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  1. http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dw...fk.3d76e89.html
  2. http://www.smh.com.au/news/Technology/CIA-...6857828993.html
  3. http://www.assassinationresearch.com/v1n2/gtds.html to see how confused the dallas police were, go read this item.
  4. i am convinced it was the man in the moon that did it. i lose faith. we will never know the truth. i here by give up. i have a family and a life to which i shall strive for. however, i know y'alls pain.
  5. correction. there were 4 bullets in all, 3 hulls on the floor and 1 that was in the chamber when the rifle was found. i think it was captain fritz who cycled the rifle and an unfired round ejected. hence, my question , again goes along with this is, why cycle the rifle to load a fourth round when the damage was done? time, being of the essence for escape, why load a fourth round? then hide the rifle? time was of the utmost essence but the supposed shooter had time to load a fourth round then hide the rifle. is it clear now?
  6. i lived in north dallas back in the '80's. i loved it. had many friends. i often visited dealy plaza. when the 6th floor meuseum opened, i was there too. i witnessed a conversation, which i am positive, between posner and robert groden. i overheard a loud conversation between them i opened my big mouth in agreement with one of them on a certain point one of them made concerning the assassination. they both looked at me, dumbfounded. i felt so stupid to have intruded on they're conversation. i am sure it was posner but it could have been groden or oliver stone. gary mack was ever present
  7. What is bullcrap? i apologise, i just had an episode of being fed up. my bad
  8. bullcrap. it's clear that the assassination of kennedy was a coup. if sane people cannot see it, then we are all sheep.
  9. definately a government plot! hehee. btw. how far IS the old log inn?
  10. Nothing in the way of evidence was found so we retraced our search back down, floor by floor. Shortly after we arrived back on the 6th floor, Deputy Eugene Boone located the assassin's rifle almost completely hidden by some overhanging boxes near the stairwell. I filmed it as it was found. In my shot, the figure of Captain Fritz is standing within the enclosure next to the rifle. He knew then that the possibility of a fire fight with the sniper had greatly diminished. He dispatched one of his men to go down and call for the crime lab. About fifteen minutes later, Lt. Day and Studebaker arrived
  11. concerning a theory that the first shot hit asignal post and deflected. whatever, check it out. http://cbs11tv.com/topstories/local_story_072000656.html
  12. "The presence of the cartridge in the chamber did not necessarily mean that the assassin considered firing another bullet, since he may have reloaded merely by reflex.51 Apart from the cartridge in the rifle, three expended cartridge cases were found in the southeast portion of the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository Building, lying between the south " http://www.archives.gov/research/jfk/warre...10.html#bullets
  13. yes this is exactlty what is happening and i am wondering whats up, also. not to mention what happened a couple of days ago when somehow the bandwidth was exceeded and i had to give up on trying to read posts muchless log in. i was following the wikipedia/cia discussion at the time, then abruptly could not get a connection to the server for some time before i gave up and went to bed. i thought this to be an unnerving occurance.
  14. so, tom. which trajectory are you supporting? i did not read all of your posts so kindly, please clarify and do not take offense. p.s. stay in the game. i've still a few marbles myself. cheers.
  15. dear,lee. if you cannot find that sorf of info, what makes you believe that i could? i'll give it a shot (maybe three) but dont hold your breath. as to the post, the man did say he was open to discussion. oh, and happy new years and all the best, to you and yours. a great big CHEERS to everyone.
  16. "How could a bullet entering the back of the neck and exiting below the Adam's apple end up hitting Connally where it did? " it could! if fired from a lower trajectory than which the WC claims. certainly, not from the 6th floor, TSBD. however, i endorse nothing nor claim any proof. ford's reassessment of the wound causes the theory to point directly to the said snipers lair. if the former wound placement were allowed to stand in the record, it would only serve to foment more question by the citizen. imo. back in the 63, what person questioned anything the government said. writers,communi
  17. dear ashton. no doubt you are a knowledgable and worldly human, and i have the utmost respect for you. i just wanted to say thank you. i enjoy your postings and understand and respect your opinions. your humor is a great welcome in my world. thanks again and keep up the great work. all the best to you and yours in this holiday season.
  18. we're all melting! what a world...curses to dorothy, and her little dog too.
  19. by crackie! this is a much more indepth investigation than the WC. how on earth could the WC be so blind? woops, dare it is. what a way to run a railroad. lol great work, to whom it may concern. and thanks much for this great post.
  20. it is not something particular to this forum. it is a nuisance and i have encountered it at work. it sure is a load of spam. at times i get 4 to 8 a day of that stockmarket spam crapola. i keep placing it on the blocked e-mail list but it just keeps coming. however,it should be noted that i use a shared computer at work. i dont get that sort of junk at home.
  21. I wish to pose questions concerning the rifle that was found on the sixth floor. Thus, my question; Why would a sniper, manipulate the bolt action to load the fourth bullet, if the goal was met by the "third" bullet? Did the sniper believe he had sufficient time to make his escape? Or, did the sniper expect to be caught? (time is of the essence)is it not? Where is the fourth bullet, that was ejected from the rifle shortly after it was found? I have not seen nor read any evidence as to its whereabouts. true, perhaps i have not stumbled upon it, yet! So help me out. thanks. I'm talking
  22. Although, before my time, Trumans presidency is filled with the most contraversial event in U.S. history. "a-bomb, roswell, c.i.a." etc.... All i can say is, where was the opinion of the american people, then and now? May the creator help humanity. I believe, we are on our own. Hipocracy and big money will always make the rules.
  23. Privacy Notice stay away from there. they are proponents of "spyware". you be the judge.
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