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  1. Not yet---I have it on order. It technically comes out in two days, but it is in the mail already. It appears to be a good, pro-conspiracy book from the description.
  2. "This book achieves several things. It provides a point-by-point refutation of Vincent Bugliosi's book Reclaiming History; it demonstrates, once and for all, that Lee Harvey Oswald was innocent of the crimes of which he was accused; it provides the most detailed and comprehensive list yet of all the points that, taken together and with irrefutable logic, prove that a conspiracy was involved in the events of November 22, 1963 in Dallas; and it demonstrates the deep involvement of various levels of government in the conspiracy, and the nature of such involvement. In the course of the above, the Warren Report is also refuted."
  3. Reclaiming Reality: Vincent Bugliosi and the Dallas Conspiracy: Donges, Gregory S.: 9781634243780: Amazon.com: Books
  4. Dr. Adolph Giesecke, Dr. Charles Baxter, Dr. Ronald Jones and Dr. Robert Grossman + Gary Mack, Bob Schieffer, and Dr. Charles Petty (HSCA). Dr. Grossman just passed away on Oct. 8, 2021. He was 88. RIP Dr. Charles Baxter passed in 2005, Dr. Charles Petty in 2007, Dr. Giesecke in 2011, Gary Mack in 2015, and Larry King died January 2021. That leaves only Dr. Jones and Bob Schieffer, who is still alive as of October 2021. HIGHLIGHTS REGARDING THE WOUNDS: 7:11 , 9:45 , 11:07 , 12:07 , 12:48 , 14:25 , 17:55 , 20:15 , 36:38
  5. Cruising for Conspirators: How a New Orleans DA Prosecuted the Kennedy Assassination as a Sex Crime https://www.amazon.com/Cruising-Conspirators-Prosecuted-Assassination-Boundless/dp/1469662736/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=alecia+p.+long&qid=1634422393&s=books&sr=1-1
  6. Pat, you are a treasure to the research community. I hope you get better very soon!
  7. My very best to you, Pat. I have great respect for your research and it was really nice meeting you in the plaza in 2019.
  8. Bob Jackson, the photographer who took the Pulitzer Prize winning photo of Ruby shooting Oswald, comments on my video (see comment section for the actual video). He also rode in the motorcade. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYQeDQOZNbY https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_H._Jackson_(photographer)
  9. Thanks. That has happened to me just a couple of times. Then again, over a span of 11-plus years and over 15K photos, that is a drop in the ocean. No penalty occurred: like you said, they merely remove the photo.
  10. One thing I would really like to know--HAVE copyright laws loosened in the last 5-10 years? On Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc., you can post many (many!) copyrighted photos and face 0.0 penalties. Back in 2009-2010ish, Facebook would ONLY allow photos YOU yourself took and even had a disclaimer...heck, they even only allowed a small amount of photos to be posted back then. Now, the sky is the limit. As an important JFK-related side note: Researchers DO realize that the vast majority of the amazing photos of President Kennedy (including assassination-related photos [not necessarily the actual assassination films/photos on Elm Street]) have largely only become available post-2008-2012? I vividly remember the period from 1998-2007 when the online JFK Library site, quite frankly, sucked: only a handful of boring photos of JFK we have all seen a million times. Then, soon after, thousands became both digitized AND public domain, as White House photographer Cecil Stoughton passed away (Robert Knudsen was already deceased by this time). People are always so amazed at my JFK (in life) and 11-22-63 related photos, yet many do not realize how "new" they are, so to speak: they were buried, undigitized and unpublished for decades/ generations until recently. In addition to the ARRB file releases, this is an amazing thing.
  11. No--he moved away and, like actual former agents from that time, I am persona non grata because of my books LOL
  12. My head wound video compilation from earlier this year (mine focuses on just the television/video excerpts available):
  13. Jim, PLEASE tell me that the Secret Service is brought up in the documentary. The documentary sounds like it is going to be great!
  14. I hate to be the bearer of bad news (there is some good news, so bear with me), but interest is waning and "they" are winning (or perhaps they have even won). Public opinion polls are still "on our side" but nowhere near the large margins they once were from roughly 1988-2003ish (and witness public comment sections on any related articles littered with "Oswald did it-get a life" kind of statements). Time has not been a friend. Since 2013, the mainstream media has really shut down dissent on the case and it is now very common to see Oswald listed as the assassin, not even the alleged assassin, with no note of any theories or discrepancies and so forth. So many principals have passed on since 1963. Think about it this way: 30 years ago (!), when the JFK movie came out, Jackie, Teddy, JFK Jr, the Connallys and a score of others were still alive. From 1988-1993 (and off and on until 2003), talk shows and even some mainstream programs catered to pro-conspiracy shows...no longer. The Men Who Killed Kennedy was a regular feature on the A & E Network and the history channel from roughly 1991-2003...no longer. New crap books by Carol Leonnig and Dan Abrams are massive best-sellers that trot out Oswald as the assassin, Ruby as a lone-nutter, the agents ordered off the limo myth, etc. The only real "good" news: the internet still displays a fair amount of interest and pro-conspiracy sites, forums and views abound. Also, Josiah Thompson's book (and, to a lesser extent, my book) has been selling very well. There is also the new Stone documentary that we hope sees the light of day in America/ on television/DVD. In addition, the 2017-2018 file releases garnered some positive press and revelations. But you know that old saying: "yesterday's headlines wrap tomorrow's fish." The constant meme/ soundbite culture we live in (thanks to social media) is relentless and makes people forget things quickly. Finally, the whole Covid mess has probably been a distraction, as well. Another aspect that did irreparable damage: the whole false flag/dirtying of the term "conspiracy theory." Alex Jones and James Fetzer trotted out that obscene Sandy-Hook-is-a-hoax fraud and it has carried over into so much else ever since, not to mention all the silly 9/11 theories. Trump and his minions only dowsed fuel onto the flame via the whole Qanon/ Pizzagate/other obscene theories muck (including Ted-Cruz-dad-knew-Oswald). As I state in my new book, hope springs eternal, but time has not been a friend.
  15. A very interesting and compelling new book by author Bruce de Torres! https://www.amazon.com/GOD-SCHOOL-11-JFK-Killing/dp/1634243498/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=bruce+de+torres&qid=1622850007&s=books&sr=1-1
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