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  1. Denis, The claim, by anyone, that Tom Craven's film was lost in the developing process at KRLD is incorrect and easy to disprove. In Gary Mack's Email 1, KRLD processor operator Henk Dewit (correct spelling) told Gary a few reels of film were damaged early that afternoon during processing at KRLD. So, Gary concluded, Craven's film was apparently one of them. Then in Gary's Email 2, Gary expanded on what Henk had said. Early that afternoon, the first one or two reels of film were ruined while being processed. But Craven's film wasn't one of the first one or two reels o
  2. Denis, I'm fine with that. Both you and Gayle Nix Jackson have publicly, on your websites, kept the mystery of Tom Craven and his film alive for a number of years. I've just been waiting for the right time to jump in and tell what I know, and the time, I believe, is now. Finally. That wait has been a long one. Fifty-six years this November 22. For those who really want to take this investigation to a whole, new level: Craven and his film, along with the film of James Underwood, will break this case wide open. But don't expect any help from the so-called "research community" on this
  3. KRLD, where Dan Rather was headquartered that day, was just four blocks away from Dealey Plaza on North Griffin Street, a quick and simple walk back. The logical place for Dan to be stationed in order to catch a roll or rolls of CBS film would have been anywhere along the motorcade route in Dealey Plaza. Just as Dallas Times-Herald reporter James Featherston was stationed near the corner of Main and Houston to catch film thrown to him by Herald cameraman Bob Jackson. To suggest that Dan would head all the way down to the Stemmons Freeway on-ramp to collect the film is a real stretch at best
  4. You said, "The footage he took in Dealey Plaza was allegedly permanently damaged during its process at KRLD due to water damage." Not true, Denis. That never happened to Craven's Dealey Plaza footage. It came through the developing process in pristine condition. Please tell us where you came up with this misleading story. And for those reading along, I want to make sure you all understand I have the utmost respect for what Denis Morissette has done with regards to the press coverage of the assassination and the photographic record more than anything. He's one of the few who has dared
  5. Two stories so different it boggles the mind. In 1964 Dan Rather said he was "stationed along the expressway leading to the Trade Mart." In other words, he was stationed by the Stemmons Freeway at the point of the Trade Mart which is so close to the freeway that its address is 2200 Stemmons Freeway. After the Presidential limousine sped past, he took a cab back to KRLD. But no one has ever been able to confirm Dan's presence at the Trade Mart when the shots were fired. No photos, film or tape. And no personal recollection of anyone seeing him there at that time. Dan's appearance
  6. You've done a lot of work on this project, Denis. Unfortunately, critical information you posted on the three most important figures from that Friday (more important even than Zapruder) is either incorrect or misleading at best. The three? Dan Rather. James Underwood. And Tom Craven. Maybe now, after almost 56 years, it's finally time for the truth to be told about what really happened in Dealey Plaza just before, during, and after the shots. So let's start with Dan Rather. Why did you place him, incorrectly, at the Stemmons Freeway on-ramp? Ken
  7. Jeff, Thanks for your response. By the way, I've noticed that Jim DiEugenio has now placed the "irrelevant" tag on Dan Rather in one of his posts. Nothing could be further from the truth. Before I reply to him, however, I wanted to get back to you first. It appears that Dan really viewed the Zapruder film in the KRLD projection room on the Monday after the assassination, not in an attorney's office. According to KRLD's Bob Huffaker, after bringing a copy of the film in a few days following the shooting and viewing it with Bob over and over for about an hour, all the while tak
  8. Dan Rather really gave three CBS-TV reports on the Zapruder film the Monday after the assassination. The first broadcast began at 4:18:00 p.m. (EST). The second broadcast began at 4:31:40 p.m. (EST). The third broadcast began at 8:26 p.m. (EST). He also described the film for CBS radio that same day. So where did he actually view the film before broadcasting what he saw? Ken
  9. Michaleen, You've touched on a significant event in this whole assassination mess. To hopefully set the record straight, once and for all: On which day and at what location did Rather's Zapruder film viewing take place? Ken
  10. Don Roberdeau has done a tremendous amount of work on this and provided us all with a valuable resource. Good to see that Don has included the following: 1. Sixty-year-old F. Lee Mudd as Redshirt Man standing several steps below Emmett J. Hudson and the "young fellow. . . in his late twenties. . . [who] worked over there on Industrial" on the grassy knoll stairway. 2. Fourteen-year-old LV Stockard Junior High student Alan Smith as one of the two, letterman jacket-clad teenage boys on the Elm Street sidewalk behind and just west of the Chisms. 3. Thirty-six-year-old Doris Mu
  11. I had the pleasure of interviewing Faye Chism nearly 15 years ago. She had no camera with her in Dealey Plaza on the day of the assassination. Only her husband John and her son Ricky. So she wasn't taking photographs or shooting film. Not sure how or where you came up with that erroneous idea. Ken
  12. John, It's good to see that Chris Scally and Pat Speer came up with the same conclusion that I had about Alan Smith. Up until today, I hadn't seen their articles/remarks on this subject. A number of years ago I passed on what I had come up with at the time to Debra Conway on the Lancer forum. She had an interest in this witness. I included contact information for the school librarian and suggested that attempts be made to turn up the Stockard 1963-1964 yearbook in order to confirm that an Alan Smith had indeed been a student there. It seems like this information was then either
  13. Your 2? wearing school jackets and standing near the north Elm Street curb would be just two of the boys from Lester Vester Stockard Junior High School (Now Stockard Middle School). The rest of the kids can be seen running across the grassy knoll shortly after the shooting, heading for the area where the picket fence meets the Triple Underpass. By that time the two standing at the curb had run up the knoll to take refuge in the east Pergola shelter. They then joined their fellow students in the dash across the knoll toward the Underpass/fence location. All of them apparently had permission
  14. After reviewing all of the relevant films and photos as well as statements from witnesses, I feel as confident as I've ever been that the two women, as seen in the Bronson photo, standing by the lamppost, are journalism student Cheryl McKinnon to our left of the post and 36-year-old Doris Mumford to our right of it. Immediately after the shots, the older Mumford dropped down to the grass near the Newmans. At the same time McKinnon bolted up Elm -- as seen in a frame of the Wiegman film -- and, in my opinion, was the woman who approached both officers Welcome Barnett and Joe Marshall Smith, ru
  15. Not true that Don Hewitt and CBS have colluded in the cover up for the past 55 years. Hewitt died in 2009. Although CBS has yet to tell the full story, don't blame them. If you're looking for someone to blame, then blame the entire media, the government, and the so-called "research community" for their role in suppressing the one piece of hard evidence that would blow this case wide open. And by the way, Day One doesn't begin with Dan Rather's comments about the Zapruder film on Monday November 25, 1963. It begins with Rather on the day of the assassination. Where he was, what he
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