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  1. The Sharon Litwin in the Legacy obiturary posted by Karl isn't the Sharon Litwin involved in the JFK case. Sharon Litwin (Legacy Obit) passed away on June 16th, 2016. Sharon Litwin (Nolavie site, involved in JFK articles) passed away eight days later. From this link. https://www.wwno.org/show/all-things-new-orleans/2013-11-21/times-picayune-reporters-rosemary-james-and-charlie-ferguson-remember-jfk-assassination
  2. It sounds horrendous. Recent review by Martin J. Kelly. https://www.washingtondecoded.com/site/2021/10/cruising.html Is this stuff meant to coincide with the JFK documents decision? I mean, get a load of this. Alecia Long links the above review on her Twitter, and notes, "Thanks to Martin J. Kelly and Max Holland." Kelly and Holland are both cited, along with a few others, at the bottom of this Fred Litwin article slamming Josiah Thompson's recent book. So I think you're facing a group effort here. https://www.onthetrailofdelusion.com/post/a-reminder-read-nick-nalli-s-important-review-of-josiah-thompson-s-book-last-second-in-dallas And I see the former site is Holland's. That explains most of it.
  3. Some additional info. Sharon Litwin published this article in 2016. https://www.vianolavie.org/2016/07/12/new-orleans-and-the-kennedy-assassination-29758/ James and Wardlaw were the co-authors of the 1967 book PLOT OR POLITICS?: THE GARRISON CASE AND ITS CAST. So go figure why Litwin would choose to speak to the authors of a Garrison book that had been written nearly half a century earlier, rather than an author that had looked at the events years later.
  4. Sharon Litwin passed away in 2016. https://www.vianolavie.org/2016/06/24/in-memory-and-honor-of-sharon-litwin-nolavie-co-founder-and-president-26824/ There can't be that many Litwin's in the world involved in studying the JFK case, but Fred Litwin wrote I WAS A TEENAGE JFK CONSPIRACY FREAK. If Fred Litwin is writing a book debunking JFK assassination theories, and Sharon Litwin is collecting papers on Clay Shaw that end up being used in another debunker's book on the same topic, you wouldn't really be going out on a limb by wondering if Fred and Sharon Litwin were related. Regarding Alecia Long, the author of CRUISING FOR CONSPIRATORS, I wrote this back in May.
  5. I'm been looking at Joan's book on the Liberty incident this week. Very in-depth and striking - and seeing Richard Helms briefly shown in a good light (or at least better than horrible) was unexpected.
  6. Early reviews are in for H.P. Albarelli's COUP IN DALLAS. I have a new, 4000 word essay appearing at the end of COUP IN DALLAS, which was written by me earlier this year following several months discussion and research with Albarelli's co-author Leslie Sharp. The process of putting together that essay uncovered a number of additional bits and pieces, some of which will eventually be posted here on the board. COUP IN DALLAS is out very soon on Amazon, and there are listings of either October 26th or mid November for the release date. It went to the printers a couple of weeks ago, so there will be no more delays.
  7. I think you could expand the group of witting participants - Dallas, Secret Service etc - if you figure that some of them knew that something had been planned, and had then been done, but they still had no idea who did it or planned it. i.e "Do us a favour and let Jack Ruby through the door / keep the crowd at bay while these guys get in a Rambler and escape / stop any nosy journalists from asking questions etc etc etc". Followed by "You don't need to know the details. But keep everyone happy and you'll be rewarded." There could be plenty of 'insiders' who were on the periphery of the plot, who played a part, and who benefited, yet who truthfully have no idea who planned it, who the triggermen were, what the full details of the plot was. All they likely knew was if they played their part and did their piece and kept their mouths shut, they'd be happy with what they were given afterwards.
  8. It gets even more interesting if the latter group was doing any work on behalf of the former (and I have no special knowledge or insights, but it seems possible). So both authors could be more correct than not.
  9. Really good review and I need to go back to my Kindle and have another look at Newman's book, which I've read most of but not all of. I think Volume 4 isn't too far off.
