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  1. I'm looking at getting to Dallas finally... eight years after first posting about it. Do members know if Jerry Dealey or Ken Holmes are still giving tours?
  2. Watching the video a few times, I noticed the man is visible again a few seconds after the face-on glimpse, and from the side it appears he is dark complected with thick hair.
  3. Morbid curiousity led me to buy this and play it. It's bizarre and historically way off, but I thought I'd share. Lost Secrets: November 1963
  4. You may be right. The disappearing head looks like a similar effect.
  5. Pardon me if this has been discussed previously, I've searched the archives and have not found duplication. As a commentor points out on the YouTube clip, does anyone else see the results of a bullet strike through the windshield in this version of Muchmore? It appears to be smoke/dust emerging from the windshield area.
  6. Would these Klansmen have been infiltrated by the rogue members of the CIA? They would need black ops help to get away with it and insider help to complete the cover-up.
  7. Whoa. I was going to meet him when I made it to Dallas.
  8. Thanks for the tips, everyone. We booked our tour and hotel rooms.
  9. Please do not support Gary Mack. There is so much to do in Dallas without wasting your time at a location of lies and whose owners plan to take over Dealey Plaza on the 50th anniversary and drown out dissenting voices. Either you are on the side of truth or killers of truth. Please ignore Robert on this. (My opinion). Dawn I still want to see the inside of the TSBD for myself. I can take or leave the messaging.
  10. After many years of wanting to visit Dallas, I finally have the chance. What itinerary would you recommend for a two-day stay? Sixth Floor Museum, Dealey Plaza... any other locations?
  11. Jack - you cannot see the south side of the concrete wall from where Willis stood. The sunlit area with shade along its lower half is further down the fence line. http://www.jfk.org/go/collections/item-det...m:2002.040.0007 Bill Miller That version of Willis is very good. BDM is quite defined there. What is the accepted theory on that person?
  12. Yes John. It could be just about anything. However, that is speculation as well as it is speculations to say its a person with a gun, or two people in the shadows near the forked tree, or a hole in a windshield, or a man with crooked leg and a tilted head. That is why I feel that with the new technology of today these photos that are speculated upon should be put to the test and determined if they are in fact , guns, people, dogs, fakes, brushed out, altered, holes, etc. I feel the Federal government should bend over backwards in this endeavor to aid in establishing the truth behind these
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