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  1. Jeanne De M. born in Harbin, Manchuria, something of an espionage crossroads. R. LeGon had a past of his own. Husbands blurt things when their contents come under pressure. Espionage provides many palliatives. WC Testimony of G DeM., 22 April 1964. Mr. JENNER. Is it your understanding that your wife's former husband, Robert LeGon, married your present wife, and after they were married, they--his name was then Robert Bogoiavlensky? Mr. De MOHRENSCHILDT. It is my understanding. Mr. JENNER. And after they were married they changed their name to Le Gon? Mr. De MOHRENSCHILDT. I understan
  2. George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography The rise of the Bush dynasty and the political career of George H.W. Bush -- by Webster Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin, 1991 source: Tarpley.net Chapter 3: Race Hygiene: Three Bush Family Alliances Bush-Draper-Farish-Gray involvement in the eugenics movement •Bush and Farish ◦The Eugenics Congress ◦Farish and the New Order •Bush and Draper •Bush and Gray •Footnotes The [government] must put the most modern medical means in the service of this knowledge.... Those who are physically and mentally unhealthy and unworthy must not perpetuate their su
  3. Senator James Eastland as head of The Draper Genetics Committee and a proponent of the Mississippi Sovereignty Commission as well as Chairman of SISS will one day be seen as one of the main Oswald legend builders as well. From the Clinton, LA voter registration drive attended by Oswald as part of SISS to the Klein's Sporting Goods purchase by Oswald of the Manlicher-Carcano, Oswald's connections to the eventual JFK hit were solidified by Eastland and Draper. Plus Eastland gave Edwin Walker carte blanche in Mississippi during the Ole Miss riots. The flow of funds from Draper to the Miss
  4. Um, .... The reviewer, then, has quite missed the point, LOL. The point is that the lunatic fringe, from both sides of the aisle, and including the paranoid CT'ists, are hijacking the democratic process. You might try reading it or at least glance at the sections visible at Amazon. Your reviewer attempted to hijack the book review to wax about his left wing POV. That's just another example of a fringe element stealing soap box exposure to trumpet his own marginal points.. "a war between .... truth and lies,... Good and Evil"? Just more paranoia. Duane, you are getting into the swing of th
  5. Not only was there a U.S. Army unit replete with Nazi sympathizers, apparently half of MacArthur's subordinates shared this same predilection. From Maj. Gen. Charles A. Willoughby to Gen. Bonner Fellers and including both Edwin A. Walker and even Lt. Col. Wm. Potter Gale who all been identified as either JFK murder participants or as the equivalent of strong Nazi sympathizers. From the California Rangers of Gale to the American Vigilante Group of Walker to Fellers citation by Hitler as "..our best source of information". Willoughby of course was cited by Dick Russell, Bill Turner and
  6. George deM's wife Jeanne, I think it is, was born in Harbin, Manchuria the headquarters for Anastase Vonsiatsky for about 35-40 years. Anastase was featured in the "novel" The Manchurian Candidate by Richard Condon and in The Russian Fascists by Prof. John J. Stephan. He was jailed in 1942 for violations of The Espionage Act of 1917. George's favorite pseudonym was Philip Harbin or "I love Harbin." Vonsiatsky ran every Nazi spy in North America according to Charles Higham in American Swastika which would have included Baron Constantine de Maydell, George's cousin and even George himse
  7. Hemming told Twyman, in what Twyman describes as an emotional moment, that "the Patriots did it." Was he referring to the eventual Super Bowl champs, or whom? Essentially the sample people referred to by Joseph A. Milteer in his tape recorded revelation. "The Patriot's are in the clear. It will be blamed on a Communist" The so called Park Avenue Patriots would have included Robert J. Morris and Charles Willoughby of the Dallas John Birch Society, Rev. Gerald L. K. Smith, Wickliffe Draper of The Pioneer Fund and even Annie Vonsiatsky who was married in that Park Avenue ROCOR Church and a
  8. Thanks for this posting. Hunt and Nixon would stop at nothing to subvert Democracy and have their way with the world. It recently came out that Maj. Gen. Pedro A. del Valle was a Wickliffe Draper stooge who did his bidding for "Regime Change" and, while working for ITT in Chile and Harold Geneen, helped to oust Salvadore Allende, their elected Marxist leader. Apparently Clendenin J. Ryan had financial interests in both Kennecott Copper or Anaconda Copper in Chile as well as ITT and once tried to take over the Board of Directors at ITT when he disapproved of some of their actions. Did R