  10. Beyond his work in maybe a hundred different think tanks (CSIS being a key one for him), James Woolsey has spent decades helpfully putting his name to endless reports and blue ribbon commissions urging more weapon sales for the Pentagon. So when Woolsey puts his name to a book on the JFK assassination, you’re really getting the Cold War hawk perspective unfiltered.
  11. Dylan Avery's new film, online in a few days. From the clips it looks like the title points back to James Douglass' JFK AND THE UNSPEAKABLE, redirecting the focus towards the events of 2001.
  12. The hardcover is here if you need to look further. https://archive.org/details/legendsecretworl00epst/page/n7/mode/2up
  13. Good question. The narrator and director of the piece is Coleman Lowndes. He worked (2013-2015) for Media Matters for America, a non-profit org (funded by somebody) that specialised in attacking conservatives. Fair enough. https://www.linkedin.com/in/colemanlowndes Hany Farid, the 'Professor at University of California, Berkeley', is also a 'Senior Advisor' to the Counter Extremism Project. The CEO of that outfit, Bush appointee Mark Wallace, is also the CEO of United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI), which has Mossad chiefs Meir Dagan and Tamir Pardo, and R. James Woolsey as members. https://docs.house.gov/meetings/FA/FA13/20171025/106544/HHRG-115-FA13-Bio-WallaceM-20171025.pdf Hany Farid is also an advisor to the Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity, which I'm sure means well for everyone. The Executive Director of that, Ann Cleaveland, was previously a director for the Climateworks Foundation, which has Nancy Lindborg on the board. Lindborg is CEO of the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, set up by weapons profiteer and Team B funder David Packard, who spent a lot of the early 80's on boards and reports and commissions urging new weapons expenditures. R. James Woolsey was on a lot of those commissions alongside him. So nice company Farid keeps. Without being able to pinpoint exactly who said what to Vox, or who asked Farid to give his expert opinion, I think the Vox piece is junk with an agenda, which everyone here guessed already.
  14. That stuff is typical of The Guardian. Dylan Avery's new feature film THE UNSPEAKABLE releases online next week. I'm not sure if this is the forthcoming Avery feature I heard about on the grapevine. He may well have another one on the way besides this one. Rosie O'Donnell will be doing a live Q&A with Avery and some of the interviewees when it launches. https://www.ae911truth.org/theunspeakable?fbclid=IwAR1rtncDN6LDM1Uw3pyx15Iflmm04ax_k1qr0IsvZCLqv5Y4ImseW3fcd9w
  15. Zelikow was also on the National Security Council Principals Committee (NSC/PC) when Allison was involved in the NSC as well, and he then followed Allison to the same department at Harvard. The NSC/PC is the 'senior interagency forum for consideration of policy affecting national security', which should give you an idea of their outlook on planning the future directions of the Pentagon, the national security state, and the military industrial complex, all of which had reps deeply wired into Allison's group at Harvard. The NSC/PC also has the autonomy of making decisions without Presidential approval. It was set up as an adjunct of the regular NSC, so it could cover stuff in a hurry without having to bother the President about it. In reality, this also gave the group free reign to go behind the President's back, if they wanted to.
  16. The rewrite was co-written with Philip Zelikow, a protege of May’s who became a fixture in Allison’s department.
  17. From the discussions of it I saw when it came out, it doesn’t go that route. Lee’s 30 minutes on AE9/11 was clearly much more explicit on the topic, until Lee was attacked and forced to censor his work. I still find it amazing that an Oscar winner’s follow up documentary was largely derided by a group of people who have never made a film in their lives.
  18. To my knowledge, Stone still hasn't had a public moment in the sun disputing the official 9/11 story. Which I don't mean to note as a slam against him, as it's been that way for a while. But if he's ever said anything beyond the above, I missed it. And even Spike Lee managed a paragraph or two of dissent against the official story before his documentary took a hit.
