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  1. Jim - is there a PDF or link online for Jackson's phony hearings? Most congressional testimony is online somewhere but I can't immediately see a link to it. I just want to read up on who else was involved in the hearings.
  2. A lot of home video releases are coming out on Blu-Ray (the HD format) these days rather than DVD (standard definition), and the excellent trailer for the film is in HD format. So I'm hoping we see a good Blu-Ray release of the film. And in this instance, the more extra features and interviews (and maybe commentary tracks) the better.
  3. The second and third links work fine for me when browsing on my iPhone - very cool article, looks like a lot of work went into it - but for some reason don't open when I'm sitting here on my iMac using Safari.
  4. I'm clicking the link and it's asking me to log in with a user name and password. Is this an error, or something we need to do to read it?
  5. Finn, the Screen Daily writer, mentioned to me that was tough to distil the scope of the film into a review (her words) but she’s happy that people appreciate what she wrote about it. It’s one of the few seemingly honest reviews I’ve read about the movie so far. Most others bring their axe to grind.
  6. It barely seems worth noting that Jason Solomons, the author of the lines above, is himself a white male. More noteworthy is the fact that Solomons is a BBC figure and appears regularly on BBC TV and radio. So he's going to be following party mainstream establishment line no matter what, I think.
  7. Many of those reviews aren't really reviews. But I expect journalists working for mainstream outlets to keep the party line when they encounter a film like this one.
  8. Finn Halligan, the Screen Daily critic, had originally cited John Foster rather than Allen Dulles in her review. I wrote her a friendly correction and she wrote a thank you back, noting that it was the only thing she had wanted to check before posting but had been in a rush because of everything happening at Cannes. It's now been fixed. Quite a favourable review. Owen Gleiberman's review for Variety is half grudging concession about the documentary's fine technical qualities, half an uninformed rant arguing the case for Oswald's guilt.
  9. Positive review. https://www.screendaily.com/reviews/jfk-revisited-through-the-looking-glass-cannes-review/5161529.article
  10. Jesse Ventura was on The View a few times, talking about both JFK and 9/11 stuff and promoting his books (which were usually co-written with Dick Russell). In one instance - I think regarding his ‘government documents’ volume, which is fairly good - when Ventura returned, Whoopi told him on air that she had read his book, and to my eyes her demeanour suggested a few things in it had shaken her a little.
  11. I'm looking forward to watching the documentary. And they're rolling out the anti-Stone / anti-JFK conspiracy propaganda, for sure. Below, The Guardian's choice of front page headline for a minor news update in Australia about government vaccine contracts.
  12. I thought Goldberg and Sutherland were perfect choices. Goldberg makes the material slightly more accessible to a mainstream audience, and Sutherland will impart the same power, tension and drama that he did in the original film.
  13. I remember proof reading that section for Greg. It struck me when I read it that it was all research I’d never come across before. He’s quite a researcher and I hope his health improves.
  14. John Loftus has printed the same story about Nixon and Dulles in a couple of his books, but I’ve only read it in Google Preview so haven’t checked his footnotes.
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