  9. E. H. Hunt and Dulles with Banister had previously deposed Jacobo Arbenz, the President of Guatamala, in a bloodless coup in 1954. This same crew conspired against Castro and organized the attempt to accelerate the Bay of Pigs into an international crisis or another World War by asking JFK to call in the U.S. Marines and the Air Force which he refused to do as the Bay of Pigs invasion was failing. JFK later fired Dulles (and probably Hunt) just like Truman had fired MacArthur and Willoughby for their unauthorized attempts to cross the Yalu River to start World War III with the Chinese during
  10. One can never hope to understand the JFK Assassination, the building of the Oswald legend by Guy Banister, Senator James O. Eastland and Maj Gen Edwin A. Walker, the role of E. Howard Hunt in the JFK conundrum and the Bay of Pigs fiasco orchestrated by Allen Dulles, a major shareholder in United Fruit which owned hundreds of acres of Cuban sugar plantations until you start with the first CIA coup d'Etat in Guatamala on behalf of United Fruit involving Jacobo Arbenz and this same cast of characters in the 1950's. United Fruit had sent its Cuban sugar to Revere, MA to the Revere Sugar Company f
  11. At the bottom of one of the articles you cited is this little Copyright notice which you seem to have chosen to totally ignore: (Copyright 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Does this make our little muckraker guilty of violating U.S. Copyright laws? Tsk, Tsk!
  12. Nice posting Dave. I had forgotten some of these details over the years. Medford B. Evans also worked at the Atomic Energy Commission with Boris Pash, long a suspect in the JFK shenanigans. And I just recently discovered that Elmore Greaves from Jackson, Mississippi who started The Mississippi Sovereignty Commission headed the World Anti-Communist League for a short period just after Dr. Roger Pearson of The Pioneer Fund and just before Ray S. Cline formerly of the CIA. Seems like Draper was calling a lot of the shots at WACL during that timeframe before he died in 1972 of prostate c
  13. Once you understand how seats on the NYSE change hands you will realize that there is NO SIGNIFICANCE whatsoever to any supposed collusion or interaction regarding either this NYSE seat transaction or to any other assumed or surmised later or earlier inter-relationship(s) between the 2 parties involved in the transaction. NYSE seats are exchanged and the price is set through an open auction bid and offer marketplace exactly how individual stocks are traded on any open auction exchange. For instance James Hogel would post his interest in selling a seat for $275,000 for example and his offer w
  14. Interesting note on Priscilla McMillan Johnson: She worked for JFK and was on the quite liberal World Federalists with Cord Meyer until she made the switch over to the conservative side. She went to a Seven Sisters college but later befriended Gordon Hall, an FBI snitch. Gordon suggested that I contact her not knowing that I knew who she was in fact. Wasn't she going to do Marina's bio or something? Nice way to find out what Marina really knew or suspected, right?
  15. At last: Shickshinny Knights of Malta linked to the Draper/Vonsiatsky Condon ManCand crowds This thread came to its conclusion without ever being finished. Too important to let this lie fallow. #1 12-11-2009, 06:10 AM John Bevilaqua oin Date: Dec 2009 Posts: 199 At last: Shickshinny Knights of Malta linked to the Draper/Vonsiatsky Condon ManCand crowds -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Game, Set and Match THIS IS BY FAR THE MOST IMPORTANT POSTING I HAVE EVER MADE IN THE HISTORY OF MY ENTIRE JFK ASSASSINATION INVESTIGATION
  16. You know what I think about faux reseachers like Jack White, Jim Fetzer, Philip J. Corso, Joan Mellen, Peter Whitmey, Gordie Whineslow, Sarah McClendon, John Armstrong and the like don't you? It is the use of fabricated and deliberate "smokescreen" theories as a carefully crafted subterfuge in order to obfuscate, in advance, whatever portion of the truth is finally revealed. This intermixing of preposterous claims (like those of Jack White regarding allegedly fabricated moon walks, Sarah McClendon on the cause of death of Vince Foster, and Philip J. Corso regarding alleged Alien Autopsies he
  17. Looks like Wickliffe Draper's cronies like Pedro del Valle and Charles Willoughby and their roles in decades of violence against humanity are getting further traction on the web. And John Rousselot, the California Bircher and one of Harry J. Dean's suspects in the JFK conundrum are getting more press as well on Alex Constantine's site and even in the Korean press. People like Sarah McClendon from COPA and her close associates there plus her supporters here, including some of the newer moderators, have managed to gloss over the roles of these people in the JFK murder for decades preferring i
