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  1. Personally, I want the BERNARD BARKER FILE opened #104-10164-10000. It was released in July 2017 as blank pages. And of course, yesterday, it was suppressed. Barker links it all back to "The Bay of Pigs" thing that Nixon was caught on tape saying, and why was Bernard Barker, the Cuban American, War Hero, CIA Agent...in the Watergate. Barker was on the Grassy Knoll. He showed his fake Secret Service badge to Dallas Deputy Constable Seymour Weitzman and Reporter Michael Canfield confirmed it when Weitzman was shown Barker's photo. Barker, E. Howard Hunt and Sturgis/Fiorini were part of Nixon's "Second Track" Assassination Plot to kill Castro as the Bay of Pigs Invasion was happening. This assassination plot on Castro was turned around and done to JFK in Dallas. Barker was in Miami/JM WAVE as a CIA Agent. He is the link from The Bay of Pigs to Watergate... And Helms confirmed it.
  3. LHO never left the second floor lunch room.
  4. It's all in the ring on his left hand.............
  5. Ron, I read in Seymour Hersh's book that it happened that way ~ I think that is the book. I saw a show on Discover or one of those "Hate JFK" channels. The show tried to pin it on RFK putting the rectal shot in ~ ??? But they also had FBI surveillance mentioned in the show the missing diary and strange comings and goings by Peter Lawford and I think RFK??? And I'm sure that the usual suspects would be brought up here. Mafia, CIA, Hoover....
  6. Brethren, I am unable to link these articles written about dying CIA Agent James Hayworth. Needs to be properly vetted. The fact that Monroe had a rectal barbiturate et al that killed her has always made me suspicious about her death.
  7. So long Cliff, that's my story, and I'm sticking with it. My research is my truth.
  8. Cliff, Try being academic. I say you are begging the question. 1) Your Willis premise is false. Z202. Fine. JFK still did not get hit from a shot from the right hand side as I have explained ad nauseam. 2) You are quoting Rosemary Willis ~ the ten year old ~ as I will agree that from the mouth of babes.... ~ if anything, BDM does not exist and she saw Gordon Arnold disappearing behind the wall similar to Sen. Yarborough's statement. And Rosemary "distinctly" heard four shots. We need to take her testimony in total (?) But testimony is not science nor logic. 3) The straight line from the "figure"? Are we even sure that that is true? Occam's Razor: BDM is moving down the concrete stairs to be one of the three men on the stairs. I will never agree that BDM is your shooter. He simply could not shoot at JFK and have The three men on the stairs, the woman with the baby, her partner, Bill Newman and family, Gordon Arnold, Zapruder and Sitzman not seeing him shoot at the President. 4) The direction of your so called xray showing a nick in the neck area proves it comes left (The South Knoll) to the right. 5) My word on Sitzman? Sitzman's words to Josiah Thompson. I simply am not seeing an form of logic with what you are saying. I appreciate your opinion, but I just think it is very wrong. And please, It is nothing personal Cliff. Tony
  9. Cliff, I disagree with you completely. You criticize my research and you just keep telling me everything is not possible or true. You provide nothing to dispute my work. Tony
  10. Gentlemen, As I have read the discussion of how BDM continued to stand at the corner of the concrete wall during the entire assassination, I am having problems with a few things. 1) While Marilyn Sitzman noticed the black couple running behind the fence together, she doesn't mention a third person (BDM?) ~ If the man coming up the stairs after the shooting is the partner joined with the women that Sitzman is referring to, then where is BDM? Sitzman would have had to have seen all three of them there at some point and she would have had to have seen Gordon Arnold too. A bit crowded up there and she only sees the Black couple in her testimony to Josiah Thompson. 2) If BDM stayed at his position through out the assassination, Gordon Arnold did not testify to have had seen him nor did he try to apprehend him, 3) Badgeman could have never have made his shot at Z313 without hitting BDM, 4) the woman with the baby would have seen BDM shoot at the President and done nothing, 5) the men on the stairs never reacted to BDM shooting something at the President before Z313 (even a dart gun makes a sound or a vibration after it is shot and it is hard not to notice something, but no one on the stairs mentions this neither does Gordon Arnold), 6) Bill Newman does not say that anything came from behind him until Z313 and 7) no one has a photo of BDM nor testifies that he was there between Z202 to Z313. Occam's Razor: Maybe BDM walked down the stairs to stand there and watch JFK, then he turned around after the shot at Z313 buzzed over his shoulder and he then proceeded back up the steps to his partner (The woman with baby). Finally, Marilyn Sitzman verifies that she saw the couple run behind the wooden fence between Z313 and the end of the Z Film. Meanwhile, Abraham Zapruder does not react at all to the so called initial shot fired by BDM either.
