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  1. Here is a Video of Oswald's Russian-teacher in Minsk in 1960/61. And here an interview about his experience with the the IC creature LHO in Minsk, given to RADIO FREE EUROPE in 2013. The fingerprints of intelligence are everywhere. Some gems of his interview regarding Oswald, quote:
  2. BTW. Walker himself concluded that Oswald did not shoot at him. Quote, Jim Marrs (In the Afterword of Judyth Bakers book ME AND LEE close quote And ole Ruth is still telling her audience that Oswald shot at Walker.
  3. Jom De Eugenio said: @ Jim DiEugenio I am fine with the explanation of Wecht. What I mean is: The computer-animations only shows the bizarre WC-version of an intact bullet entering Connallys thigh. Twice. IMO there should have been an animation of the true trajectory and entering of the "Connally only" bullet and it's splintering when it crushed his rip and bones of his arm with some minor fragments of it ending up in his thigh.
  4. Just saw the German version: The docu gives the impression that an intact bullet ended up in Connallys thigh which isn't true. Just several small fragments of metal ended up in Connallys thigh and remained there till he died in 1993.
  5. @Sandy Larsen Yes. I would translate it in the same way ... this book was related to a TV series about Vietnam back then ... I do not know if Salinger said this words on camera and if this part of his interview was used in the TV series. I am sure, his words were taped.
  6. @John Kowalski: Maybe there where such projects. But not in this case. No second mother no second kid Oswald involved. Ignoring Robert Oswald first hand witness account, Armstrong claims in his book "Harvey and Lee", that neither Oswald nor his brother where in contact with the Marguerite at Bristol Road 3006, who suffered a work related injury on Dec. 5th 1958, BECAUSE THIS LADY WAS NOT THEIR MOTHER. Now ... some quotes of Robert Oswalds 1967 book LEE, A PORTRAIT OF LEE HARVEY OSWALD BY HIS BROTHER which Armstrong ignores completely to substitute the real and only Marguerite Oswald living at Bristol Road 3006 in Nov/Dec 1958 with a Marguerite Clone-( IMO nothing but a figment of Armstrongs imagination) which Armstrong claims was NOT Roberts and Lee's mother. Quote, Robert Oswald, "LEE, PORTROAT OF LEE HARVEY OSWALD BY HIS BROTHER (The words in brackets are mine.) Close quote Ignoring this first hand account, guess what Armstrong claims about that month of 19th Nov. to 22. Dec. 1958, when Lee Harvey Oswald was in Fort Worth and, quote Robert Oswald: came to Fort Worth by bus, as I remember it. He stayed with Mother at her apartment (At 3006 Bristol Road), but he spent a lot of time with us at our house, 7313 Davenport Street. Armstrong claims, quote HARVEY AND LEE: Aha ... NOT THEIR MOTHER. Now again, read what Robert Oswald writes about that time in Fort Worth Nov 19 to Dec 22. 1958. See how Armstrong's TWO MARGUERITES FAIRY TALE implodes? Everybody who takes Armstrong's Two Ossis two Marguerites scenario serious is IMO a victim of a crazy conspiracy theory designed to cover the real conspiracy. KK
  7. First: I made an error regarding the day Kennedy said this Salinger: Their last talk was 7h30 pm on 19. November 1963, therefore it was four days before the assassination ... sry about that. The book (Language is German)is called APOKALYPSE VIETNAM, was published by in 2000 by Rowohlt Taschenbuch( paperback) Verlag. (GmbH Reinbeck bei Hamburg). Printed in Germany ISBN 3 499 61 67 8 It contains a timeline of the Vietnam war and a lot of interviews of the participants of both sides: Vo Nguyen Giap, Ngu Dinh Phuong, Thich Tam Duyen, Roger Hilsman, Helie de Saint Marc, Walt Whitman Rostow, Alexander Haig, Barry Zorthinan and Pierre Salinger to name just a few. The Salinger quote appears on page 95. In German it reads: (So everybody is free to translate it back as he think it is appropriate.) Quote, Pierre Salinger page 95 The crux of the matter is: All those interviews were conducted by the german television station "mdr." The tape with the Salinger quote must exist in their archives. Here is the book.
  8. @Michael Griffith Well ... Kennedy said that to Salinger four days before he was killed ... I can provide a picture of the book which contains that quote and a picture of the site where this quote appears ... if you want ...
  9. The anti-Castro Cubans involved in the JFKA were fooled: They all thought killing Kennedy would lead to a Cuban war. Instead the Vietnam war was staged.
  10. According to Pierre Salinger in an interview he (Salinger)gave to the german television Kennedy said to him (Salinger) four days before his assassination: "I will enter peace talks with the north (of Vietnam), and make clear that there will be no war" KK
  11. There is a possibility that Whaley never said Neches ... that he always said Neely and some Warren commission guy substituted Neely with Neches to muddy the water ...
  12. I know this forum has buried Judyth Baker despite the fact that many men came here to defend her. Jim DiEugenio seems the main undertaker. It was him who convinced Oliver Stone not to put her story into his Docu- movie. I would like to know what DiEugenio's arguments were to portray Judyth Baker as a psycho... maybe he can provide some smalltalk he did with Stone about Judyth Baker ... KK
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