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  1. My observation was not to impugn David’s work. His posts, along with a few others, are why I still come to the forum.
  2. Good catch. I ran a surveying crew for several years. That is indeed a surveyor’s grade rod, with feet divided in tenths, not inches. The 7 on the rod in the picture is seven tenths, not seven inches.
  3. I wasn't implying any problem. I was just remembering back when the forum was very good.
  4. Whether pinned or not, if Bill Kelly started a thread or made a post, it was important, to me at least. This forum misses Bill Kelly. I don't post, but, other than the past couple of months, I've read most of everything from the beginning. In my opinion, Bill Kelly, James Richards and Larry Hancock have been the best contributors to the forum. They have also been among the most civil as well. I'm glad Larry still has a presence here. The forum would be much better if Bill and James did as well.
  5. It will be like losing an old friend. Like John, I'd be willing to contribute, but, not administer.
  6. I've never wavered in my belief of conspiracy, so, I can't personally respond to this topic; but, I would be interested in seeing Vince Palamara respond, as if I remember correctly, he switched from CT to LN then back to CT.
  7. It's a pleasure to read the conversation between two of the absolute best JFK researchers on such an important topic.
  8. I second that Steve. I hope all is good in your world James.
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