  19. I'll need to (re) dig up the references and data to cite it accurately, but when I was going through the post WW2 background of Dulles, McCloy, the CFR, the Rockefeller Foundation and various WW2 armaments interests late last year, the who-was-doing-what-and-when stuff I wrote down had McCloy higher up the chain, for decades, than Dulles was, and Dulles was frequently working for various interests where Dulles was on a panel of ten guys, but McCloy was the chair. This was the pattern for a great long while. And if you view Dulles (as some have already suggested) as being the front guy for a bigger group of interests, it makes sense, as does the smirking presence of McCloy on the Warren Commission. A couple of years after the JFK assassination, the Pentagon and a few folk put together a study group to discuss (over a long year or two) what had gone wrong during the Cuban missile crisis. Andrew Marshall, later the 'Yoda' at the Pentagon who gave the neocons top level advice for decades, was a key figure. The group settled down at Harvard, and conducted sessions run by Ernest May, who had been the official historian for the Joint Chiefs during the 50's, and who remained a trusted Pentagon advisor for decades afterwards. The group was informally known as 'the May group', as he was nominally the head of it. May's assistant during the sessions, the guy who kept notes and took records and opened discussions, was Graham Allison, and the Pentagon was so happy with his work that they funded a special new department at Harvard, paid for a new building there, let Allison approve the architecture, and put Allison in charge of the department, where he remained as head or co-head or Dean for the next three or four decades, in-between his stints on the National Security Council and serving as a top advisor to Dick Cheney. Edward Epstein's (later) Harvard advisors were involved in the study group discussions, and Epstein, the INQUEST author who later became the turncoat who attacked JFK assassination researchers, was then taken under their wing when he went to Harvard in the late 60's. John McCloy was a high-level supporter of Allison's department at Harvard - the Kennedy School of Government - and appears (by name and photographically) in offical histories of it. Thereafter through the 70's and onwards, the Kennedy School served as a training ground for incipient Pentagon folk who were picked to have a bright future ahead of them, guys who understood the party line and the overall thrust of what the military industrial complex was pushing for. Allison thereafter also had his pick of retiring Pentagon folk to serve on the staff there, with a lot of applicants putting their hands up. And Allison's coterie of specialised experts wired into the national security state were kept busy in an active advisory capacity through the 70's, the 80's, the 90's and beyond.
  20. I was curious to find out what the African American community thinks about the censorship of one of their most prominent filmmakers. I've found it nearly impossible to encounter any commentary from that area discussing it. EBONY and VIBE magazine show nothing. Youtube either has mainstream news headlines announcing that Lee was criticised for covering the topic, or nothing. Twitter is the same. Youtube used to feature lots of channels of people discussing current events. Possibly it still does. But individual commentary on the censorship of Lee seems to be absent, possibly because it has also been censored.
  21. I don’t think HBO cared either way, initially. From memory, they allowed or screened one or two of Dylan Avery’s Loose Change films, which are 100% truther content. But these are easily categorised away by debunkers, and were at the time. Lee has won an Oscar, has a following, and is now a major filmmaker that demands attention. That’s a different kettle of fish. I follow alternative media reasonably closely and I don’t think anyone was aware Lee had gone down the 9/11 conspiracy rabbit hole until Lee mentioned it a couple of weeks ago. This required an immediate response from the foot soldiers of the mainstream media, which is what happened. It takes many weeks, months, to put together a quality documentary. I’m guessing Lee would have spent quite a while immersed in the AE9/11 side of things to give them a major closing position in his documentary. As would his editors, sound mixers, color graders, camera people, crew. (Many of those people likely still have copies of the final extended cut btw, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the full version circulates privately). But we’re less than a fortnight away from probably a thousand anniversary articles commemorating the anniversary, and having Lee initiate a major conversation on what went down that day wasn’t at all welcome. So pressure came from somewhere, and he was stopped.
  22. Lee should have let the critics just have access to the first three episodes. And the final episode should have premiered for the critics and the public on the night of 9/11.
  23. I wondered the same thing. And you have to wonder how many film reviewers out there (perhaps even for smaller publications) are alert and sensitive to what Lee was detailing in his overall story about NYC, versus those who are just trying to put their hands up for bigger paycheques from the national security state. I'm assuming we'll see the episode eventually, but I'd like to see it sooner rather than later.
  24. Since the segment was edited and completed, it'd be a real shame if we never get to see it. Lee's documentary on Katrina had (from memory) extra material on the DVD release. HBO should indulge Spike and let him put the full version on physical media, for either DVD or Blu-Ray. Or if not, someone should leak it.
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