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  1. James, I would be very interested in your 'take'/opinion of Adams and what he says, especially in light of you having interviewed him. Would you consider him a credible source? Regards, Randy
  2. I have just seen this thread for the first time and read all the way through it. Just a few thoughts: DB writes, "It is inconceivable that had Operation 40 been an assassination unit, as Simkin claims, that either or both the Church Committee and the CIA's Inspector General's Inspector General's report would not have made some made mention of it." Mmmm, yes, it is truly inconceivable that an off-the-books black ops, would remain as such because nobody would 'fess up' to the Church Committee or the IG or anyone else for that matter. It was i believe, a CIA director (sorry, i forget which o
  3. But, see, dude - nobody listened to Coroner Noguchi at the time. They tried to silence him. So we're all here today beatin' our gums about structuralism in naming, just waitin' for some connected, level-headed feller such as yourself to overcome all obstruction and obfuscation and get us an indictment. Then we'll all be in line to smooch your patootie, for sure! "Indictment"?? Are you high, funny guy? Nobody that's actually responsible for the deaths of JFK, RFK, MLK, will ever be held responsible or accountable. Laws cannot reach high enough to touch those with power to kill kings.
  4. Wow, this is surreal. A reason? I have law enforcement in my family; any cops on this board active or retired? What are the usual motives for murder, please? And in a murder investigation, how does one start, where do you begin? You follow the evidence. If the victim was John Q. Citizen -and not RFK- there's no way people would be sitting around discussing the origins and history of a person's name. You take the findings of the coroner, you follow the leads that develop from there. I can't decide if this is ridiculous or sad; but it is certainly surreal. R. Downs
  5. Yes, i would say Cesar is a person of interest. All due respect to recent sound tests and other efforts. But the best physical evidence that existed was confiscated, hidden, then destroyed by the LAPD. This is documented, we know this already. Now if Noguchi says the fatal shot behind RFK's ear was made no more than a few inches away, then the guy carrying a .22 and in position to fire at that close of a range -that's a person of interest. I mean, what are we quibbling about here? I think the man's lucky there was no house-cleaning, excuse me, i mean series of accidental deaths of witnesses,
  6. I heard Colin Powell say something will happen on the 21st or 22nd. I heard Bush make a vague statement (though, that's his forte) about an event happening within 8 days of the new presidency. Has anyone heard any other remarks of this nature? Regards, Randy
  7. Evan, Aye these are 2 separate programs, is what i was trying to point out.
  8. Thank you for the links. "Zero" was shown after the discussion forum. This is all i know of the symposium: "Thierry Meyssan reports from Moscow that he and other leading international 9/11 truth experts have completed taping a television debate which will be telecast on the first national program of Russian state television this coming Friday, September 12. This no-holds barred, free-wheeling debate, featuring strongly divergent opinions about what really happened on and about September 11, 2001 , will be shown in conjunction with the documentary film Zero, produced and directed by Chies
  9. Thanks. Anyone know a proper name/title for it, so i can keep track of it?
  10. Salut, I just read an article about a debate on Russian state tv, which took place on the 12th of Sept. Sort of like the round table "9/11 American Intellectuals Speak Out" that aired awhile ago. Does anyone know if we can see this (in the U.S.)? Is it now online somewhere? Anything? Regards, Randy
  11. Greetings, I just read that before he died, Bobby had written "an unpublished book" about his brother's murder, called "The Enemy Within". Can anyone verify this? Has this book ever been published? Has anyone read this manuscript and can discuss what he wrote? Regards, Randy
  12. "Word to the wise before mouthing off like a fool," Len, you should stand in front of mirror and say that. Randy
  13. Peter, I appreciate the response. And aye, i knew that. People can only get you angry if you take them seriously, you know what i mean? I had a dear flatmate who is a philosopher, and i'm a poet -oh my, the discussions we would have i thought my head would explode. Rather, i learned debate and logic and deduction (and philosophy tricks)....from the school of hard knocks, as it were. Regards, Randy
  14. I think Len's general attitude is obnoxious and rude, i think he was toward me in his post of: May 25 2008, 12:00 AM, where i was talking about a documentary. I didn't say anything to deserve that, and i addressed that in my follow-up post. It's an attitude i've seen displayed toward others in many, many other posts -without being provoked first. Stephen, i should lay off the personal insults?? "It seems you have difficulty comprehending what you read..." - Len "...seen/heard Jason Dumbass saying twice..." - Len "I’m not at all surprised that you are shooting off your mouth once again
  15. My understanding is that Alex Jones had made the statements about the FDNY. See the following. http://wtc7lies.googlepages.com/alexjonesv...ndlarrysilverst Please note that Alex Jones' statements about the FDNY are documented here and in other quarters, Len didn't invent them. Also 'Loose Change' has been debunked in some fairly respectable venues and is considered to be one of the more flawed and easily debunked of the conspiracy theory presentations. This isn't just opinion. Have you seen Screw Loose Change and the myriad of sites which have challenged Loose Change? Any fair and objecti
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