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  1. Good article. John Lehman worked under Kissinger as a NSC staffer in the early 70's. I suspect Lehman's appointment to the 9/11 Commission helped Kissinger keep an eye on whatever it got up to.
  2. Harry, where can excerpts of that manuscript be read? I'd love to read the whole thing but obviously understand it's likely not possible. Howard is an interesting guy.
  3. You're not wrong, but I think as Brown spent five years or so writing that Chronology, he became increasingly irked by her work every time she popped up in the narrative. But you're right, it's a point that the reader has reiterated to them a bit too much.
  4. That's a great speech by Nasser. Guyenot is back with another one. Even if you don't agree with every point he makes - I don't - it's worth a read. https://www.unz.com/article/kennedy-assassination-cia-did-it-theorists-are-covering-for-israel/ I wasn't aware that Guyenot was involved with the French translation of the James Douglass book for the French market. Guyenot later pushed the Mossad-did-it thesis on Douglass, but Douglass declined to bite.
  5. Alright. I think I've figured it out. It's a visit by King Hassan II, and unless anyone has suggestions to say that the figure with sunglasses is someone else, these look like members of the King's security services in attendance with JFK's own security personnel. Will say more about this at another time.
  6. I don't have a definite answer. Am curious if others recognise the person. This is from a parade with JFK in Washington in March 1963. Who's the guy in the sunglasses?
  7. Haven't seen that photo yet Leslie but I'll obviously keep you in the loop. I'm still looking at what links where. A few things are coming up.
  8. Not yet. Still investigating. But one name in particular has me pondering a few puzzles this morning - in particular, whether it matches up with a person who was visually in the thick of things on the day. I have 18 tabs open on my browser right now, half being historical books, some being reports from CIA collections, some news articles. I'm going to do a run through and grab info that I think is pertinent. Once I'm done, I'll do a fat post here, with the links, and the relevant background and info. Then everyone can poke at it and pick it apart and likely provide a lot more info as to whether the balloon floats or sinks. But he has links to the organisation of assassinations, and also limited connections to the CIA, as agents were assigned to his area of expertise in his resident country throughout the 60's. CIA likely worked with him prior to the JFK assassination, and evidently worked with him afterwards. But the Mossad definitely worked with him. He also might have helped Angleton out at one point. He's not Israeli, and I'd never heard of him till recently. When I searched his name on this forum, I got one single hit, as his name appears in a list, with no further info, so he's never been discussed on this forum before. But he's a striking figure.
  9. I agree that the CIA, as documented through maybe 30 books on my bookshelf, is more prominent throughout nearly every level of the plot you can think of. At the level of assets though - and this can be reduced down to an individual here or there - the Mossad had at least a few friends that the CIA might have found useful on the day, and I don't think it's a reach to suggest that Angleton would have been better placed than many to tap them on the shoulder if required.
  10. It might be worth linking Laurent Guyenot's past few years of articles here, some of them quite long. He's returned to this topic a number of times, including recently. I was lukewarm about both Guyenot and Piper's books on earlier pages. I don't feel either author captures every nuance in the case, but the accumulation of detail Guyenot eventually throws at you is certainly something. Did Israel kill the Kennedy's? https://www.unz.com/article/did-israel-kill-the-kennedies/ Fifteen Years before Kennedy, Zionists murdered Forrestal https://www.unz.com/article/fifteen-years-before-kennedy-zionists-murdered-forrestal/ Jack Ruby - Israel's Smoking Gun https://www.unz.com/article/jack-ruby-israels-smoking-gun/ Angleton, the Mossad and the Kennedy assassinations https://www.unz.com/article/angleton-mossad-and-the-kennedy-assassinations/ President Kennedy's assassination was a Zionist coup https://www.unz.com/article/president-kennedys-assassination-was-a-zionist-coup/ JFK and American's Destiny Betrayed https://www.unz.com/article/jfk-and-americas-destiny-betrayed/ Kennedy - An Israeli Perspective https://www.unz.com/article/kennedy-an-israeli-perspective/ The Umbrella Man - The sins of the father, and the Kennedy Curse https://www.unz.com/article/the-umbrella-man-the-sins-of-the-father-and-the-kennedy-curse/
  11. Fetter has offered to help me over the coming weeks if I can't get the book from Amazon, but it appears to ba available on Amazon UK without restrictions and another forum member has also ordered it. So, stay tuned.
  12. The book isn't even coming up as available for Australian purchasers. With no preview available on a website, limited purchase options, and his relatively unhelpful Twitter posts, it'll be hard to prioritise purchasing this book for a while.
  13. Seems like as good a guess as any. Though on reflection, Barnes was Assistant Deputy Director of Plans '60 - '62, chief of the CIA's Domestic Operations Division '62 onwards. Even with the awareness of the CIA using front companies, it feels like it would have been a bit difficult for Barnes to have been a supervisor at one of them during those years. You'd think he would have had more on his plate.
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