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  1. Sylvia Odio 1993/1978 (JFK assassination) - YouTube
  2. Hello, Pete! Yes, that very brief clip is actually most of what aired from Sam's one and only television interview (Today show, NBC, 11/22/93). The other segment was merely about John Junior's salute. Sam helped put the top on at Parkland with a Dallas police officer. The cleaning of the blood and gore appears to have been done (well, at least an attempt was made) by the other agent present, the infamous George W. Hickey, Jr. What's more, the bucket sitting there may or may not be related to any aborted attempt at cleaning, as it could have also been used for lubrication of the metal scre
  3. CBS, Charles Collingwood. The same one who did Jackie's tour of the White House.
  4. JFK assassination eyewitness compilation - YouTube
  5. This compilation is much longer: President Kennedy’s wounds-deluxe compilation - YouTube
  6. Most of that came from the 1988 NOVA PBS program Who Shot President Kennedy. I have a much longer video compilation I will post.
  7. Parkland doctors: Paul Peters, Robert McClelland, Richard Dulany, Ronald Jones, Charles Carrico, Charles Crenshaw, Charles Baxter, Marion "Pepper" Jenkins, Robert Shaw + Nurse Audrey Bell + Aubrey Rike Bethesda: Jerrol Custer, Paul O’Connor, Floyd Reibe, FBI's Frank O'Neill Secret Service agents Clint Hill and Win Lawson Dallas Police officer James Chaney + reporter Bill Lord; Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry Dealey Plaza eyewitnesses Phil, Marilyn, and Linda Willis Warren Commissioner John Sherman Cooper 1988 was a banner year for some (25th anniversary) television/VHS (DVD) classics: KRON/JFK
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