme for the promotion of language learning for secondary school students (ages 13 to16). ARGuing is an innovative project that addresses two needs in European education in a totally new way: 1.How to bridge the widening technological gap between educators and their students. 2. How to motivate students to understand the benefits of learning languages at a level that impacts on their existing personal lives. The project has created a special collaborative, multilingual game, called an Alternate Reality
  2. I am the founder and executive director of the Kindersite Project http://www.kindersite.org The Kindersite is an online institution in the field of early learning, introduction to technology and introduction to English. The Kindersite has received registrations from 17,100 schools in 157 countries. I am also involved in 8 EU Socrates education projects as an expert in Internet communications and dissemination for education.
  3. Of the History track, for sure, but for me this is the best video for education I have seen on You Tube. Education Today and Tomorrow Joel Kindersite
  4. Joel Josephson is the founder and Executive Director of the Kindersite Project. The Kindersite is used in 11,500 schools in 136 countries for the Introduction to technology and English. He is also involved in a number of Socrates European Union projects, and other education projects. I wish to join the forum to gain insight in to how educators use technology in education and to share our experiences. The Kindersite project (a free resource) is at http://www.kindersite.org
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