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  1. Funny thing is there'd been no slams on McAdams for over 24 hours when Tracy bailed. Holding the First Day Fact Pattern up to a nutter is like garlic before vampires. They want to debate theories. That's a game for losers. The facts collected in the first 24 hours of the assassination have a unified consistency: two wounds of entrance, no exits, no bullets. Lots of Pet Theorist "CT"s can't stand these root facts any more than nutters.
  2. Should the State dictate such an arbitrary application of editorial discretion illegal? It's a free speech issue -- the First Amendment guarantees I can post anything I want on a privately owned internet forum? And this outrages you? Why would anyone care about Hunter Biden? Oh? https://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2020/08/07/reports-facebook-fires-employee-who-shared-proof-of-right-wing-favoritism/ https://www.cnn.com/2021/03/03/tech/facebook-right-wing-misinformation/index.html Richard, I question your understanding of what today's students think. What do yo
  3. And this is different from American society in the 1950's -- how? What consensus among the young would that be? And you don't think a lot of young people have developed a healthy skepticism of what they read on Wikipedia? The thing about kids today is they have ready access to more than seven decades of post -WW2 anti-establishment youth culture -- the Beats and the Jazz players in the 50's, LSD and anti-war in the 60's, punk rock in the 70's and hardcore punk rock in the 80's and 90's, woke hip hop from the 80's on. I find boomer researchers far more brain washed tha
  4. I stopped throwing rocks at a beehive because I didn't want to get stung.
  5. The Waters of Knowledge versus the Waters of Uncertainty: Mass Denial in the Assassination of President Kennedy by E. Martin Schotz https://www.ratical.org/ratville/JFK/FalseMystery/COPA1998EMS.html
  6. Gaeton Fonzi and Vincent Salandria. https://www.ratical.org/ratville/JFK/GaetonFonzi/WCTandAS.html They induced Arlen Specter to have a nervous breakdown over the clothing evidence. The high water mark of JFKA research: start with the T3 back wound and the fact it's too low to associate with the throat wound. Follow the evidence from there. The ones who haven't should find another subject to study. Do us all a favor.
  7. 6.5mm Full Metal Jacket rounds don't leave shallow wounds in soft tissue. Oswald had an unchallenged alibi as recorded by FBI SA James Hosty -- he'd gone outside to watch the P. parade. Like I said, this is a tutorial not a debate.
  8. Not "who" -- "what." What's the unified evidence of the T3 back wound? The bullet holes in the clothes, the contemporaneous written notes of a half dozen witnesses in position of authority, the statements of a total of 16 T3 witnesses. The unified evidence of the throat entrance wound? The contemporaneous notes of two Parkland doctors, the cervical x-ray, the statements of 14 eye witnesses. The First Day Fact Pattern is common knowledge. Confirmation bias prevents you from processing information that destroys the LN. Bad beat. When the JFKA Critical Master Class f
  9. So he hasn't spent tens of thousands of hours of study and hundreds of thousands of written words on the JFKA? Bring him here. I'll discuss the facts of the case, not the theories. It won't be a debate -- it'll be a tutorial.
  10. I haven't said a word about McAdams. I responded to your challenge. I did you one better than a unified conspiracy theory -- a unified First Day Fact Pattern. It's a fact: the night of the autopsy the doctors openly suspected JFK was hit with the kind of high tech weaponry developed for the CIA at Fort Detrick MD.
  11. There isn't a professional investigator in the world who'd disregard the physical evidence recovered with the body, the contemporaneous written reports of people in position of authority, the consensus eye/ear witness statements, the authenticated/verified medical evidence. But you ignore all of those things, Tracy.
  12. No, you're just making up stuff because you have no answer for the First Day evidence. I don't present any theories, just facts gathered on the First Day. You have no rebuttal, so you wave your hands. I don't have to convince anyone. Either you are capable of making a simple physical observation or you're not. Confirmation bias is a bitch, ain't it, Tracy?
  13. Nope, just another cocky non-response from the nutter gallery. What kind of person is incapable of observing the movement of their own clothing? A lone nutter.
  14. The Lone Nut is a cult. It requires a true belief impervious to obvious fact.
  15. It's all there in the First Day file, Clarice -- everything you need to catch them, those men you seek.
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