  18. Greg, you are wrong on two counts. The FBI did investigate the White Citizens Councils and, in fact, there is a SAC Letter (instructions to all Special Agents in Charge of field office) which explicitly instructs pertinent field offices how they should handle their investigations. I recently received the file on the Association of Citizens Councils of Mississippi (HQ 105-34237) which contains an 11-page memo that is devoted entirely to listing the investigative file numbers for every FBI file opened on a Citizens Council group -- alphabetically by state. So, obviously, your knowledge about
  19. Jack why don't you re-publish your comments about the Black Helicopters you allegedly heard deliberately cricling and dive bombing your house at the same time? Turns out it was just the lawn cutting crew with 2 large riding mowers. LMFAO. Or how about when you got a computer virus and tried to blame me for sending it right to your desktop via a public BBS message posting system? LMFAO again. Or how about Black Dog Man? Or The Green Hornet? Or the Big Blue Bug? Are you STILL insisting that we never landed on the Moon? Are you freaking serious? How can anyone take you seriously on anyt
  20. After reading Harry Dean's summary of his suspects list which apparently includes the likes of Senator James O. Eastland of Mississippi, Julien Sourwine, Maj Gen Edwin A. Walker and Ezra Taft Benson I can state unequivocally that these conclusions demonstrate "true insider knowledge" of the actualy identity of the JFK murder perps and those who "created the Oswald legend" between 1960 and 1963 and then continued to smear and slander Oswald long after his death including Rev Gerald L K Smith, Billy James Hargis, Medford B. Evans of the JBS and Dr. Revilo Oliver a JBS founder. Even Otto F. Otep
  21. Greg, you are wrong on two counts. The FBI did investigate the White Citizens Councils and, in fact, there is a SAC Letter (instructions to all Special Agents in Charge of field office) which explicitly instructs pertinent field offices how they should handle their investigations. I recently received the file on the Association of Citizens Councils of Mississippi (HQ 105-34237) which contains an 11-page memo that is devoted entirely to listing the investigative file numbers for every FBI file opened on a Citizens Council group -- alphabetically by state. So, obviously, your knowledge about
  22. According to Wikipedia and other internet sources, Political Research Associates/PRA (of which Publiceye.Org is the mouthpiece) is funded partly by the Ford Foundation, partly by Public Welfare Foundation and partly by individual sponsors and sales. Of the $700k annual funding required by PRA in 2002, $175,663. was apparently provided by the Ford Foundation alone. Adopting PRA's chief analyst and writer, Chip Berlet's, method of tainting by association - not to mention Mr. Belivaqua's likewise skills (see my post #17 at: http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.ph...15&start=15 - Polit
  23. When I suggested to Bill Turner that it was highly likely that Otepka, head of State Dept. Security at the passport office, was "Oswald's personal travel agent" he wholeheartedly agreed with me at an ASK Conference in about 1993-1994. Who was the attorney who jumped to the defense of Otepka when he was summarily fired for leaking confidential info about Walt Rostow during his confirmation hearings? Why none other than Robert J. Morris who was given credit for being "the real brains behind McCarthyism" by Whittaker Chambers in Morris' obituary in the NY Times. Morris also jumped to the def
  24. OK, OK. There were multiple shooters. It WAS a Conspiracy. We ALL know that. So I surrender. But who were the actual PERPS? Who were they? Why did they do it? Who paid them? And where are they now? And what did they do both before and after the fact of the JFK murder?
  25. Jack, I think that Evan Burton has done some excellent work in the area of photo analysis on the issue of the alleged Lunar Landing Hoax. And he has convinced me, not that I needed convincing, that indeed there was no Lunar Landing Hoax but rather a deliberately contrived and fabricated Hoax about the alleged Lunar Landing Hoax. To what end do you think his Hoax was contrived and who were the originators and first publishers of this abomination? The Liberty Lobby in the Spotlight? Why do you feel compelled to continue to perpetuate this blatantly obvious Hoax and others like it: The 9/1
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