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  1. Armstrong managed to put several blunders in just one paragraph of his book H&L 1. There is no 1960 Memo signed by Thomas B. Casasin, which is 2. the Pseudonym of CIA Japan Station Chief G. B Richardson, and 3. not the Pseudonym of Richard Helms as suggested by a crazy Armstrong-footnote Nr. 39 (page 314 H&L) that reads: Armstrong wants make us believe that there are two memos from Casasin (which, in footnote Nr 39 he suggests is the pseudonym of Helms, while it is the pseudonym of Richardson), one written in 1960 and one written on November 25. 1963. There is only one emo by Casasin. It is the memo of Nov. 25. 1963, which one can read here Casasin is Richardson not Helms In that Memo there is an error made by Casasin/Richardson regarding the YEAR of his conversation. Casasin, which is Richardson, not Helms, corrects that error when confronted with his Nov. 25.11.1963 memo 15 years later by HSCA staff. But that's not the end of Armstrongs blunders he managed to put in just ONE PARAGRAPH of his book. Taking the Casasin memo of 1960 for real ( a memo that only exists in Armstrongs fantasy), he writes, ...which is bullshit built on bullshit, because there was a CIA-Oswald file in 1960, as one can read here(link) Quote. from the site JFK FACTS So there is a Casasin/Helms 1960 memo in Armstrongs head only, indicating a operational interest in Oswald, when there is no such 1960-memo and Casasin is not Helms but Richardson, and then Armstrong wonders how could that be? because there was no CIA-file on Oswald in 1960, when there was one. Armstrong really don't know what he is writing about.
  2. It is not about Priscilla Johnson but another Armstrong-blunder. Quote H&L page 280 "Eight months after interviewing Oswald, Priscilla Johnson was expelled from the Soviet Union (in July, 1960). A short time later, while a corespondent for NANA, she covered Khrushchev's 1960 visit to the United States. " Close quote. Really? Khrushchev visited the United States in 1959 ... arrival: September 15. 1959 ...departure: September 28th 1959 ...
  3. She lied much ... for "national security" reasons, of course ... R.I.P Quote from her "Ossi did it" book "Marina and Lee": "One evening during the last week of August, she (Marina) and June went for a stroll. Arriving home about twilight, they found Lee on the porch (in NOLA September 1963) perched on one knee, pointing his rife toward the street. It was the first time she had seen him with his rifle in months—and she was horrified. “What are you doing?” she asked. “Get the heck out of here,” he said. “Don’t talk to me. Get on about your own a airs.” A few evenings later she again found him on the porch with his rifle. “Playing with your gun again, are you?” she said, sarcastically. “Fidel Castro needs defenders,” Lee said. “I’m going to join his army of volunteers. I’m going to be a revolutionary.” After that, busy indoors, Marina frequently heard a clicking sound out on the porch while Lee was sitting there at dusk. She heard it three times a week, maybe more often, until the middle of September. Often she saw him clean the rifle, but this did not worry her because she knew that he had not taken it out of the house to practice. “So it’s Cuba this time. If he’s got to use his gun,” she thought to herself, “let him take it to his Cuba. They’re always shooting down there anyway. Just so he doesn’t use it here.” But just in case, she exacted a promise from him that he would not use the rifle against anybody in the United States." Close Quote Eric Rogers who was Oswalds neighbor in NOLA in 1963 for five months (May to September) saw him on the porch often ... but never with a rifle ... Warren Commission Hearing The testimony of Eric Rogers was taken on July 21, 1964, at the Old Civil Courts Building, Royal and Conti Streets, New Orleans, La., by Mr. Wesley J. Liebeler, assistant counsel of the President's Commission. Quote: Mr. Liebeler . Did you ever see any rifle or firearms of any type in his possession at that time? Mr. Rogers . No; Close quote BTW: July 21. 7. 1964 was the day Mary Sherman was murdered. Only Eric Rogers testified on that day in NOLA. All the other NOLA witnesses testified in April 1964.
  4. The man with the sun glasses could be Sid Hershman Rorke and Sid Hershman on a plane together in 1963;
  5. According to Armstrongs H&L the Oswald buried in Forth Worth was NOT the Oswald who has undergone a mastoidectomy in the 1940ties. When the body of Oswald was exhumed in 1981 the docs found out there was a bone defect that was having been caused by a mastoidectomy. H&L was refuted 20 years before it was published --- Key points A mastoidectomy is an operation to take away part of the bone from behind the ear. A mastoidectomy is done because of an infection or cholesteatoma that spreads to the mastoid bone. Your child will need an operation to remove the diseased part of the mastoid bone.
  6. Armstrong claims: Robert Lee Oswald, (Oswalds older brother, born 1934) grew up knowing his real mother (Marguerite ONE) and brother (Lee).(You don't say) ... BUT AT SOME POINT IN THE 1950ties they (his real mother and his real brother) WHERE REPLACED BY THE OTHER MOTHER (Marguerite TWO) AND THE OTHER BROTHER Harvey) without him noticing. ROFLMAO The Life Summary of Robert Edward Lee who did not realize that in the 1950ties his mother and his brother where secretly replaced by another mother and another brother ... When Robert Edward Lee Oswald Jr was born on 7 April 1934, in New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, United States, his father, Robert Lee Oswald, was 38 and his mother, Marguerite Francis Claverie, was 26. He lived in Denton Township, Roscommon, Michigan, United States in 1989. He died on 27 November 2017, in Wichita Falls, Wichita, Texas, United States, at the age of 83, and was buried in Wichita Falls, Wichita, Texas, United States.
