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  1. ***ALEX HARRIS DISCOVERED THIS*** Please subscribe to his channel: https://www.youtube.com/@thejfktheorist1122 ***Alex gave me permission to upload this*** "Hello Vince, I don’t mind if you post the full Dr. Perry video again." Alex Harris, 4/8/24. Alex is a fantastic researcher! Amazing for someone so young, too!
  2. Excellent, DVP! You know this IS a conspiracy between the moon and the sun (two actors), correct? The Luna Nut Theory Seriously-thanks!
  3. It is up in abbreviated form on my channel (again). A big misunderstanding between Alex Harris (who FOUND the video and first posted it) and myself led to a brief "disagreement" [wherein the video was taken down] that has since thankfully passed. Alex may post it again but, in the meantime, my 14-second Fair Use bit is included here (yes, Alex is much aware of this):
  4. The funny thing is: I read it carefully cover to cover and, without checking, I actually now forget how he accounts for just three shots doing all the damage WITHOUT the SBT (!). Perhaps Pat Speer will know/remember.
  5. Exactly! I made sure he received credit via the first pinned comment on the video and the link to his video, as well as on here (and on Facebook).
  6. Hi, Robert! JUST seeing your post/comment right now (I am not on every day and, even when I am, hours can go by before I see someone's response/reply, so bear with me). I believe it is from 11/22/63 (the evening) BUT there is a chance it is from early 11/23/63. In the big scheme of things, I am not sure that it matters too much. That said, it is at the end of an ABC video labelled as footage from 11/22/63. Jefferson Morley enthusiastically wrote me about the video in an e-mail and here is my response (that may clear up some other issues, as well): "Hi- someone sent me an MP4 of this (just the Perry part) that apparently came from a young man named Alex Harris who found it on an extended video (the first part features several uninteresting interviews with others). Alex is 15 or so (!!!) and presented at Lancer. He has a You Tube channel called The JFK Theorist. He wasn’t too happy that I posted it (I didn’t know it was discovered by him) BUT his version was largely ignored when he posted it 3 weeks ago because he only has 3K subscribers (I have 20K) and it is buried at the end of largely uninteresting footage at the start. His version has 700 views….my Perry-only edit has 12K-plus-and-counting. As I told Alex, I make zero money on these mostly copyrighted (by others) videos and share them for free as a labor of love and to get the truth out there. I apologized to him and gave him full credit on the first pinned comment on my version of the video and on The Education Forum. My view on this is simple- it is 60-plus years later…no more proprietary items held close to the vest! And, frankly, neither Alex NOR I shave copyrights to an ABC video made before we were born LOL! I think he was “bummed” that “my” version received all the attention, but the alternative was this- it was buried and ignored on a modest you tube channel. Vince
  7. Yes, i put the title back to 11/22 after seeing Pat's post. It DOES seem to be 11/22. Tellingly, even Alex Harris has the title of the video as 11/22/63.
  8. Hi, Denis! Sorry for the delay in responding. No, I had no idea, especially because his video is titled "Miscellaneous ABC footage from the evening of November 22nd, 1963" and says nothing about Perry. I was sent an MP4 of just that part from an associate. I told Alex sorry and that I did not know where it came from. I have since pinned a comment on my copy giving him credit and the link. It is a good thing that the Perry part was highlighted all by itself: while the original extended video (posted 3/7/24) has just 514 views, the Perry-by-itself version has a whopping 6800-plus-and-counting views in just 22 hours! I make zero money from any of my videos (most of which are copyrighted/originate with networks; neither of us have ABC News credentials) and I just intermittently post them for free for people to share and to spread the truth. After all, many people (Alex, me, etc.) have versions of the Z film, ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, etc. on all our channels (unless/until they are taken down, which does occur from time to time [some guy---Dannotch's Videos---had a wonderful channel with even more subscribers than my 20K but his channel and all the videos were taken down due to the fact that his hundreds of videos were all NETWORK videos and nothing he himself filmed and owned].
  9. "The wound of the neck was a small, penetrating wound, and appeared to be the entrance wound of one of the missiles".
  10. Pretty awesome, huh? I am constantly dredging the Network archives and every channel/video I can find.
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