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  1. The Sixth Floor Museum has confirmed that the Keith Griffith film, the Frank Marotta film, the Fredna Stewart film, and the Anita Hansen film were (among others) licensed by Jeudy in 2013, for his documentary. These four films mentioned, are all home movies of the motorcade in Dallas, from earlier along the route, than Dealey Plaza. The footage from Bethesda does not come from the Museum's collection, and is unfamiliar to them. Not being able to assist in determining the source of any of it. Only the end - part of the clip with the Honor Guard, - after Bethesda, --- which is taken from "Years of Lightning, Day of Drums".
  2. ABCNEWS is also credited. As well as Dallas Cinema Associates, John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Noir et blanc en couieur, and NARA. --------------------------- I wrote the Sixth Floor Museum, - asking for assistance in determining this, - and also asked about the 4 films you mentioned. The bottom picture in this link, depicts in the background, a photograph from the Anita Hansen Collection : https://www.jfk.org/betty-barton-kilgore-rangerette-1960-campaign/ . Whatever that is. ---------------------- "The Lost JFK Tapes : The Assassination" , credits as stock footage, - the Keith Griffith Film,and the Frank Marotta Film. But I can not now as I am writing, - recall seeing that Bethesda - footage, in that one. ----------------------- A Fredna Stewart - search seems to give few hits of relevance at first glance.
  3. I wouldn't either, being far from an expert. Hopefully someone can assist in determining such a thing. Or simply , - at one point, - assist in determining the source. What film(s) it is. I.e. if it is one,or several of those listed in the credits. Too bulky ? I don't understand the logic of that. Wish he was still around.
  4. Yes, of course. I just meant in general, - the footage from Bethesda. What the source is. Who filmed it. And if something ( even if less interesting ) , is excluded . If it had contained what you describe, - it would have been included in the documentary. And for that matter, be more known by now, - given its importance. And if your recollection of seeing it, is correct, - then perhaps this source/footage , once did contain it. At some point. Or there are / were multiple sources . Several films.
  5. Thanks goes not to me, but to Denis Morissette, - who provided the link yesterday. To what he himself uploaded some months ago. It is (at least in part) from the same source; the documentary by Patrick Jeudy. But it includes more (if just a little bit) from the arrival, or the moments beforehand. Even if not including what you remember seeing. If not anything else, - it would seem it at least is confirmation, that some of it was indeed filmed. By someone. Whether it aired on TV or not. It seems somewhat chronological, - so the end - part , would be the arrival at the White House, - where you see they carry the casket up the stairs. As said, - the documentary lists its sources, - including films/footage, I can not remember having heard of before. And by including this footage in the production - process , - who knows if there is segments left out. Or not.
  6. For whatever it is worth, - and if of interest to anyone. Documentaries are given multiple titles . This one I found, - titled as "Inside JFK's Assassination" (2013) - directed by Patrick Jeudy. https://www.amazon.com/Inside-JFKs-Assassination-Patrick-Jeudy/dp/B079C86SYN I was not able to order it,- (one can watch it at this link through Prime). One version is uploaded to Youtube, - but it is taken from a Turkish broadcast on Viasat. A language I do not speak. --------------------------------------------- It seems Jeudy is quite skilled in his craft. Making it more challenging ( at least for me ) - with a 100% certainty , - to know what is actual real footage from the day of the assassination, - and what is not. The filmmaker(s) add sound to known footage. What caught my interest was (seemingly) real footage from Parkland, from Bethesda, and elsewhere. Which I had never seen before, anywhere. First I noticed a very short segment, which at first, seemed interesting, - but it just can not have been recorded at Nov 22nd. The Stemmons sign, seems gone, - the lighting seems off, - and the camera seems to zoom. Still do not know the source of it. -------------------------- Many questions pop into mind, when watching this documentary, - but for all I know, - they have been answered long ago here. The priest being interviewed at Parkland (at 16m45s) (maybe it is included in "The Lost Tapes"), ------- the (what seems like a) person lying on the floor at the left wall, outside the door. Etc. etc. The above posted footage, - at least the segment, when the hearse leaves Bethesda, - seems genuine. Robert McNamara, and William Greer is identifiable. - But for all I know, - it could be filmed at a different location, - but where in the world could that , if so, be ? At least I personally found it interesting. The end - credits show the sources used in the production. Some of them , I had not heard of before.
  7. It seems the left is by Harry Cabluck yes. And this one : ------------------------------ The one to the right is apparently by Richard Oscar Bothun :
  8. Thanks Steve. Interesting. I had even worse English back then, when asking him those questions. I'm then wondering which route exactly he would have walked, - following the series of photos you provided. From "1" to "2". East of fence, west of the pedestal in Betzner. Then on the south side of the Pergola - east end, on this second photo from the bottom. ( Who took it ?)
  9. This cannot not have been posted before, - and must be well known by now. ( Walt Brown's remarks about this ) I (re)post it anyway. ( Don't know what the consensus on his opinions is. ( What has by now been refuted etc. ) )
  10. Attempt to revive the old channel. Playlist 1 (Documentaries) : (If of any interest at all). -------------------------------------------------------------------- Playlist 2 : (JFK - Assassination related uploads) (same)
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