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  1. Sylvia Hoke’s husband worked for USAID in South America, which was also used at various times as a CIA front. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/obituaries/a-local-life-john-hoke-85-never-ran-out-of-inventive-ideas/2011/03/07/ABAUXDx_story.html
  2. Bethell has a chapter on his experiences with the Garrison investigation in his book THE ELECTRIC WINDMILL, titled 'Was Sirhan Sirhan on the Grassy Knoll?'. His description of what he was doing in the area at the time, and how he was hired by Garrison, is very unconvincing. Bethell notes that he has a 'mental block' about the work he was doing in Baton Rouge so he won't say much about it, then describes a surprise meeting with Garrison where Bethell gets hired on the spot without Garrison asking him a single question.
  3. Hope Greg is doing ok. I recall he had health issues a couple of years ago. It’s good to know he’s still researching.
  4. I found Wolf’s fellow HSCA researcher Leslie Wizelman, but Wolf is hard to locate. https://www.paela.info/about-us-officers-directors/leslie-wizelman/
  5. Yep - in either Joe’s book or the other book on the case, it was noted that Spielberg really wanted to stay far away from the whole thing. FWIW, Landis made his comments about Marshall and the Twilight Zone case when the cameras weren’t rolling. The guy had interviewed Landis a few times, they knew each other, and Landis spoke a little about what had happened. But it was a private conversation. The lady who took on the case might have had better luck if she’d targeted Marshall or the studio. I’m not sure if Landis was the guy who hired the kids, approved them to illegally work late a
  6. The Bugliosi book is by Gregory Donges and is linked here. https://trineday.com/collections/upcoming-releases/products/reclaiming-reality I’ve read one of the books on the Twilight Zone incident - Outrageous Conduct? I’ve also read and enjoyed Joe’s Spielberg biography. I’m curious to see what turns up in this new volume. A friend of a friend interviewed Landis at length a few years back for some documentaries. Landis discussed the Twilight Zone incident a little. In those conversations, Landis pointed blame (some of it or all of it) to one of the producers - Frank Marshall?
  7. Vince's book looks good, and I'll be buying it (probably on Kindle). Trine Day have a future volume from another author on the way attacking Vincent Bugliosi - fine with me - and FLY BY NIGHT, an unexpected, unrelated book coming on Steven Spielberg, Warner Bros and the Twilight Zone accident from the early 80's. There's already been a book on that event, so I have no idea if the new volume will have anything new.
  8. Ulfkotte's book is $25 at Progressive Press. The same publisher has Donald Gibson's two JFK's books available at a decent price as well. If you Google 'Progressive Press', btw, the publisher doesn't come up anywhere in the first five pages of links. Whereas if you use DuckDuckGo, they're right at the top. Another reason not to use Google.
  9. Woolsey has been an asset of the military-industrial-big weapons sales complex since the early 1970's, when he was a counsel to the Armed Services Committee while they were approving the nominations of various arms manufacturer CEO's to bring them into government. Not surprised at all to see him pushing more disinformation on this subject.
  10. Lobster magazine review. https://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/free/lobster81/lob81-last-second-in-dallas.pdf Funny quote.
  11. Both of those topics have multiple entries in the index of LAST SECOND IN DALLAS, and are covered in detail in the book.
  12. Sad news. His book was very good, and I was glad he wrote it. Rest In Peace Gerald.
  13. Meyysan’s years of articles are archived over at the Voltaire site. Smart guy and he’s followed the twists and turns of the neocon movement since way back. I don’t agree with everything he says about JFK or 9/11, but that’s fine, and a lot of his historical articles are excellent. https://www.voltairenet.org/auteur29.html?lang=en
  14. On Gladio, Ganser’s NATO’S SECRET ARMIES is here. From memory, Lemnitzer pops up in the text. https://libcom.org/files/NATOs_secret_armies.pdf
  15. Ganser's NATO'S SECRET ARMIES, Willan's THE PUPPETMASTERS, and Rob Couteau's article at Kennedys and King are the three to read. https://kennedysandking.com/articles/nato-s-secret-armies-operation-gladio-and-jfk
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