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  1. Thanks, for the heads up Greg. Get well soon, Jack.
  2. Tom, it was really weird to see that photo you posted of the Remington Arms factory in Bridgeport, Connecticut. I walked past that very factory on my way home from Saint Michael's School on the afternoon of Nov. 22, 1963. I was unaware of the shooting until I reached home but I remember that walk to this day as if it happened yesterday. I walked past those buildings every day for two years while I was in second and third grade. Yeah, you could walk down Barnum Ave., Arctic Street and Hallett Street as a kid back in those days. Sorry to take the thread off on a tangent but that photo brought ba
  3. Bernice, I have received everything you've sent me. Thanks, again.
  4. Rich is surely missed. I couldn't wait to log on each day and see what new posts Rich and others had put up on the forum dealing with everything from JFK,9/11,global warming,the New World Order or some new joke or funny anecdote. The lack of bitching, name calling and other crap you see on evidence on this forum especially, was what made me keep coming back. I got to meet and communicate with some very interesting folks there from Greg, Bernice, Jack, Jim and not the least, Rich, the father of JFK forum administrators. Thanks, for the heads up Greg.
  5. Thanks, Bill, for your time and quick reply. I hate wasting my time or money on a Posner or Bugliosi type book. Keep up the good work...
  6. Bill, great review. I've got a question for you before I consider reading this book. Are there parts of this book that make you want to throw it across the room out of frustration because you are aware of falsehoods, lies or deliberate manipulation of the facts? From your review, I take it does lean towards the theory of a conspiracy, but after reading the Doug Horne volumes, the Douglas book and the Armstrong tome, all three of which I consider some of the best I have read on the assassination, I don't have much tolerance for the bullxxxx, if you know what I mean? I found Bolden's book very
  7. Link to interview with retired FBI Special Agent Don Adams. The segment with his interview starts at about the 55 minute mark. Interview deals with his investigation of Joseph Milteer and his connection to the JFK assassination... My link
  8. Rob, I posted a link to your article on my blog as you might already know. Good work. Link: http://howthehellshouldiknow-wallyworld.blogspot.com/2010/12/lbj-cia-and-plot-to-kill-jfk.html
  9. Maybe we will get no info on JFK, 9/11 or any other such events because Wikileaks is a product of a controlled disinformation program run by some nation's intelligence agency. Link: http://beforeitsnews.com/story/294/056/Is_the_Internet_9_11_Under_Way.html
  10. Here's the link to Part One of the Ventura episode on JFK. You can get the rest from YouTube... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHUKPXR5TbQ&feature=player_embedded
  11. Greg, I am the first to admit I have a limited knowledge of the circumstances behind the creation of the state of Israel. I am sure their founding fathers are viewed much like ours are here in the US. It is possible and probably most likely, that elements of the Israeli government have gone rogue so to speak and don't quite live up to the standards most Israeli's might hold for their leaders, much like their Neocon brethren here in the US. I have always supported the idea of a homeland for the Jews. If I understand your explanation, the Palestinians had their chance at a homeland as well a
  12. A very cathartic thread. To be Jewish does not mean you are a Zionist. Zionism is a political philosophy that happens to be associated with extreme groups within the country of Israel as well as without. Not all Muslims are Jihadists to draw a similar parallel. Are the Zionist responsible in some way for 9/11? Do they have connections with the Neocons? Who has benefited from the events of 9/11? Why do American politicians and the media refuse to stand up to atrocities committed by Israel in Gaza? These are all good questions and no one should be afraid to ask them. People who do are usuall
  13. It's a puzzling mystery. I'm a CT'er and I think that if the pieces that are hidden or have presumably been destroyed are somehow made public, those pieces would fit to support the conspiracy view as well.
  14. An interesting thought on her part, but begs a question. Why did they not take to the streets against the Nazi Government? They sure seemed to have a different view then. By the time the Nazi's took over they had pretty well established control of the streets. Remember they fought battles with the communists openly in the streets led by Ernst Rohm's million plus SA brownshirts who for lack of a better term, were Hitler's street gang or muscle. I would guess the Nazi thugs pretty well scared the average person to docility by the time most figured out what had hit them.
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