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  1. Reading the DP, part: general correspondence 1942-1977, there is a strange gap in autumn 1963/winter 1964: I miss the words Dallas and Kennedy. The people who wrote Dulles at this time, were mostly writing about his very middling book THE CRAFT OF INTELLIGENCE. ( a mixture of Info and Disinfo)It is like, there was no national- tragedy at Dallas a short while ago! This reminds me of the Pentagon Papers, where the murder of JFK is not mentioned at all!
  2. In the NSA I found this: Quote: TITLE VII - PROTECTION OF OPERATIONAL FILES OF THE CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY EXEMPTION OF CERTAIN OPERATIONAL FILES FROM SEARCH, REVIEW, PUBLICATION, OR DISCLOSURE SEC. 701. [50 U.S.C.431] (a) Operational files of the Central Intelligence Agency may be exempted by the Director of Central Intelligence from the provisions of section 552 of title 5, United States Code (Freedom of Information Act), which require publication or disclosure, or search or review in connection therewith. ( For the purposes of this title the term "operational files" means - (1) files of the Directorate of Operations which document the conduct of foreign intelligence or counterintelligence operations or intelligence or or information exchanges with foreign governments or their intelligence or security services; Close quote A. There are(were) files, with an exemption of disclosure! That means, as I understand it: ordinary people would never ever see them. B. Was the JFK murder a "security liaison arrangements" between CIA, KGB and the MI? Means: between the US and some foreign governments? If so those files are never ever available for researchers. And the question is no longer: Sowjets, or US, but, US with whom, killed the president.
  3. Got to add this From: Buddy Walthers TO: Bill decker County of Dallas Sheriffs Departement Supplementary Investigation Report Dallas 23.11.1963 "About 8.00 am this morning, while in the presence of Allan Sweath, I talked to Sorells, the head of the Dallas Secret Service. I advised him, that for the past few months at a house at (...) harlendale(sic), cubans had been having meetings(...) and were possible connected with the "Freedom for Cuba party" of which Oswald was a member. 11-23-63 I(Walthers) dont know, what action the secret service has taken, but I learned today(...)that between seven days before the president was shot, and the day after he was shot, these cubans moved from this house. MY INFORMANT STATED THAT SUBJECT OSWALD HAD BEEN TO THIS HOUSE BEFORE." Here we have: Oswald at the Harlendale House first mentioned on Saturday Nov.23. 1963, when he was still alive. KK
  4. Resarcher Groden first published the Powell- Photo in 1993. To me the pic fits to the observations of Edwards, Fischer and Euins. Keywords: hiding man, PIPE, seen from the neck up, unusual behavior, easternmost window... Note: FBI claimed in 1964, there was nothing unusual at this pic. Here is the site I took the pic from. http://www.thecommissiononline.com/powell.htm
  5. There was no shooter in the easternmost-window 6th floor of the SBDB. That not means there was nobody at all. The Powell photo proves, there was somebody, holding something in his hand, when Oswald, according to the WCR, was on the stairs down to the second floor. The man in the Powell pic couldnt be Oswald. But what is he holding? When I read the testimony of Amos euins, it struck me: that could be a telephoto, to document the crime. Quote: WC- Hearings Mr. Specter. Tell us what you saw as the motorcade went by. Mr. Euins. I was standing here on the comer. And then the President come around the corner right here. And I was standing here. And I was waving, because there wasn't hardly no one on the corner right there but me. I was waving. He looked that way and he waved back at me. And then I had seen a PIPE, you know, up there in the window, I thought it was a PIPE, some kind of pipe (...) Close quote Note: Euins saw only the PIPE not the man holding it. Seconds later he told Specter about a man, a barrel, and a man holding a GUN... My Conclusion: Euins saw a telephoto, hold by the man in the Powell pic. (Made about 20 seconds after the murder)...in another window, he saw the man with the gun... BTW: A witness called Fischer testified: FBI REPORT: December 2, 1963. Several minutes before the Presidential motorcade turned onto Houston Avenue, Edwards punched him slightly and said the words to the effect, "Look at that fellow in the window, I wonder what he is hiding from." This person in the window was located in the far right hand side corner window of the sixth floor, and could be seen by him from the neck up. He believed this man to be a white man, in his late twenties, wearing an open-neck shirt, light in color. He was fair [in complexion] and had a high forehead and light hair. To me it seems, that Edwards, Fischer and Euins saw the man, one can see in the Powell pic below, holding a telephoto with his left hand, to document the crime. zoom zoom
  6. A couple of years ago there was a JFK documentation on German television, where they claimed, that the frames 313, 314 were interchanged in order to make JFks head slump forward, when hit in the temple. They white piece of paper? on the grass proves that. it is jumping backwards for a second, while the limo is passing by. You can see that anti- newtonian- jump, when watching the gif above. (Remember: The frames where also interchanged on the front- page of LIFE magazine when those frames where first shown to the public back in 1963.)
