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    The search for the original Nix film; Zapruder film history; DPD radio / acoustics evidence

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  1. Many thanks, Tony. Yes, now that you mention it, I do recall hearing something about the interview in the historical society journal, but I never managed to get a copy of it. I'll renew my efforts to find it! Many thanks again.
  2. FWIW, gents, I believe Zapruder was almost certainly talking about Marilyn Sitzman, his receptionist, and Lillian Rogers, his secretary/PA, who were instrumental in getting him to return home to get his camera on the morning of the assassination (Ref. David Wrone's "The Zapruder Film - Reframing JFK's Assassination", 2003, p. 9; Richard Trask's "National Nightmare on six feet of film", 2005, pp. 29-30) . For Tony Krome: Tony, any idea where that quote from Lillian Zapruder about Mr. Z's phone call from Kodak at 8pm on the night of the assassination comes from, please? I haven't come across that one before. Any information would be much appreciated, thanks.
  3. Does anyone have, or know where I might find, a photo of former NYPD detective and HSCA staff investigator Albert (Al) Maxwell, please? All (or any) help would be very much appreciated. Many thanks, in anticipation ....
  4. Richard, My apologies - you are correct! Let's give them a few days and see if they can get it fixed properly. As promised earlier, I will post any update from Hood which I get.
  5. Richard / Steve It seems, from a very cursory look, that the Browse function is now working again. Late in the evening here now, but I'll check it out more fully tomorrow. The college have told me they get it back up and running as soon as possible, but it appears they've got it sorted out already.
  6. I discovered that the site was not working last weekend, and contacted Hood. They were initially unaware of the problem, but later told me the site had been attacked, and thought it was fixed mid-week. However, I discovered the same problem as Richard yesterday, so I will email the new Curator again today. Will update this thread when I hear further from them.
  7. Hi Larry Your reference to the many tapes, photos or documents that are claimed to exist and yet cannot be produced is a phenomenon that is very familiar to me - I have spent a lot of time and effort in trying to find documents that many people claim to know about, yet nobody (not even the always-helpful staff at NARA) can produce a copy! Glad to hear I'm not the only one who has spent too much time spinning my wheels! Chris
  8. Message for Steven Kossor: Steve, I'm having trouble e-mailing you, so I have sent you a message via this Forum's internal message system. Chris Scally
  9. Pete Mellor - Sorry it has taken me so long to respond, Pete. Many years ago, when the McFarland's were back in Liverpool, I contacted Dr.McFarland. However, his written response (via what I presume was his secretary) was along the lines that he (and his wife?) had told the authorities all he/they knew, and he/they did not want to discuss the case further with anyone. I still have his reply "filed" safely somewhere, and if I can find it I'll send a copy to you, but I'm sad to report that it added nothing whatsoever to what we already knew.
  10. Denis Morissette - totally agree with you re Gary Mack. I wonder how many of those who jump on every opportunity to malign him ever had any direct dealings with him? Probably not too many, I'd guess. As you said he was very accessible and a solid source of information, and he never once refused to help me, no matter what I sought. His passing, like that of Ian Griggs, was a major loss to the research community.
  11. Pete Mellor - Thanks for your kind words about Ian - he was a wonderful friend, mentor, and an endless source of good information and advice. He is, and long will continue to be, sorely missed. As you so rightly said, a well-respected man!
  12. James DiEugenio posted yesterday: "Well Chris, he seems to be still around. GIve him a call." Not sure which Chris this was meant for, but if it was me, please be assured that I have far better and more important things to do than chasing down this kind of rubbish, LOL. Having spoken with people in the FBI, DPD, HSCA, and Ramsey Panel who were directly involved in the whole dictabelt/acoustics issue, and highly respected researchers on both sides of the debate, I don't think I'll bother with this one, thanks! Happy Easter to all, and stay home, stay safe, and stay well.
  13. There have to be serious doubts about Leo Chaloukian's story! He tells of an unidentified "someone" in Washington DC, in the 70's, but he cannot obviously be more precise than that? Was this person from the FBI, or from the HSCA? He had the original and a copy of the radio recording? The description of the original recording doesn't sound like a dictabelt to me. There was a "recorder" on McLain's motorcycle? "Everyone" said there were two shots, until Chaloukian identified four? The unidentified guy from Washington testified at a mock trial of Oswald about the recording - anyone know what trial that was? This sounds like a good cocktail-party story to me, at best!
  14. Keyvan / Steve, Many thanks for your replies. I will reply to your message as soon as I can, Keyvan. Chris.
  15. Keyvan, I have just sent you a message via the Forum ... Steve, just a small correction, but possibly important to the lady in question - Gayle is the granddaughter of Orville Nix, and not his daughter ! Chris Scally
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