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  1. J - How about Frank Sturgis? JF - Frank Sturgis, he was there. J - How did you know Frank Sturgis? JF - I knew Frank Sturgis from the Bay of Pigs and from the SAO. I also knew Orlando Bosch. He was on scene. Orlando Bosch, I don't know if you are familiar with his name or not, but he was also present. Ah . there was a few other faces I recognized, I just don't remember the names for them, because it's so long ago. ************************ J - Were you aware that Roselli was working together with the government in anti-Castro activities. JF - Yes, I was well aware of that . J - Make a statement. JF - I was well aware that Johnny Roselli was involved in the government actions. He was like the liaison between CIA and organized crime. And he was heavily involved in the invasion of Cuba, the Bay of Pigs, Chianos Bay, whichever you prefer to call it. But he was also very tight with Frank Sturgis. Frank Sturgis headed up the S.A.O., which is the Secret Army Organization, what this is all about. And they had so many different codenames for wanting to kill Castro, I wouldn't even, I couldn't even name half of them. But every time you turned around, somebody had a new operation going. *********************** 3 years ago I asked in this thread about for evidence that Frank Sturgis was connected to the (rather unknown) SAO (Secret Army Organization). During my vacation I have been reading the excellent book Death in Washington (1980) by Donald Freed and was pleased to find the confirmation of what James Files said. Page 34 reads: Three weeks later, Callejeas was able to tell Michael about an exiting offer. The Townley family was to move to Miami. Michael was to study electronics and secret warfare skills with a Cuban exile group that would be in charge of their careers in Miami. Their sponsor, they were told, was the Secret Army Organization (SAO). Its chief was a flamboyant soldier of fortune named Frank Sturgis. Wim
  2. Can someone post a better copy (higher resolution) of this Rickerby photo? TIA Wim
  3. Dear Paul Baker, Are you just nuts, or ignorant or do you have another agenda? Where did you get the information that LHO smuggled a Mannlicher Carcano into work that day? Try to rest a disassembled Carcano on the palm of your hand and have the other end under your armpit! Wim
  4. Thanks for that Thomas H. Purvis. Now I know for sure who is the one full of BS! Daniel Marvin is a member of this forum. Moderators? Don't tell me that I cannot call Gary Mack a xxxx for stating that the single bullet theory is possible, while allowing THP to call fellow members full of BS. Members that won a lawsuit against the Association of Special Forces for telling the truth at the cost of 200,000 USDollars! Or do at least prove me wrong by pointing out that the single bullet theory IS possible! Wim
  5. Gary Mack's pal Dave Perry was part of Discovery channel production. He played the part of Kellerman. And low and behold, he has become friends with Bob Vernon! Quite a feat in view of Vernon's quotes below: It appears that Mack and Perry made the Discovery Channel production for the flattering objective of discrediting James Files: And on Vernon's propaganda, I only have to counter with the facts, if I would deem it worthwile. In one lie, through the misuse of an 80 plus lady, he claims that Files never used the name Sutton. Strange that the 1958 yearbook of Proviso East Highschool lists him as "James Sutton". Even stranger that his later wife Faith got to know him under that name at age 16.
  6. Duncan, You made Gordon Arnold visible in that right picture! I guess we owe Bill an apology
  7. You're funny, Thomas H. Purvis. First you don't answer my question, then you paint Bob Vernon as an irreliable jerk, but then you use his lies to "prove" your point about Files. That's called picking witnesses and evidence how it suits you ...... like the Warren Commission did. I am most assuredly beginning to grasp a duplicity here. Here's at least one statement from Files that you propably find credible:
  8. More fanmail: Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2008 11:09 PM You are right to start a thread about him except I see others object to slander. They don't see the big picture that it's not that we disagree about evidence etc. Mack and the Sick Floor are deeper Deception. He represents all that is wrong with American values.
  9. Huh? Are you sure? Arnold never said he gave "badgeman" his film? Then maybe this film is altered like the Zapruder film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hn1-dy5-Ebs Wim
  10. I have a question. Why is Antonio Veciana considered an important and credible witness by so many? Don't get me wrong, I am of the same opinion, and I like him a lot, as his hard working family. But I can't deny that he lied under oath to a congressional committee. He told the HSCA that Maurice Bishop was NOT David Atlee Phillips. What if he had told the truth back then? Why is the CIA oath above truth? Why do we forgive Antonio Veciana for lying under oath? Isn't that an interesting question? Wim
  11. Gary, online again? No rebuttal still? Are your valets doing a good enough job? Wim
  12. Yes Thomas H. Purvis, I have question: What is your objective with starting this thread and posting that letter? I am still not able to "decipher your ramblings" (not my words, just your quote). And could you please guide me to the "correct road"? I don't know what that is in your world. Wim
  13. Ah Bill , I will believe that Wecht and Specter are "friends" if Cyril sends me an email that you are right. Okay? Wim
  14. I guess Paul May does not appreciate I am calling Senator Arlen Specter what he is. Maybe some day Vincent Bugliosi and I could work together! Haha! I am at least as unsympathetic to Bush as he is. And on that we agree! Wim
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