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  1. Thanks for your opinions I think that use ICT in US Schools depends much on some factors like: 1- what school, we are talking about? 2- What state we refer to? 3- What district? 4- What social class? 5- What etnic group? and other things like these, I would like some body to confirm me if it is as i think...?
  2. Well, Every body knows that most of the big companies in computing industry have their headquaters in U.S.A. The question is: All the students in that country have acces to those tecnologies in the same way?
  3. Well ICT is a tool, but now is also becoming into a new life style... Some writers say that ICT are no only being introduced to schools, but they are changing the way schools work in many aspects. For exemple, how they are adminitrated, how the teachers show their lessons, how students get their home works, how is comunication and interaction with other cultures. It is arising more and more. There are some problems with it... The ICT, as many of the tecnologyes of our age, depends on energy, and energy depends on Petroil, most of the times, which is not forever. The acces to ICT is not the sa
  4. Hello every body I have to prepare some material about education use of ITC in United States, It would be really nice to have some opinions about it. I'm interested in ITC acces (is it equal for every one?) in schools, and what are the most comun uses they give to it?
  5. I live in Dominican Repúblic. My First language is spanish but I do something about English too as you can see. I speak some French too. Well I'm a teacher at a elementary school from my country "Ema Balaguer". I've got my bachelor degree in education, at the Universidad Nacional Evangélica, and in information sciences too, at the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo. Right now I'm studing at the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra. I'm doing a Magister degree in Education Tecnologies. I'm realy interested in interact with education professionals from another contries and having t
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