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  1. Thanks for posting these ideas Steve I will share them other teachers at school next week. I agree that plenaries can be problematic. Quite often it is hard to stop students who are engrossed in their work in order to complete the plenary. And also they can be problematic when students are working on different tasks - independant learning etc. A plenary that I use to get round this is to put one or two key questions (that I know the students cant answer) on the board and ask them to answer it at the beginning of the lesson. They are encouraged to write things like I dont have the information
  2. I have just spent some time reading through this entire debate and thought I'd add my twopennyworth. I was very badly put off history at school by being taught a political, economic, social model - in my 3rd year I gained 5%. Yet I have always loved history and even as a child spent time reading historical novels. My favourite topics in history continue to be so called populist history - Titanic, Jack the Ripper, Henry VIII's six wives etc. These are also listed by my students as some of their favourite topics along with the world wars, Nazi Germany and medieval warfare. As a teacher of his
  3. Hi, my name is Heather Wheeler and I am Head of History at Filsham Valley School in St Leonards East Sussex. I am currently in my third year of teaching but my love of history goes back years. I spent the first two years of my teaching career managing a learning support unit but in Seotenber 2003 side-stepped to mainstream history teaching as well as leading citizenship. I have recently been appointed Head of History. I own and produce History on the Net and co-own and produce Additional Needs Net though most of my spare time is directed to updating and maintaining History on the Net. I am
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