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  1. Touche´ https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JjtRzfrsjfR3xCJpW9xENdj41ywlHTk_/view?usp=sharing
  2. Richard, I just don't have any photos from that location. It makes it somewhat difficult to imagine what appears looking down from there. The best in terms of what I have is the reverse LOS of what is truly needed and the perpendicular side of the Dal-Tex building. https://educationforum.ipbhost.com/topic/26636-did-even-the-warren-commission-believe-howard-brennan/?do=findComment&comment=425996 It doesn't appear as if Connally could receive his wounds from your location because of the lateral bullet angle through his back into his left thigh, basing that on the assumption th
  3. A different conclusion from Dr.Shaw as opposed to the "official" perspective:
  4. Chris, Do you mean the limo traveling west down Elm St within the lane stripes starting from a specific point starts to veer to the right (northern direction) and reaches that degree change when JFK's position within the limo reaches extant z313?
  5. The WC provides us with two different versions of CE884. Red Flag Warning There is an approx 1.5 mph difference (using 18.3fps as the frame rate) between the initial entries of Z161-166 & Z168-171 (2.24 vs 3.734 mph) A logical place to test this in terms of 74 frames is at two splices: z133-z207. Cutler places z133 near station# 3+00 ft Both CE884 versions place Z207 at station# 3+71.1ft 71.1ft/74frames 71.1ft/74 = .9608ft per frame x 18.3fps = 17.58ft per sec / 1.47 = 11.961mph 71.1ft/74 = .9608ft per frame x 16.0fps = 15.37ft per sec / 1.47 = 10.457mph
  6. Good job, John. Bell same as Daniel. Richard, may not be too late validating the sound source using a different sync method.
  7. Possibly the same one that appears in Daniel after the limo has cleared the overpass.
  8. Unfortunately for the Trumpsters, a requested hand recount has been completed at a cost of 3 million dollars in both Dane/Milwaukee counties. The end result was a slightly larger gain in the voting lead for Biden. Here is a random selection of total votes in some of the Milwaukee wards. It is not a difficult concept to comprehend. This ratio is Biden 87% Trump 13%. Compare it to Politifact or RW's claims or whomever you desire, it's just different dressing with the same results.
  9. Right idea above, wrong county. https://www.politifact.com/article/2020/nov/04/fact-checking-avalanche-wisconsin-election-misinfo/ Excerpt below from link: "So, predictably, the mail-in results from that area led to a spike in the number of Democratic votes when the Associated Press added that count -- reported all at once -- to its vote tally about 3:30 a.m. From 3:26 to 3:44 a.m. in the Associated Press election reporting stream, the vote for former Vice President Joe Biden jumped by 149,520 (9.2% of Biden's total votes) and Trump's vote jumped by 31,803 votes (2% of his
  10. Only two counties in Wisconsin(Dane+Milwaukee) with enough voters to cover the concern above. Wisconsin- 25,163 + 143,379 = 168,542 143,379/168,542 = 85% Biden 15% Trump Start feeding the Dane county mail in ballots. 85% x 190,000 = 161,500 Biden Trump 28,500 The remaining votes in Dane county would have split approx 66% to 33% in Biden's favor.
  11. https://www.timesonline.com/story/news/2020/11/20/republicans-move-election-audit-grove-says-dominion-hiding/6363261002/ Excerpt from article above: "Dominion voting equipment is used by 1.3 million voters in 14 Pennsylvania counties: York, Erie, Montgomery, Bedford, Armstrong, Carbon, Crawford, Clarion, Fayette, Luzerne, Fulton, Jefferson, Pike and Warren." Philadelphia used a different company.
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