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  1. ‘The Shankly psychology’ Kevin Keegan: I’m playing in my first season for Liverpool FC against West Ham at Anfied. Shank’s comes over to me and says:- A Son I’ve just seen that Bobby Moore getting off the West Ham bus. What a wreck, He’s limping and He’s got bags under his eyes. He must have been in one of those London clubs all night Son! So instead of playing England’s Captain & World Cup winner, I’m playing an aging playboy with a limp. Anyway we win 3-1 and I manage to score although Bobby play’s to his usual high standard. After the match Shank’s comes and sits next to me in the
  2. Tom, Looking at Mr. Altgens position in Zapruder frames 348 to 360 isn’t it a fair observation that the First Lady was blocking his view of JFK’s head when he heard the his third shot. Chris Brown.
  3. Thanks Tom Long-winded? Yep Well there’s a lot for me to digest! Answer your questions??????? Yes I think so. I’ve just had a quick read through during my ‘Tea break’ I will have more time to study it this weekend. Chris Brown.
  4. Hi Tom, In your survey data is 4 (4 + 65.3 & 4 + 95) some physical Datum reference. For example a fire hydrant or a storm drain grid? Is there an origin datum and if so would this origin be physically located in or close to the TSBD? Are the +65.3 & +95 distances in feet, measured from Datum 4. For example the known distance from the origin to datum 4 + 65.3/95 feet? In your shot scenario is shrapnel from the 2nd (&/or) 3rd shots the cause of John Connelly’s wounds? Chris Brown.
  5. Tom, Interesting attachments. I found this info regarding Mr Zapruders camera: Film Velocity/Frame Rate: The question of frame rate of the Zapruder camera was an important technical consideration of the FBI in their investigation of the timing of the three shots. The FBI reported that their studies showed the camera to be operating at 18.3 fps, or 2.3 fps fast according to the (then) published standard and the reference in the owner's manual. Evolution of Standards to Higher Frame Rates: It has been acknowledged that Bell & Howell's and Eastman Kodak's engineering practice for camera
  6. The elspsed frames of the Z-film come into play based on the erroneously reported minimum time to operate the rifle. The WC reported a 2.2 to 2.4 second mininimum time to operate and fire the weapon. At 18.3 elapsed frames per second, this would equate to approximately 41 to 44 minimum elapsed frames of film between shots. The error in this is that the 2.2 to 2.4 seconds is that time required to operate and fire the Carcano, utilizing the scope, and no one actually took into consideration the operating time if one actually utilized the fixed sights. Many persons have fired the Carcano in
  7. Tom, Wasn’t the vehicle (average) velocity and the (various) shot timings based on the frame speed of the Zapruder film. Chris Brown.
  8. Right on, Bill! And let us not forget the cheap Italian rifle manufactured for the Italian army in 1940 and left over from World War II. According to a CIA dispatch on December 31, 1963, the rifle was among 100,000 Mannlicher-Carcanos that Adam Consolidated Industries imported into the United States in 1960, two years after “Italian military authorities” decided to “eliminate” them and declare them “obsolete.” Adam Consolidated purchased them “at an average price of $2.20 for serviceable 6.5 rifles” and “$1.10 for unserviceable 6.5 rifles.” “The first lot of 7,000 rifles that Adam put on th
  9. "modernisation" is nothing more than a buzz word to trick the people! I did ask what modernisation actually meant but you chose not to even attempt an answer. I see you also struggle with definition of "reluctant!" Bernie, if I’m not sure of the meaning of a word, my first thought would be to look for its definition in a Dictionary. Maybe I spent too much time on my Technical education at the expense of my General education in my quest to become as competent a Mechanical Engineer as I could be. Maybe I along with the majority of the British electorate have a vested interest in the marke
  10. Again we hear the ‘spin’ word “modernise”. What does that mean if not capitulation to neo con free market economics[/b] ‘Neo con’ sounds like spin to me! Incidentally Chris, yes you’re right, Labour has won 3 elections in eight years (1997 – 2005): but between the years 1964 to 1974 it won FOUR! And yep, that was WAY before they ‘modernised’. 4 terms of office between 1964 to 1979 and only one term with a workable majority. The only time ‘OLD’ Labour enjoyed a workable majority anything like ‘New’ Labour was in 1945! Even the Tory party has ‘modernised’ in my lifetime. Political parties ev
  11. Chris in 1997 after 18 years of hard-line, hard right wing Thatcherism, even Kermit the Frog would have been a viable alternative! It really wasn’t the due to the ‘statesmanship’ of the New Labour leaders’ lurch to the centre/right: they won the 1997 election despite their capitulation to neo-con economic policies; despite kow-towing to the banks and other powerful financial institutions and despite their renunciation of all they had hitherto believed in (and how untrustworthy is that?) IMO if the Labour party had not ‘modernised’ the BRITISH ELECTORATE wouldn’t have voted for them. 3 Gener
  12. A viable alternative to the Tory party Bernie, I actually wrote “A viable alternative to the Tory party IN THE EYES OF THE BRITISH ELECTORATE” Even when unemployment was at an all time record, the miners were fighting for their lives and millions lived in fear of the dole Bernie, I was made redundant twice in the early 80’s. I left family and friends in my home town of Liverpool to seek employment as a Toolmaker, first in the Midlands and then on the south coast in the town of Chichester. Ensconced on the affluent south coast (For our American friend's there was little unemploymemt at th
  13. “Tony Blair was a Conservative until he met his wife at university. He then joined the Labour Party, CND, etc. However, once he gained power he emerged once again as a Conservative. According to one MI5 agent, Blair had been recruited to infiltrate the Labour movement. His relationship with his so-called left-wing wife was his "legend". He was a "sleeper" who eventually got to the top of the organization he was spying on.” John, I just can’t buy this. I was and still am of the opinion that the late John Smith, Neil Kinnock and Tony Blair all did their bit in moving the Labour party to the ce
  14. Peter Lemkin wrote: “Wow...one wouldn't think Jury deliberation would be stressful unless it was involving some mighty heated debates......” My experience of Jury duty in the UK was fairly stressful. I was fifty yrs old at the time and (thankfully) wasn’t picked on a nasty sex case. Ended up on a minor social security fraud case which was stressful enough. However my biggest shock was the fact that at the time of my jury duty there were two murder cases going on. On both murder jury’s there were a fair percentage (about 20-30 %) of you young jurors (20 to 25 yrs old) IMO much too young to
  15. Charles Rogers. http://www.iceboxmurders.com/KDFWInterview.htm
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