  7. I v just found this: "On Zapruder's Pedestal": http://youtube.com/watch?v=W6lzVhkBmH0&feature=related "Z-Film Wide": http://youtube.com/watch?v=1G_Zxup7esU The wall in the background compared to the seize of the cars on elm is two times higher in the Z-film, than it is in the non- manipulated film of DP, taken by someone "On Zapruder's Pedestal." ! Open and belittle both Y- Tube videos. And compare the clips, (by stop and go. ) To me it seems, that the wall in the Z -film got a much higher (unnatural)"Zoom-In" than the Lincoln(and it's passengers) on elm, which indicates that the Z-film was made out of at last two different copies. (With two different Zooms.) Maybe this discovery was made before. To me that is new and it shows a very obvious and bearish manipulation of the Z- film. KK
  8. @Robin Unger: Thank you. I ve just read the testimonies of the Chisms. They are not very substantial. http://jfk.ci.dallas.tx.us/28/2826-001.gif http://jfk.ci.dallas.tx.us/28/2827-001.gif
  9. Does anybody know anything about this running man (with hat) with a child in his arms on the pic below to the left side? (Seconds after the shooting) Wasn't he (and the(his) child) standing in front of the traffic sign next to the umbrella man, when Kennedys limo passed by? (To the right...i don't mean Newman and his child). I never heard or read about THIS man and his child...???
  10. Antti...I just checked again and page three of this thread is still missing. You seem to be a reasonable man. Stop and ask yourself some reasonable questions. WHY IS ONE PAGE, AND ONLY ONE PAGE, MISSING FROM THIS THREAD? Why are no pages missing from any other threads? Why can other persons see this page and Jack White cannot? Why is it a page which I prepared specially for the benefit of Ashton and asked Bernice to post...and as soon as she posted it I checked, and the image space was blank, and now the entire page three is empty except for ONE message? Are these not interesting questions? Along with these questions, ask yourself why seven messages posted by Jack White cannot be seen on his computer, yet moderators insist that none of his messages have been deleted. Do you not see a pattern here targeting an individual, provoking protests which make Jack White appear to be a trouble maker? I am not making any of this up! Jack I would say somebody try to drive you crazy. Go to an Internet cafe log in with your password and name and have a look. If you can see the images there, somebody plays with your IP.
  11. To me this topic seems like a skilled piece of disinformation. A strike against the common sense. No throat- wound at all? No- not in my back yard.
  12. JS: I would be interested to know if anyone else shares Myra's view. If a significant number do, I will of course resign as an administrator of this forum. KK No. To me MB's post sounds like an over-reaction.
  13. First: excuse my english. I am a german talking european. I wanna say something about the JFK murder shown in europes mainstream media. In the european mainstream media dominates the same confusion as in the US. Last week there was a documentary on the german main news TV channel called -ntv-. It was a "Oswalddid it alone" documentary. CIA granny Priscilla Johnson was talking...the highlight was the appearance of Oswalds older half- brother Robert who furnished a masterpiece of the discretitation of a brother. He said more then one time: his brother did it allone,because, because, because...it was disgusting... Only three or four days later there was a documentary on the german private TV channel -RTL-. This was a documentary with the clear claim: Dallas was a conspiracy. Fetzer and Doug Horn were talking. But only in short cuts, to short to convince anybody who know nothing about this case... For a youngster in europe interested in this case it is pure poison when he try to get his Information via TV. This state of confusion, I believe, you can find around the world. It is a LN- CTer status quo asserted by guys like McAdams, Posner, Bugliosi, the private TV channel Home box office, which gonna make a big TV series out of this worthless doorstopper "Reclaiming History" and the powers behind it. Intelligent "LN guys" ( Bugl.McAdams)know that they are talking xxxx- therefore: could it be, that they do it in the name of national security? Like Oswalds brother Robert, like Priscilla Johnson etc. etc. ... ? It seems so. My first post in that forum...uff...thank you.
  14. I am 39 years old and live in Austria/Central Europe. My mother tongue is German, but I guess my English is understandable. I am interested in unsolved history matters including the assassination of JFK, which I believe was an inside job.
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