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  1. I couldn't access the site with "Burza". I know that it means "storm" and that there was a famous battle ship with this name that partisans took to England in September of 1939. The name is the same in Polish and in Russian. Interestingly, this is the family name of one of the leading families of Kashmir. In Kashmiri it means "birch" as in the tree. My wife is a Kashmiri and we are very involved with the state. See www.samvedanatrust.com for more information. Also "Buzz Burza" into google for some idea as to what I have been doing. Although I haven't left India since 1994, as trip to my father
  2. I appreciate your help. If you could translate the following, I would be much obliged. Obec Žabokreky nad Nitrou patrí do Trenčianskeho kraja, v okrese Partizánske. Leží medzi pohoriami Považský Inovec a Tríbeč, neďaleko obce tečie rieka Nitra. Priemerná nadmorská výška je 219 m.n.m. (178 m.n.m. najnižší bod a 260 m.n.m najvyšší). Poloha je 18°18'10" východnej dĺžky a 48°37'35" severnej šírky. Obec má takmer 1700 obyvateľov. Prvá písomná zmienka je z roku 1291. Osídlenie terajšej oblasti Žabokriek je však doložené archeologickými nálezmi už z doby kamennej a postupne aj z ďalších historickýc
  3. Probably time for an update John. Where does India fit into the scheme of things? Are there almost 5,000 members herein?
  4. My father was born in Zabrocrecky in 1910 and came to the US in 1920. I've lived in India for 20 years since coming here in the Peace Corps in 1965. I would appreciate some information about my father's birthplace. Thanks.
  5. I'm 65, married to a Kashmiri a year younger then me and live in New Delhi. I was born and raised in Racine, Wisconsin. After graduating from Madison I came to India in the Peace Corps. I've come to India 10 times and haven't left since 1994. Although I have a successful background in publishing in North America, since our marriage in 1993 I've worked as a writer, teacher, editor, actor with much of my time spent on our NGO, http://www.samvedanatrust.com/. I find this a place that I would like to spend some time in.
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