  7. Well there is some Info at the end of WCH Vol 15. But that is no true index it is crap. It only provides a list of names within the volumes. There are no city names, such as New Orleans, San Francisco, Chicago, or Dallas. There is no Moscow. No Minsk. There are no agency names, such as FBI, CIA, or ONI. And why do you think Sylvia Meagher sat down and compiled the only usable and true Masterindex of all of the WC Volumes??? Armstrongs claim in H&L, quote: proves, that he don't know what he is talking about ... Another one: In Armstrongs H&L Oswalds address when he worked for Leslie Welding at Montgomery Ward in Forth Worth, is wrong. It is not, as Armstrong claims 2703 Mercedes Street, it is 2703 Mercedes Avenue. There is no Mercedes Street in Forth Worth. This misinfo is in the Warren Commission Volumes too ... which makes me wonder what other misinfo Armstrong took uncritically out of the WC Volumes whenever it fit his crazy story. KK
  8. H&L, quote: Problem here: There is no index to the Warren Commission 26 Volumes made by the Commission. Only the Warren Commission Report has an index. And there the CIA is mentioned several times: Index Warren Commission Report: Central Intelligence Agency, 22, 245, 258, 259, 266, 269, 272, 274-275, 279^ 280, 284, 305, 309-310, 327, 359, 365, 371, 433-434, 438, 456, 459, 461, 463- 464, 659-660, 748, 762, 777.
  9. And that is, what Robert Lee Oswald has to say on the evening of Nov. 25.11.1963 when interviewed by SS Agent Howard at SIX FLAGS HOTEL: It was his brother Lee Harvey Oswald who Robert Lee Oswald saw in September 1959 (they were rabbit hunting together for last time), and it was his brother Lee Harvey Oswald he picked up at Lovefield/Dallas at June 14th 1962 ... and Lee harvey Oswald was acc. to his brother ... THE BOY I HAD ALWAYS KNOWN ... But Armstrong know better: Lee left his brother in September 1959 and some Lee- impostor HARVEY ( a Hungarian born refugee who spoke Russian, Hungarian and English, raised in New York) came back in 1962 ... of course ... Robert Lee Oswald was the last close relative who saw his brother LHO (at a hunting trip mid September 1959)just days before he went to Russia. And he was the first close relative who saw LHO when he picked him(and Marina) up at Lovefield airport June 14th 1962 ... an acc. to hom: HE WAS THE BOY I HAD ALWAYS KNOWN ...Robert Lee Oswald said that on November the 25th 1963 about 30 hours after the murder of his brother in his first interview with government officials. Not once but twice ...
  10. The two moms are the running gag of H&L: Armstrongs book should have the title: "Harvey and Marguerite plus Lee and Frances Claverie Oswald". Or is it the other way around? "Harvey and Frances Claverie plus Lee and Marguerite Oswald"? "Harvey and Lee and Marguerite and Frances Claverie" would also be a possibility ... ... two Ossis and two Moms and Marina Oswald never knew if she was sleeping with Ossi or Lee and to whom she was talking to Marguerite or Frances Claverie ... H&L is a joke while secret labs to weaponize cancer or viruses are not a joke.
  11. Not only Craig and Weitzman were talking about a Mauser. (Sad enough Weitzman in 1967 was brainwashed by CBS to "confess" on camera he never saw a Mauser ... ) Quote Garrison "On the trail of the assassins" : "A great deal of confusion surrounded this second-rate Italian rifle because there was compelling evidence that it was not the weapon found in the assassin’s lair shortly after the assassination. Officer Seymour Weitzman, part of the Dallas police search team, later described the discovery of the rifle on the afternoon of November 22. He stated that it had been so well hidden under boxes of books that the officers stumbled over it many times before they found it. Officer Weitzman, who had an engineering degree and also operated a sporting goods store, was recognized as an authority on weapons. Consequently, Dallas Homicide Chief Will Fritz, who was on the scene, asked him the make of the rifle. Weitzman identified it as a 7.65 Mauser, a highly accurate German-made weapon. Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig was also there and later recalled the word “Mauser” inscribed in the metal of the gun. And Deputy Sheriff Eugene Boone executed a sworn affidavit in which he described the rifle as a Mauser. As late as midnight of November 22, Dallas District Attorney Henry Wade told the media that the weapon found was a Mauser." Close Quote At the very time Kennedys manipulative autopsy in the Bethesda-morgue was closed and Oswald was officially accused of killing Kennedy (shortly after the midnight conference 22.11.1963) the Mauser which was in Wades office that Friday, became a Carcano ... and not just one Carcano, as Gil Jesus points out, but three ...
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