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  1. I read Michael Cain's "The Tangled Web" biography of Richard Cain. I thought that it was informative enough, but it couldn't have covered the breadth of Cain's activities and interests, unless Cain chronicled them with his half-brother, which is highly doubtful.
  2. This is a good article about someone who is very tight-lipped. I followed a link in the article to a different article in the odious Washington Decoded website. I'm reading Silent Coup now, and I am interested to learn whether there is a backstory to the "third rate burglary" known as Watergate.
  3. I read Russell's lengthy tome earlier this year, and I am embarrassed to admit that I have already forgotten the alleged proof of this matter. It's an interesting book, but it just went on and on. I almost never fail to finish a book, so I soldier on until I'm finished.
  4. Thanks for posting these articles, Steven. They contain a lot of truth, most notably that the Fed's grand experiement of creating trillions of dollars of free money can't end well. It is destroying our currency and the end result will be a failure of our monetary system. And then we will be assured by people smarter than us (Warren Buffett last time - and i didn't believe him then, for that matter) that only a bailout of the financial institutions will save our economy and our country. Other than that, QE is working great.
  5. I believe that Ethel Kennedy had the RFK family estate in Va. listed for around $12 or so a year or 2 ago. I think that they bought it from Jack and Jackie.
  6. Jessie's television show was very repetitive. His brain trust team looked like a bunch of 25 year old gamers and stoners. The shows were only tangentially about the supposed topics, because they were mostly about Jessie. The fact that he was a Seal and a former Governor of MN doesn't mean he gets access to intelligence facilities (e.g. the HAARP facility), notwithstanding his self-aggrandizing protestations which follow the "don't you know who I am" meme. Jessie focused on some decent topics, including the JFK assassination, but having him prominently on your side of an issue doesn't lend much creedence to your cause.
  7. I have subscribed to it on occasion because I like Texas (i.e. authentic) country music, because I like reading about Texas culture and because I like reading about the various locales in the state, but that is about it. I invariably drop my coverage at some point. We will continue to see the LN crowd and their emissaries in the media summarily disposing of the JFK assassination mystery, as the passage that Pat quoted, but their wholesale dismissals have no impact on history, on the truth or on public opinion, which is not favorable to the LN party line.
  8. I couldn't imagine wanting to watch a movie based on a book by Bill O'Reilly. I think I read Jim's review of it, which is as far as I care to go with this topic. Next up, Oprah's epistle on the JFK assassination.
  9. Israel didn't cause Somalia's civil wars, strife and lawlessness. Israel may or may not want Syria to follow Somalia's path to hell, but it isn't the cause of Syria's problems with the Arab Spring and Assad's attempts to crush the protestors through overwhelming force. I think Assad's days or numbered. Perhaps he can cut a deal like Idi Amin - time will tell.
  10. Except for books which are patently absurd (e.g. Mark Furman's "A Simple Act of Murder" or Barr McClellan's book - name intnentionally ejected from my memory), I view history books as likely containing some erroneous allegations, whether intentional or not, and possibly some morsels of truth. In reading Janney's book, I felt that there was an underlying need on his part to demonstrate a special knowledge of certain facts, many of which may well have been true, but didn't contribute to solving the murder mystery. I also felt that the parts about Mary's using acid trips to change the world through sleeping with the President were either embellishments of what possibly took place or, if true, were facts which would reflect a very impaired individual. What is undoubtedly true is the fact that Dovey Roundtree (who sounds like an Atticus Finch-type character) walked her client out of the courthouse a free man. This was no small feat in view of the existing state of race relations and the facts that the victim was a white woman and the defendant was a black man. I have certainly not read the trial transcript, but that would certainly be an interesting and very probably revealing endeavor. As an aside, I would also like to read the transcript from the Liberty vs. Hunt and/or Victor Marchetti. I am interested to know whether Janney's allegations that this case was handled by someone very high at the DOJ is true and whether that attorney routinely handled other trials involving crimes in the District of Columbia. I don't know it to be true, but I have read in quite a few places that Jim Angleton and Ben Bradlee crossed paths searching for something at Mary's house (a diary) shortly after her murder. That is suspicious behavior to me. I have also read in several sources or places that Cord Meyer, near his own death, uttered a comment that the people who killed his ex-wife were that same people who assassinated JFK. Whether this alleged statement from a propaganidist is true, I don't know, but the alleged statement, if he in fact made it, demands consideration. Even liars sometimes tell the truth. I may get around to reading Nina Burleigh's book on the topic. If I recall correctly, I didn't buy it on Amazon because I had read poor reviews of it.
  11. Christopher, Gerda Dunkel over at JFK Assassination Forum was wondering last December if TJM's "Long Coat Man" might be Deputy Sheriff Clinton L."Lummy" Lewis. --Tommy Edit: I think I've noticed others wearing the same kind of raincoat and acting in an (apparently) official capacity after the assassination. Could this be C.L."Lummy" Lewis with his back to the camera? Thanks a lot, Tom. I wonder how many minutes after the assassination that this footage was shot. It seems odd that a deputy sheriff would wear a top coat and not a thermal jacket. I was 7 when the assassination took place and, while I remember being sent home from school early and crying about it, I don't remember how various elements of law enforcement dressed at that time, so trying to assume that a sheriff's deputy would wear the same attire in 1963 that one would wear today may well prove to be a faulty assumption.
  12. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on the book after you finish reading it. Like many history books, it includes the spin and points of emphasis to which the author directs us. I accepted some of those (the David and Goliath nature of the legal battle which took place in the courtroom at Crump's trial) and took a pass on some of the others (the notion that using LSD can promote world peace). I am somewhat agnostic as to the guilt or innocence of Ray Crump. He certainly made for a nice patsy if the murder was a CIA hit. Janney also talks about the high levels of DOJ attorneys that this homicide on the towpath elicited. It would be interesting to know whether some of the higher-ups at Justice also participated in other murder trials or whether (and why) this one was special. For those who purely seek satisfaction of their prurient interests (and not their intellects) on this matter, though, I suggest watching "An American Affair" with Gretchen Mol.
  13. I am interested as to who the long coat man in the background could be. Does anyone know the temperature at the time of the JFK assassination? Wearing a trench coat seems illogical to me unless things were significantly colder. Someone referred to him above as a detective, but, if he was, he ostensibly wasn't a homicide detective because they wore their trademark white Stetsons (or so I have read). FWIW, I think that the film captures a handoff (perhaps a rifle scope or magazine or a small handgun).
  14. If his book on the JFK assassination is as vapid as his television show, I don't think it will be very insightful. I'm expecting something as shallow as Mark Furman's "A Simple Act of Murder", which completely ignores all conspiracy-related evidence.
  15. Why are we so fat? Those of us who aren't know exactly why we are in good physical shape. I count calories and I exercise. I drink diet drinks. No one puts food in my mouth or decides what I will eat. I haven't had a fast food hamburger in 25 years. If I eat sugar, there is an exhaustive trip to the gym in the near future. The sedintary lifestyles of children and adults also factor into this equation. When I was young, my father made me work in the yard and I did yard work for other people in my neighborhood to make money. If I wasn't working in the yard, I would leave the house on Saturday morning with a baseball glove and a bat, a football or some other implement of recreation and not come back until lunchtime or dinner. John's article is interesting and illustrates corporate behaviour similar to that of tobacco companies, but at the personal level, how many calories go into our mouths is a personal decision.
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