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  1. Bill Miller, What the hell are you talking about? Mary Moorman took a POLAROID! She didn't use any film. Comprendo? Gr. Paul. BTW: why are you always replying in bold text? Is that really necessary? Or are you thinking we otherwise don't read your replies?
  2. Mr. White, To end this fairy tale of your "Badgeman" once and for all: The picture on the left is genuine and says: "Badgeman in drum scan", although these are just blobs and pieces, NOTHING ELSE! It is just a big blowup from a tiny grainy Polaroid, and shows indeed....NOTHING! The picture on the right is NOT genuine and says: "Badgeman in good print", although you retouched and colored some person in and called it your "Badgeman".... I don't know what I find worse: the outcome of the WC or your fake "Badgeman"? I think the last, because everyone disbelieves the outcome of the WC nowadays BUT everyone still believes the "Badgeman"-crap....And that's no good to solve this crime! Gr. Paul.
  3. Tosh, what is your allegation exactly? If I read you correctly , you want to suggest that you told your story to Joe West first, then he located Files and coached him to concoct a story that would fit with yours. Then he passed away and Vernon continued the hoax started by Joe West. Is that what you are saying? Gr. Paul.
  4. Uwe or should I call you by your fake name "Dave Weaver", do you really think I answer your questions after your allegations above??? Dream on! Gr. Paul. BTW John Simkin: I didn't know calling names was allowed on this forum.... Ah now here's the name thing again, long gone but not forgotten and used whenever there are no answers to my questions or I touch a nerve. I am used to that, and to tell you the truth, I was expecting this, Wim tried it but failed, Mark tried it and failed, Baker the same no luck, so here's Paul landing flat on his nose now. You are realy a joy to predict. Btw. my name can be easily found if you take a look at my bio, no big secret. And please ask Wim the next time before you try things he already failed in, that saves you from looking like an idiot, eventualy. I said "calling names"...If you don't know the meaning of that word because of your German language you have to look for it in a dictionary! Again: dream on. Gr. Paul.
  5. Uwe or should I call you by your fake name "Dave Weaver", do you really think I answer your questions after your allegations above??? Dream on! Gr. Paul. BTW John Simkin: I didn't know calling names was allowed on this forum....
  6. Jack, why did you use 35mm film for duplicating the Moorman polaroid and not bigger films like 6x6 or even 4"x5"? And was it negative film or positive slide? What kind of optics/lens did you use? Gr. Paul.
  7. Uwe, 1st: this is totally NOT a weak point in the JF-story (how you call it...), Uwe: do you really believe that you from out of Germany get such information with a computer on American army serialnumbers? And if so: what do you think? Files shot JFK! They already changed or did something with it when you indeed have access to it as of today. It isn't that easy!!! 2nd: tell me the other weak points! I bet you come with the same old nonsense to discredit Files and/or Wim as others do and did. Gr. Paul.
  8. Pot.................................Kettle.............................Black.... .................. Wow Stephen Turner, That is a very contributing post you have here.... (like always) Gr. Paul.
  9. What kind of nonsense is this Dave Weaver??? Just look at the facts: a Polaroid photo!!! Just know how grainy that is.... It wasn't a slide! There is just NOT such information/detail/resolution in the spot of Moorman's Polaroid Jack White and Gary Mack just fantasized/created their "Badgeman", PERIOD! Gr. Paul. BTW, Like Mark, I was also very impressed in the beginning when I saw TMWKK and Jack White/Gary Mack with their discovery... But when you look at it more in detail, it just can't be and it just is something not true, just fabricated. The "Badgeman" is one big HOAX, I think as big as the "magic bullet theory"! Gr. Paul.
  10. Tosh, Thanks for the answers so far! Really, I appreciate it very much that you answer my questions although I get the impression that others are even more frustrated than yourself by again answering them... What were you (the abbortteam) supposed to do, or what were your orders when you did indeed see/spot an assassin? -Tell him the plan to assassinate JFK was stopped by orders? -Arrest the man? -Shoot the man? -Or what? Overlooking what happened that day, may I conclude your mission as an abortteam failed? Gr. Paul.
  11. Tosh, thanks for your answer... But: For me it's hard to believe that if you are there as an "abortteam" overlooking the area of DP and looking for a diversion and seeing an incident in front of the TSBD and hear the sound of an ambulance, that you DON'T see something/movement/hitmen on the east- and/or westside of the 6th floor of the TSBD. You were in the best position on the South Knoll to watch the TSBD, isn't it? DP isn't that big and it was easy to see something if there was anything to see. So wasn't there something at the 6th floor (IMO there were indeed shooters at the 6th floor, although NOT LHO, who you could have seen), or did you just ignore it? Question to Tosh: what kind of proof do you have that you were part of an abortteam? Gr. Paul. P.S. My philosophie is this: flashed back in time with a timemachine and be at DP just in times to watch to whole plaza and look for myself what happened that day, with all we know nowadays it should be easy to see all the shooters, isn't it? I feel like when you knew they were planning a hit at JFK that day at DP it would also be easy to see some hitmen don't you think? It's something different for all the other spectators who didn't know and even then saw men on the 6th floor!!!
  12. As we all know Tosh Plumlee claims he flew a team in who had to stop the assassination on JFK. They had to look for teams (hitmen,radiomen,spotters etc.) He did this with Sergio and they were on the South Knoll. They were just in time, just a few minutes before the limousine was at DP. They were overlooking the tripple overpass and the North Knoll but didn't see anything... Right? BUT: what about the TSBD? Wasn't it easy for Tosh Plumlee to see men in the East- and probably Westside of the TSBD 1 minute before the limousine turned at Elmstreet? When you are on the South Knoll IMO this is possible without any binocculars. Tosh Plumlee: did you look at the TSBD or were you only concentrated on lower spots and didn't watch the buildings? Or was there another "stop-team" who had to check the buildings? What were your and Sergio's exact instructions and who gave them to you? Who else got instructions to stop the assassination that you know of? Gr. Paul.
  13. Hi Bill, didn't mean to do that! If you feel it that way, I'm sorry for that but do know it wasn't my intention... I just immediately had some questions for you when I read your post and I guess Wim felt that way too! Gr. Paul.
  14. Please explain: -names? -where elsewhere? Gr. Paul. I think you mean Holt said he drove Charles Nicoletti to Dallas in the Oldsmobile stationwagon? Gr. Paul. You mean that others claim that John Roselli was flown in to Dallas in a plane? That's right, this is claimed by Tosh Plumlee and James Files also heard from Roselli that he flew in to Dallas by plane. That makes me think John Roselli indeed flew in to Dallas by plane, don't you think? BTW: Plumlee and Files don't know each other... Gr. Paul. OK, show them to us! Gr. Paul.
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