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  1. To all: I wish to thank everyone who has been so kind to me, and tto hose who have attacked me unfairly, well, I think they have shown their true colors. I have never minded answering reasonable questions. And nobody should take what I say without careful examination of the facts and what I have said (not what others SAY I said... there are corrupted materials out there, over which I have no control). I have given you the truth and stand by it. However, I am now in a situation where I do not have a computer that I can get access to easily, and for health reasons, I am not able to reach an
  2. To all: Regarding Stephen quote about the training camp: I was not aware of Dave going out to any training camp personally, but I know he was involved later in a minor incident with a couple of the people who were out there. I am not saying this amounts to any overt anti-Castro acticity, as such, by Dave in July and August of 1963. I saw no indication that it was overt. Stephen Roy has written: "On the July 1963 camp(s), we really have only Delphine Roberts (not a bad source, but not a great one) and Tannenbaum's film recollection." Tanenbaum (one n, is it not?) stated unequivocally tha
  3. I would like to add my welcome to Stephen Roy on this forum. There is no doubt that he has been called an expert on Dave Ferrie by many, and deservedly so. He will be able to supply much important information about Dave to this forum. I believe that a thread on Dave Ferrie where Stephen Roy offers information can be fruitful and useful to those interested in Ferrie. I would like to reiterate that I also knew Dave, and hope that someday Mr. Roy will want to add the materials I have offered him to his collection. My only objective is to bring forth into the light who is who, and that we have t
  4. DearDawn: I do believe what Nancy means is I will be blamed as a part of the conspiracy to kill JFK because they are3 trying to prove Lee did it, and since there is plenty of proof I was in contact with Lee, I am also guilty. She is trying to show concern, I believe. As for handling the time cards, I handled them at Reily's, not later. I only wanted the time cards because I knew I had written on them and this would prove I handled Lee's time cards. My initial "J" is on five of the cards, and my initial has been erased from at least one card. Matt Allison knew I wanted to get copies of the
  5. To all: I have been told that David Blackburst (Stephen Roy) has posted on this Forum, but I cannot seem to find the post. I read his post over at alt.conspiracy, where Mr. Bob Vernon published it, and now reproduce that post here, with my commenhts. Before going any further, I would like to say that I regret having made Mr. Roy feel uncomfortable about telling people about his other name. I didn't do it to be mean to Mr. Roy. I apologize for making Mr. Roy feel that in some way I have made things harder for him. My intention was to make things easier for many others. Since Mr. Roy has sa
  6. Please remember that my book will be coming out this year. I want to thank people who have been sending me private emails. I see that some of this material is going to be useful to researchers and students. That makes it worth the effort. Meanwhile, back to the topic. This is the final article in the Dave Reitzes thread that I wish to present for the time being. Within this article, below, I attempt to distinguish among the main players in the assassination research community. °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° THE COMPOSITION OF THE 'RESEARCH COMMUNITY' , WITH SPECIAL ATTENTION TO MR. DAVY´
  7. RESPONSE FROM JUDYTH TO BERNICE: Well, Bernice, you have said the same elsewhere about me, and you are welcome to your opinion. ============================================== RETURNING TO THE THREAD ABOUT MR. REITZES' RHETORICAL DEVICES, ETC: Meanwhile, back to the matter of Dave Reitzes. This will be the last material I intend to publish in this thread. I will be happy to respond to persons who begin a different thread instead of derailing this one, as I have already said several times now. Tthread, I repeat, is dedicated to understanding how the rhetorical tactics of Mr. Reitzes might
  8. Dixie... I am sorry if I upset you. ==j==
  9. Well, Dixie, now you have written Nancy and she has mentioned it immediately. You wrote all of that about Lancer 2000 ---and at the bottom apologized, for it was Lancer 1999 that you were really talking about. I would appreciate your going back and editing your post to say 1999, and I hope, as you do so, to remove statements about my situqation. By the eway, I have emails from Mary offering me to stay in her suite with her in 2000. She was going to pay all my bills, including transportation. She wanted me to use a fake name. that is why I turned down her offer and rented a suite on my own ni
  10. ELDRETH WROTE>>>>Judyth you lied to me about your address and your email address. Uwe told me if you moved out of the country you will not be able to have the same address. YOU LIED TO ME. Uwe (David Weaver) hasn't told you the truth, if that's what he told you. I moved, but I pay for a server to keep my old Holland email address. I have my mail forwarded to me from my old address as a friend lives there now. I kept my Holland bank account but that doesn't mean I live there any more than my Dallas bank account means I live there. People have been getting my emails quite awhile
  11. ELDRETH WROTE: IS to go to a private investigator with the information and as much proof as you could show him and turned this inside out yourself. YOU DID NOT EVER DO THAT. I went to Sixty Minutes, they hired private investigators, I have emails proving they did not walk away from the story. Enemies arose, they were blocked from higher up. I am still on good terms with Sixty Minutes, who also paid me for lost wages, I have the check copies, something they would never have done if I had been the slightest thought dishonest. They knew i was telling the truth. Don Hewitt said so on C-Span.
  12. To anyone who accuses me of not having evidence: Besides the documents and materials proving my proximity to Lee Oswald, I have statements (made before witnesses) of several persons, not related to me, who say on film and on audiotape that they observed me and Lee together as lovers. I also have supporting statements from my sister, yes. These films and audiotapes in the hands of several honest researchers now. They have been released to be made available to researchers everywhere at no financial gain whatsoever to me. I gave them freely, just as I also gave up the deMohrenschildt tapes a
  13. Nancy, I feel sorry for you. I foolishly befriended you when everybody over at Lancer was picking on you. have often felt sorry for underdogs. I was a mental health counselor for years and was certified by the State of Florida, District VI, in 1988. I recognized that you had some serious problems and wanted to help you. I offered a friendly hand. But it was hopeless. You often misunderstood what you heard and read and believed things happened to you that were impossible. You've gotten worse this past year. Now you are trying to make people believe additional impossible things about me.
  14. To all: "David Weaver" calling me names and objecting that he can go ahead and use a fake name on this forum doesn't impress me. Let's get back to the subject thjat I hope will help scholars and students understand why rhetorical devices are being used by Warren Commission apologists to hide the truth about the Kennedy Assassination, and why their arguments are still being listened to after all this time. Basically, people need a coherent STORY that makes sense about the JFK assassination. The Warrren Commission materials do not, when examined closely, make much sense. For example, there is
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