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  1. Poor Jack Ruby...he was just a medium mob guy who had to pick up the pieces when Officer Tippits didn't manage to kill Oswald and become a National Hero. I don't think Ruby was happy with his role since he knew what could/would happen. I mean let's be fair to Jack...any nervousness was definitely founded. He shot Oswald (maybe fatally) and never left jail until he was dead. The guy really got the ass end of the deal.
  2. Lee Harvey Oswald was shot by a known gangster at a range of three (or four) feet in the premises of Dallas law enforcement. He was shot in the middle with a .38 caibre. A shot that...at that time and with that small of bullet...that close to an emergency room ...would have likely saved his life easily. There is a reason that Princess Di pulled the IVs out of her arms just before she expired. All you have to do is get a wounded person into control. CIA - 202.01...finishing: "When you have accomplished the mission of seriously wounding a target and have them in a situation of containment it is important to have a person of quality to either inject them with a deadly serum along the way or to finish them via intravenal fluids at the hospital." This is usually done by HP4s (High powered barbituates) which basically turn off the heart.
  3. Won't hit your "click" - but yes...as we all know it was a plot. Probably the largest plot of any assasination in history - even going back to the times of Ceasars. Oswald was photographed with Ferrie (CIA) at the Civil Air Patrol picnic and went on to be a Marine and went to be a radioman at the U-2 tracking base and then learned the Russian language (smart guy) and then deported himself to Russia and gave up his citizenship then married one of the sweetest looking girls you would ever see (Jackie had nothing on her)..then got back into the country and worked for the CIA and handed out leaflets to identify "pro Castros"....which any fool knows was just to gather info on pro Castros for their database. ...and he is a "lone nut"...just a dumb guy who got lucky with a WWII surplus gun from Italy. yep. F'it...the game is over and they won...good on the CIA. Gotta give em credit for a well planned and executed system of murder. They got JFK (MLK in the middle) and RFK (and a lot of other folks..RIP Dorothy Kilgallen). Salute! Credit where credit is due. In my personal opinion they won and that's it. I have friends that even if it could be proven that it was a conspiracy...wouldn't really care that much. So neither do I. I have reasonable gas prices (a bit high but)...I trade pieces of paper for steaks...I drive on good roads...I can go anywhere in the world I want to (as long as we aren't conquering them) ...pretty good deal. thanks Dick. If my damn kids stop needing money maybe I'll go to Aruba next year.
  4. There is BIG MONEY in OIL....I'm not xxxxtenya The known oil reserves in Iraq basically cancel out the USA national debt. P.S. - I wonder what happened to all that gold Khaddafi had that he was going to use as the basis of his currency to force European nations to use it when buying Libyan Oil? Actually...the gold is peanuts. The prime thing is - which currency ( little pieces of paper ) are most reguarded.
  5. IMO this forum should be expanded - the "Guardian" broke a story the other day that has been smothered in the USA about oil price fixing by the major players. THIS IS an ENORMOUS Story - maybe the biggest of our time $$-wise. They also previously were the ones who broke the story that bearded British "special agents" were called in to finally overtake Ghaddaffi's forces when air supremacy alone wasn't working and the gutless "revolutionaries" were running every time a mortar round got within half a mile of them.
  6. The last day was actualy something that my uncle never got over. He was ordered up on the second line at 10:30 when the armistist was to go at 11:00 General Preshing had ordered that they would fight until the last minute. The first "wave" went over the top at around 10:00. German machine gunners were actually waving the white flag and telling them to just stop...but they didn't 6000 American boys (and a few Canadians)...went over the top. They were greated by Germans who told thenm to "Go Back, it's OVER!" The Officers behind them urged them on - foreward - and when the German machine gunners saw that they intended to kil them (in the last moments of the war) they did the only thing they could do - they opened up on them with their machine guns - and killed three thousand men in 10 minutes.
  7. I always wonder about just how dumb Oswald was (as a patsy)...he did the Russian thing...then turned around and did the "Fair play for Cuba" thing. Surely most relatively intelligent people would realize that they were putting themselves at risk for a setup in each instance. I mean the guy wasn't just a patsy...he was the patsies' patsy. He was as gullible as they come. I guess they told him that handing out those flyers helped them to build their database on "enemies"...but wouldn't a normal prudent person understand what that meant to him - as far as a personal persona?
  8. Supposedly he insisted. As did Rommel... His (previous) good service was likely taken into consideration...the effort that would have to be put into a trial for treason was likely also a factor.
  9. Interesting...now the Director of the CIA resigns because he says he was having an affair....three days after the election. I wonder what his choices were?
  10. Additional security requests were obviously mishandled at State if that was indeed the case. Serious - on-the-ground decisions were made by the CIA as far as "standing down" when they were also "under attack" and actually close enough to help.
  11. Indeed...this was my primary point...it does seem to be always set up that way..
  12. ...or an attempt at a bloodless coup (election pending)..same old same old. The CIA (underlings) who asked for permission to save Stevens were stopped - by who? Senior CIA. This was a rigged job from the getgo. Stevens was likely an enemy of the right wing CIA ( Stevens likely wanted to negotiate decent terms for the regular Libyian folks when it came to oil $$). My guess is that it was initially a "shot across the bow" to try and intimidate U.S. President Obama...then they used the "lack of support" against him. I seriously doubt that this will be the defining issue in the election as some right wingers may hope. If Barack Obama wins the election there will be hell-to-pay in the CIA. (JMHO) Sorry if this is O.T. - I thought it made sense when I posted it....it does have to do with the same folks who offed JFK and RFK.
  13. I have always been intrigued by the witnesses who said the car slowed appreciably...nearly stopped..around the time of the final kill shot. This would make sense to me as the shot from the Grassy Knoll was likely the last (and best) shot in Dealy Plaza. With an already seriously injured elected president...It would be a mess to try and finish him off at the hospital later when some folks would be on his side and might take action.
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