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  1. Royal British Legion HM Queen Mother Great War Scholarship 2008 http://www.cfkeep.org/html/snapshot.php?id=97034364656577 I was fortunate enough to be awarded this year's scholarship which entailed spending five weeks on the Somme over the summer researching my local regiment, the Norfolks. The aim of the project was to compile a pack of written, audio, and visual sources for teachers in Norfolk to cascade to their students so that the international element of WWI can be viewed through local study. To achieve this I was given unlimited access to museums, databases, archaological trusts, hi
  2. The powerpoint presentation can now be viewed by clicking on 'Dan Guiney' on the right hand side of the page linked below. http://www.schoolsnetwork.org.uk/Article.a...p;PageId=239400
  3. An article about this was featured in the January edition of the ASCL Leader Magazine. To read more please click on [url=http://www.leadermagazine.co.uk/article.php?id=949]http://www.leadermagazine.co.uk/article.php?id=949[/url][/color]
  4. Pictures from the presentation can now be viewed at http://www.neatherd.org/events/healthyminds.php
  5. Healthy Minds Three ex-students of mine recently spoke at a conference called ‘Healthy Minds: Turning the Tide’ at the University of East Anglia to over 150 people. Our presentation was about the CAMHS project which we took part in from 2005-2007 on social and emotional aspects of learning. Questionnaires taken at the start and the end of the project revealed a number of pleasing outcomes which are emboldened. “Healthy Schools is about more than preparing for the Olympics … it’s about healthy minds too and ensuring you keep happy and emotionally balanced and don’t let your stress get on t
  6. The Challenging Class: A Solution-Focused Approach to Success Solution-focused approaches have been developed in the past thirty years as a way of collaboratively problem-solving in a range of professional contexts including social work, psychology, psychiatry and increasingly education (Berg & Steiner, 2003). As the name suggests solution-focused approaches start with solutions, developing successful strategies to reach these. Such an approach assumes that problem-owners have within them the will and resources to develop successful solutions to their difficulties when given a framework
  7. Biography I am Daniel Guiney. I read History (2.i Hons) at the University of Sheffield in 2000 and trained to teach under the tutelage of Bob Unwin at the University of Leeds (PGCE) in 2001. I began teaching history at Springwood High School in King's Lynn in 2001 and consider myself an exciting and dynamic classroom practioner. I then became a Year Leader at Neatherd High School in Dereham in 2003 before moving on to take on my present role as Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator in 2008. I have hugely enjoyed all my roles and presently work at Wayland Community High School, an 11-16 c
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