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  1. Top JFK Secret Service agents…on game shows?! - YouTube Top JFK Secret Service agents…on game shows?! 1) SAIC Gerald Behn (JFK/LBJ era; in Secret Service 1939-1967): What’s My Line 12/27/59 2) SAIC Gerald Behn (JFK/LBJ era; in Secret Service 1939-1967): To Tell The Truth 2/26/62 3) Deputy Chief (and former OSS) Paul Paterni (JFK/LBJ era; in Secret Service FDR-Nixon): To Tell The Truth 1/28/62 4) Chief U.E. Baughman (Chief 11/22/48-January 1961; replaced by Rowley): To Tell The Truth 4/9/57 5) Chief U.E. Baughman (Chief 11/22/48-January 1
  2. Correct! I never thought that discredited Jean Hill in any event. She may have even mistaken the (non-rose) flowers as a little dog, as celebrities like Zsa Zsa Gabor and others travelled with a little dog beside them while travelling.
  3. Thanks! I have a You Tube editor and a video editor...I am inspired
  4. NBC's Frank McGee finds JFK's wounds "incongruous" 11/22/63 - YouTube
  5. Dallas Mayor Earle Cabell: had to be one man, dismisses right wing as suspect 11/22/63 - YouTube
  6. RARE: 3 female Oswald school mates + Ed Voebel 11/22/63 - YouTube from 11/24/63
  7. Ruby shooting Oswald: CAR HORN, "There he is!", CAR HORN + DPD Patrick Dean evasive 11/24/63 - YouTube
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