  11. Ron, No head. Obliterated. Impossible to piece back together. All you have is Patsy on the sixth floor and a guaranteed hole in the windshield (which can be debated as a fragment or a hole or whatever like the SBT apologists do today). The belief was that no one would miss by as much as they did from the rear: County Building and Dal Tex. But you could still cover up their shots and misses if the entire head is obliterated. I think this is very plausible as to why the front shot from the left of JFK (South Knoll) was a preconceived shooting position.
  12. Ron, I would love to see that reasoning on the man being obscured on the concrete step. I really can't see enough legs there to say two men were standing there in Willis #5. Thanks always.
  13. Jon, When I stood on the winged portion of the overpass at the corner ~ South Knoll ~ and took photos, I can only tell you that with a lense on a high powered rifle (for me it was a zoom camera) one can see directly into the back seat of any car travelling between Z180 and Z225 on Elm Street. I was flabbergasted at how the autos seemed to just hang in "mid air" for about 2 seconds (my unofficial timing). The shot is very possible for an accomplished sniper. As for why take the shot thru the windshield, 1) from the multiple shooting positions the goal was to blow JFK's head off his shoulders without killing Jackie. No small feat. The shooters were positioned as to no be able to hit each other with a "pulled up" missed shot, and 2) a bullet hole in the windshield would have been vital to proving the LHO shot when JFK's head would have been obliterated. The WC would have called it all a fragment in the windshield. I also don't discount Gordon Arnold and George Whitaker's testimony.
  14. Well Gentlemen, it seems that you've read my paper a little bit. Let's get down to it. Willis#5 is synced at Z207. JFK was not hit yet. I believe that is the end of the debate there. If it is synced to Z202, it proves the Z film is altered. Yes the shooter on the South Knoll planned to shoot JFK thru the windshield. It was not a bullet proof windshield, and a high powered rifle can blast right thru it with minimal deflection. After standing on the South Knoll and the corner of the concrete wing, it is a straight shot to JFK. I have photos in my paper. Also, with shots, IMHO, being taken from The County Building, Dal-Tex Building, (TSBD?), South Knoll and Grassy Knoll wooden fence, there wasn't going to be any head left on JFK's shoulders if the shooters had hit there target. Therefore, a hole in the windshield would have fit nicely into the LHO single bullet shooter theory to prove a shot from the rear. As for the hole in the windshield, Dr. Glanges and Mr. Whitaker's statement to Doug Weldon prove everything to me...not to mention Nick Prencipe and Officer Ellis who I believe said that you could put a pencil thru the hole. I believe that the Z film was altered and therefore, Z225 may or may not be the exact point at which JFK was hit in the throat thru the windshield. If one likes Gil Jesus' work, then we can't take what he says in a vacuum. The windshield, Connolly's movement left, JFK grasping his neck tie etc and Kellerman touching his cheek area (my observation) must be considered in total. I am sorry but the angle discussed for the "nick" in the neck area is not valid. Nor is the "nick" in the neck. A slight left (South Knoll) to right front entrance shot trajectory proves my point. Ron Ecker is correct. BDM was wide out in the open, and Gordon Arnold, if he is telling the truth, would have mentioned him after shooting the President. Also, BDM is the missing man not standing on the concrete platform step in Willis 5. BDM could not have simply disappeared. If Marilyn Sitzman saw the Black Couple run behind the wooden fence, then the BDM certainly did not run in that direction before Z313. She would have seen him. I will agree that a front shot hit the President in the throat before the Z313 head shot. To be right or to be incorrect is not the point with me, but to agree that there was a front shot to the throat is all that matters to me. I welcome your comments on my research. And I will respond as quickly as possible.
  15. Don't confuse yourself. Z225 is the title of the paper. Z180 to Z225 are studied throughout it.
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