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    The search for the original Nix film; Zapruder film history; DPD radio / acoustics evidence

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  1. Sean, Anyone who saw the camera-original film would have seen the inter-sprocket hole imagery - it is not "secret", and it is one of the ways of distinguishing an original film from a copy. There is no inter-sprocket imagery on the copies. Chris.
  2. Jonathan, like you, I don't have a particular side on this issue. There was a time when I thought that access to the original films might provide some better insights, but unless the original films have been properly stored, their value is probably diminishing as every day passes. However, with a body of evidence both for and against Oswald being PM, it is my honest view that unless definitive photo or eyewitness evidence comes to light, the issue will unfortunately remain unresolved.
  3. No thanks, Steve! I lived in the UK for 15 great years, but I wouldn't want to go back there now. I enjoy the quiet life in the countryside these days.
  4. In his Lancer presentation, and in a recent interview on the Lone Gunman podcast (https://www.spreaker.com/user/thelonegunman/ep-258-more-than-a-fuzzy-picture-w-bart-) Bart Kemp claims that he would be willing to bet his house that the Coke/Coca-Cola bottle which was left at the top of the steps at the entrance to the TSBD would (if found) contain the fingerprints of Oswald/Prayer Man. But wait ...! Might not this be the same Coke / Dr. Pepper bottle, but in the hands of DPD Inspector Sawyer?
  5. Thanks for the explanation, Jean. I suspected it might have something to do with GDPR.
  6. Thanks, George. Like Pete, I was getting an "Access Denied" message when I tried to access the link. Possibly restricted to U.S. only servers?
  7. At last - I found it! See https://youtu.be/nzYFZ52FG1w Here is Ian Griggs showing the Carcano assembly process at the DPUK Conference in Canterbury in 2004 Enjoy!
  8. Pete: I remember Ian Griggs disassembling his Carcano rifle at a DPUK Conference in Canterbury some years ago. I wonder if anyone (perhaps Stuart?) filmed that presentation, or any other occasion on which Ian did his demonstration?
  9. Thanks, Pete. Yes, I think it must be 2016 since we were at Canterbury! Great friends, great times, and great memories - we still miss our "annual pilgrimage"! Hope all is well with you.
  10. Gil: The best transcript I have for the period in question, based on the best extant recordings, is as follows: DIS: 603. 603: 603. DIS: Signal 16 at the Gardner and Denver Company, 4700 Scyene Road. 1:11. 603: 10-4. DIS: 65, meet him there. 65: 65, 10-4. 610: 610. DIS: 610. 610: We're going to be clear from this location. Only two of these little boys were fighting a while ago. DIS: 10-4. Squad needed? 610: You can disregard it. DIS: 45, return to service. 45: 10-4. 65: Was that for 65? DIS: No, 65. Continue on your call, 4700 Scyene. 65: 4700 Scyene. DIS: 91, a Signal 7, 817 West Davis. 1:11. 91: 817 West Davis? DIS: 222. 222: En route. 91: 7 on West Davis. DIS: 817. 91: Code 5. DIS: 45, Signal 9, 4916 Live Oak, manager's office. 1:12. 45: 45. Car 5: car 5, on 5. DIS: Did you get it, 45? 45: Repeat. DIS: Signal 9, manager's office, 4916 Live ... (End of Belt.) Unknown: {Garbled} could be “Can you meet me at Fairground?” Unknown: “Go Ahead” (?) Unknown: 10-4. 212: 212. DIS: 212. 212: Have you got another squad that can meet that unit at the dead end of Laws? I'm blocked in over here and can't get out. DIS: Yes. Disregard. Have someone there now. 212: 10-4. 261: 261. DIS: 261. 261: I'm going to stay on these railroad tracks down at the end of Laws. DIS: 10-4. 91?: Did you receive? 222 was en route to West Davis? 603: 603 out. DIS: 10-4, 603. 1:15 Now, to your other questions: The Signal 7 refers to 817 West Davis, and the Signal 9 refers to 4916 Live Oak. Your "VOICE: AINT THIS BE WHETHER" is actually "817 West Davis?" Your "VOICE: IN OR OUT "seems to be "En route". Your "VOICE : OH COTTA ( oh God ? )" sounds like "Code 5" to me. Your "VOICE: DID YOU GET YOUR 4-TRACK ?" is actually "Did you get it, 45?" The numerous repeats of this "DID YOU GET YOUR 4-TRACK ?"/"Did you get it 45" is clearly where the original belt was slipping when it was being copied. The overlap should be there, but it is possible that whoever made the copy from the original belt edited it out. I don't know that for certain, but it would explain what we don't hear it. Unfortunately, the original belt for the period in question is now badly damaged and deteriorated, so the copies are really all we have to work with today. Finally, the fact that there are no time annotations given by the dispatcher between 1:12 and 1:15 simply means that the dispatcher did not announce them. There are many places in the recordings where the time annotations are missing, mostly in periods of heavy radio traffic. Many thanks for your prayers and good wishes - there are very much appreciated. This is my second surgery since Easter, and I'm running low on energy, so I'll finish for now, and look forward to your thoughts on the above.
  11. Gil: The section of the recording that you have transcribed is essentially correct, but the recording you are using is many, many generations removed from the original dictabelt recording. Also,the multiple repeats at the end of it come about because it covers the recording at the end of one dictabelt and the beginning of the next one, and there was a built-in automatic "overlap" in the recording of a few seconds, designed to ensure that no transmissions were lost during the cut-over from one belt to the next. I will try to find the Michael O'Dell channel 1 recording in the next few days for you - I'm only a week home from hospital following heart surgery, and my energy / concentration levels are not the best right now, but I will try to find the recording for you as soon as I can. On the subject of the completeness of the FBI transcript - back in 2012-3, if I remember correctly, I took a careful look at the accuracy of those "verbatim" transcripts. The FBI transcript indicates that dictabelt #4 began at 11:37 and ended at 11:51, with dictabelt #5 beginning at 11:51 and ending at 12:40. However, my study showed that of the last 144 actual transmissions on dictabelt #4, only 28 (19%) were transcribed by the FBI. Furthermore, the final transcribed transmission on dictabelt #4 occurred between 11:50 and 11:51, but the first transmission transcribed from dictabelt #5 does not actually occur until 12:06 – almost 180 transmissions later. Analysis of the number of actual transmissions and the number of transcribed entries reveals that only 15% of the transmissions on belt 5 (approximately 100 out of 600 transmissions) were transcribed, further emphasising the incompleteness of the FBI transcript. hope this helps to answer your questions.
  12. Gil, Two observations, if I may - First, despite what they said, the FBI transcripts were not verbatim by any means. Possibly the nearest to a verbatim transcript you will find is in Larry Sabato's "The Kennedy Half Century" app (working from memory here, but I think that is what it was called); and Second, the source of your recording is crucial. There are many, many copies of the recordings in circulation, and many of those are of poor quality. Again, going from memory, the best quality recordings of both channels have been made available by Michael O'Dell, and posted on this forum (iirc). Hope this helps.
  13. John, I have no intention of continuing this discussion any further. For your information, I have about as much interest in whether or not RFK Jr becomes President as I have in your pathetic comments. Have a nice day!
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