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  1. Besides the same frame with/without the flower: The Life frame should have a small part of the lower sprocket hole showing even with the crop used, unless they manually filled it in. Just compare it to the layered matching frame(without the flower)beneath it, in the gif previously provided. The crop at the top of Bothun's head in Life is going to eliminate the couple's legs so no determination on that aspect. My use of the phrase "composite of two consecutive frames" doesn't exclude the removal of frames in between. It's just a description of what I'm showing at the present time.
  2. MPI frames are numbered at the end of the DVD "JFK-Image Of An Assassin" I've already given an example of the Life frame(Easy Like Sunday Morning) from another source other than MPI and the flower is not there. So, referring to the same frame content, two iterations that match each other and the Life magazine version that doesn't. The frame numbers are just a diversion. There is a more egregious example of this involving another pair of frames, in due time because it coincides with the "Unveiling the Limo Stop" thread. But rest assured, the 347 example is only a part of it.
  3. I understand that many are not interested in doing any of the leg work involved to show the photo record is altered because of preconceived notions, so I'll provide them with an easy example/assignment. There are two obvious clues why this frame is a composite of at least two consecutive frames in the extant record. Locate those two consecutive individual frames and the discussion about Z film alteration is finished.
  4. Or, You could stabilize/sync the two moving films, this one starting four frames after Chris' comparison frames and show how it is humanly possible (when Jackie's elbow hits the trunk lid in Nix with her rear end above the back seat, while looking down at JFK bent over across the back seat) she is able to sit back down in her seat in 6 extant z frames which is less than one third of a second. Pull out your stopwatches and clock 1/3 of a second. Next step, find a convertible and plant yourself in Jackie's position while someone pushes you back down towards the seat. Report your timing results. Still waiting!!! (I've recreated this and 1/3 second is a farce.) Finally, ask yourself is it a coincidence that the Nix film ends where it ends in this sequence.
  5. Some more food for thought. If the extant z313 shot was fired at approx z310 = farther distance than the WC determined TSBD sixth floor to be. z322.875 - z310 = approx 12.875 frames between shots 12.875/18.3 = .703seconds I gave an example from the Dal-Tex at approx 338ft for ballistic results, somewhere within this topic. Is the acoustic evidence valid? I don't know. But it is surely hard to discount at this time.
  6. The flash in Bronson occurs 15 frames after the Z/Bronson sync at extant z300. 15 x 1.525 = 22.875 zframes 300 + 22.875 = extant z322.875
  7. Eddy, The next shot after the extant 313 shot was fired at the equivalent of approx z322.875, I don't believe there was any reason to remove frames until after that next shot. The limo stop comes closely thereafter. I base this working within the confines of the Bronson and Wiegman films in regards to timing, which is what these most recent postings are slowly revealing. The link provided was introduced over three years ago, it's just taken that long to finally put it together in terms of timing. https://educationforum.ipbhost.com/topic/24596-shooter-location/?do=findComment&comment=369646 The frame removal process(among other methods) is still valid, but that relationship to the headshot occurances came a little later than I previously believed.
  8. Use the frame bracketing concept along with the adjusted distance and apply it to the appropriate frame span. 189.7ft (Mark Tyler z330.4—z447.5) + 10.2 + .9 = 200.8ft 264-79 = 184+/24 = 7.666sec/200.8ft = 17.817mph 331-447 =116/18.3 = 6.338sec/200.8ft = 21.552mph 3.735mph
  9. https://educationforum.ipbhost.com/topic/25932-the-motorcade-puzzle/?do=findComment&comment=446130 A different way to look at frame bracketing. Z313 + (3 + 9 + 5) =z330 + (1 + 16) 17 + 17 = 34 34frames/.3ft per frame(3.734mph) = 10.2ft 10.2ft refer back to pyramid
  10. Refer back to the pyramid which shows the WC adjustments (total11.1ft) added after the extant z313 shot. 11.1ft - 6.765ft = 4.335ft The graphic below shows the outcome of hitting the brakes at 7.11mph and traveling 4.33ft ultimately coming to a stop. Reaction time + breaking time = .2559sec .2559sec x 18.3fps = 4.68 missing zframes The last frames(motorcycle tire/limo tire) within the Bronson film.
  11. Plotting the limo using the Bronson film. Equivalent of z308-316 gave an average of .542ft per frame = 6.75mph Equivalent of z316-325 gave an average of .571ft per frame = 7.11mph Using those two results and plugging them back in, starting from extant z313 headshot: (313-316) 3frames x .542ft per frame = 1.626ft (316-325) 9frames x .571ft per frame = 5.139ft 1.626 + 5.139 = 6.765ft traveled from extant z313-z325
  12. The Bronson frame(previous post) syncs at approx extant z300. From that point, there are a total of 21 more frames in the Bronson film. 21 x 1.525 = 32.025 frames Z300 + 32 = z332 equivalent z332 - 5missing Z frames Please note in the previous gif provided, the police motorcycles front tire, closing on the limo rear tire towards the end of the Bronson clip.
  13. This Bronson gif will help to start identify the removal sequence. It starts with Tony Glover's legs synced in both films labeled as 1. The common action on the other end is Jackie's hand position at 20. The Bronson film ran at 12fps. There are 19 Bronson frames between the common actions. 19 Bronson frames converted to equivalent Zframes =18.3/12= 1.525 x 19 = 28.975 There are only 24 zframes between the common actions. 28.975 - 24 = 4.975 frame difference
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