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  1. I think Bill Kelly and Jack White's comments are as clear and persuasive as anyone can reasonably expect, under the circumstances. The sort of thing you can either accept or dispute according to your own parallax. Just like whether you accept or reject the use of "enhanced" thermite, or nano-thermite, or military-grade thermite, so conspicuous in the three buildings at 9/11.
  2. Mike Picardi ~ If you ever get a film made of your screenplay with someone like David Von Pein as the protagonist, let us know so we can avoid it.
  3. Great review by Robert Steele. Luckily I visited the Magellan Hotel in April of 1993 just before the May 22, 1993 fire that destroyed it. There were a few books written with the Maggelan as a backdrop, weren't there? It seems that I read a novel before going to the Philippines in 1993 and was drawn to the Magellan. Sterling, I know I don't just speak for myself, in saying that, we all are very glad that you take the time to share your perceptions and knowledge of Far East intelligence history, here on the Forum, we're all the better for it. Robert John Simkin is a great man, and so a
  4. Great review by Robert Steele. Luckily I visited the Magellan Hotel in Cebu in April of 1993 just before the May 22, 1993 fire that destroyed it. There were a few books written with the Maggelan as a backdrop, weren't there? It seems that I read a novel before going to the Philippines in 1993 and was drawn to the Magellan. I think America has made the same mistake Magellan made.
  5. Thanks, Peter. Robert Steele (the reviewer you cited) is a champion of open intelligence replacing the Balkanized system in the States. I hope it's not already too late.
  6. It's hard to describe briefly the self-induced misconception Americans have of their role in the Philippines, to this day. If you are an evangelical christian missionary, you have your own parallax. If you're in the military, diplomat, attorney, banker, sama-sama. But if you try hard enough to look at characters and events, motivations, consequences, without being in any self-induced construct, and just look at what happened, and who did what to whom, and what deceit and distortions sooner or later become evident, it's horrifying, or nauseating. I was first in Manila in 1947, and countless
  7. Several clarifications: I erred in putting Ft Bragg next to NSA when I meant Ft Meade. McMicking was the colonel left in charge of G-2 in Manila when MacArthur and his inner circle moved to Tokyo, and Prouty was on the G-2 staff when Lansdale arrived from the States. McMicking was already a very rich man, having married into the Zobel family long before Pearl Harbor, so he was part of the clique around MacArthur that included Whitney (MacArthur's attorney) and Willoughby (MacArthur's "lovable fascist"). When MacArthur put Whitney in charge of intel, instead of Willoughby, MacArthur gave Willo
  8. Thats pretty good, sort of like an inverted "old wines never die, they just ripen with old age" well maybe not, lol. I saw something that I wanted you to see, to see if you had any thoughts on it.... It has to do with Nick Arundel...... I believe the crime scene at Dealey Plaza and the voluminous amount of persons going in and out of Dallas before the assassination are the main indications there was a conspiracy. Such as the fairly big names who came to Dallas in the days and weeks before the assassination, coupled with the persons in the motorcade, and locals who have not exactly surviv
  9. That photo looks like it was taken on the green directly in front of the agency's main entrance of the main building (the H-shaped main building was shaped that way because the architect's name began with an H -- Harrison of Harrison & Abramowitz) next to the separate round auditorium where they bestow the Intelligence Stars. It could not have been the old naval hospital complex the agency first moved into in Foggy Bottom, because it's greens are contoured, very well groomed, and closely surrounded by the old stone buildings, with the Potomac clearly visible if you have your back to the De
  10. Hi Robert ~ I wonder where French aristocrats go when they die? Especially when they die in the Great Satan !!! I remember somebody saying: "When good Americans die, they go to Paris." These days, when good Taiwanese die they go to Shanghai.
  11. David ~ Thanks. I appreciate that very much. It always puzzled me that Pyle was portrayed as such a Casper Milquetoast, until I realized that Lansdale was playing the same game. Greene saw a lot of Lansdale as Casper in Saigon, but Greene's friends in the French SDECE were able to fill in Greene on Lansdale's extremely sinister side. In a sense this is a large part of the American self-portrait, pretending to be a democracy and mouthing all the Burma Shave maxims about goodness and charity, while massacring people all over the world. During WW2, the Japanese in the Philippines killed approxima
  12. I'm not saying Lansdale was innocent, just the opposite, but he was successful in fooling a lot of people by having Bohannen and Valeriano carry out the the actual murders. I have it direct from Bohannen's widow during a long conversation at her home in Manila that Lansdale (for instance), thought up taping two ice picks together to stab victims in the neck and make it look like a vampire did it; Bohannen then had a lot of them made and turned them over to Valeriano, whose death squads used them for mass murder. This enabled Lansdale to play a role in public where he mouthed endless evangelica
  13. There is a fork in the road about Lansdale. Most people think he was playing an active villain's role. John Simkin appears to have become persuaded that Lansdale was not the nasty culprit so many people say he was, and that he had a lot of good qualities. I don't think John is playing the angel's advocate. I do think Lansdale was both things, and took a lot of time and trouble to extend and project his "good" image, while simultaneously continuing his "evil" role. My first impression of Lansdale many years ago, was that he was active in carrying out all sorts of murders and large scale atroci
  14. About Tsuji: I have some feelers out in Hanoi, Laos and Thailand regarding Tsuji's fate or whereabouts. Unfortunately, those who were involved in black ops in Laos in the early 60s, are either dead or aging to a point where probing them is unlikely to produce an answer. Others who are now retired, are afraid of losing their pensions. But I will see what I can learn. The station chief in Vientiene at that time kept them on a short umbilical cord. Not a nice guy. Sterling
  15. Well, I cannot be certain what Tsuji's ultimate fate was, after stepping off the plane in Hanoi. But I can comment on his ties to the CIA after the war -- prior to and/or coinciding with his Hanoi trip. Actually I'm using CIA generically when I should simply say that Tsuji, like Kodama and many other really nasty guys, were bailed out and given jobs working for Willoughby. Or at least Willoughby was the head of that section for MacArthur -- in my mind Willoughby was simply too stupid to do anything ingenious (his record shows he was incompetent). But there were some very bright people on MacA
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