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  1. Not sure but it was definitely after the media splash. I am thinking early 2000's.
  2. FBI Agent Frank O’Neill, Dr. Malcolm Perry (3 different appearances), Secret Service Agent Clint Hill, Secret Service Agent Paul Landis, Secret Service Agent Sam Kinney, Mortician Tom Robinson, Dr. William Zedlitz, James Curtis Jenkins, Dr. Joe D. Goldstrich, Nurse Audrey Bell (repeated), Floyd Riebe (repeated/extended), Jerrol Custer (repeated/extended), Dr. Kenneth Salyer, Dr. Robert McClelland (4 different appearances), Dr. Ronald Jones (2 different appearances), Dr. Paul Peters (2 different appearances), Dr. Richard Dulany, Dr. Charles Carrico, Dr. Marion “Pepper” Jenkins, Paul O’Connor, Secret Service Agent Winston Lawson, Phil Willis, Marilyn Willis, Linda Willis, Dr. Charles Crenshaw, Dr. Charles Baxter, Nurse Sharon Tuohy, Nurse Phyllis Hall, Dr. Robert Schorlemer, Aubrey Rike, Theran Ward
  3. Other than that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln? Everyone seemed to miss this when it aired in 1988 and for many years afterward. @Pat Speer dedicated to you, Pat.
  4. You can see how, circa 1990, many smelled a rat: a huge media explosion, then no diary. Cables that many thought seem fake. Geneva appearing to be looking for a payday. Beverly Oliver and Gerry Hemming coming out of the woodwork saying they knew Roscoe. Then Ricky disappears for 30-plus years.
  5. ok---I will concede that this is impressive. @Denny Zartman I am impressed that someone of Hargis' credibility says this on video, as opposed to having to rely on someone vouching for him saying this.
  6. The cables just reek of fakery, the scrapbook is a big nothing and it is TOO convenient that the diary disappeared. ALSO--Beverly Oliver and Gerry Patrick Hemming knowing Roscoe White does the Roscoe White story no favors LOL! [Hemming is mentioned by Paul Hoch in his newsletter Echoes of Conspiracy as being someone who was saying "oh yeah--I knew Roscie"]
  7. Bobby Hargis, not Roger Craig. Is there a video/documented proof that Hargis said this? If so, I will concede that this is impressive. Hoffman? Hmmmm- never bought his story.
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